Mewtwo Finds His Match Part 9
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Sir, I have an idea of their where a bouts

Geovanni was at the edge of his seat Well where are they? he insisted.

Kathy sighed Well before the helicopters went down we had tracked them. They were just north of New Islands and we had reports saying that's the direction Mewtwo and Ashley were headed.

Send my men. I want those two back! Geovanni said.
Ashley looked at the humans curiously, where they from Team Rocket? probably not, they didn't look like members. Just then Ashley felt a sudden rush of power flow over her and she disappeared, literally!

She reappeared in room, in her bed with a very angry Mewtwo glaring down at her. Ashley was scared but she managed to gulp and smile. she said quietly.

Mewtwo raised his brow questioningly, not sure whether to punish the girl or just leave her be and assume that her illness had drawn her downstairs. Still, Mewtwo wasn't going to take any chances. If those humans found out that he was sparing one of their kind then he'd be stumped.

Ashley, I forbid you to have any contact with those humans or their pokemon, besides you already have Noel and that Dragonite. In the mean time you will not leave your chambers and you will stay here and rest! is that understood? Mewtwo declared.

Ashley was almost teary eyed But why? she asked.

Mewtwo looked at the child It's a thing you humans call tough love'. Now rest up! and Mewtwo left the room, shutting and locking the door behind him.

Ashley lowered her head in sadness. What did she do wrong, she felt like she was in the lab again under the supervision of Dr. Rick.

Through out the rest of the day Ashley watched out of her window as a huge event unfolded before her eyes. Just then that strange voice entered Ashley's head again Get out of there it said.

Out of where? Ashley asked telepathically to this pokemon's mind, suddenly Ashley heard her door unlock, and the same voice answered Your room

Ashley gulped, was she going to disobey orders, HELL YEAH! Ashley ran out the door then she stopped in tracks. A pokemon was in front of her.

It was small and pink, and it looked like a cat. Good now go downstairs and stay there. I will call you when the need arises the cat said.

Ashley did just that and for a few hours she waited down stairs, not knowing where anyone else was. Suddenly explosions shook the ground beneath her feet and Ashley struggled to keep her balance.

The Arena! Ashley yelled, and just as she said that another explosion shook the ground and the floor beneath Ashley's feet crumbled and collapsed. Ashley fell right through and hit the floor below hard, knocking her unconscious.
During the end of the movie!
Mewtwo and Mew called up all the clones, then Mewtwo went to fly to Ashley's room, but stopped in shook. It had been destroyed in the battle and Ashley was in there!

Not to worry, I moved her downstairsMew said.

It wasn't long before Mewtwo teleported Ashley in front of him only to find her unconscious from the fall. Ashley wake up, this is no time for naps Mewtwo said.

But Ashley didn't wake up, the hit had caused the rubble of the floor above, where Ashley fell, to come down in huge chunks and hit her hard on the head.

Mewtwo thought it had to do with her sickness and ignored it, and off they went to find a new home. It wasn't long before they found one. Where Mew came from, the jungle, was going to be a permanent place to live. Mewtwo found a cave and ordered the clones to find some straw and other things to a bed for the child.

Ashley was still unconscious and Mewtwo couldn't wake her up. Noel tried up her was unsuccessful, and the Dragonite wasn't even going to try. Ashley laid on a bed of thick straw as Mewtwo wondered what he was going to do with the child. She can't live in the jungle, she wasn't ment for that. She did have parents but they were lost, but to Mewtwo that only seemed logical. Ashley had to be with her family, it was only right, but the question was where are they?

Mewtwo remembered reading something about them being located in Azalea Town, but where. It was a big town and Ashley knew nothing about this place or the world.

Mewtwo was going to have to think about this carefully.
At the edge of the jungle a helicopter landed and an expedition team jumped out, including Geovanni, and Dr, Kathy.

It was a good thing we good to New Island just as they left Geovanni said.

Yes, we were able to follow them to the jungle Kathy replied.

Just then one of the men yelled Our radar has been able to pin point their exact location, sir

Very well, Let's move out Geovanni commanded.
During this time Mew was sleeping next to Ashley and Noel. Mewtwo was off doing what ever Mewtwos do and Dragonite was taking a swim. Suddenly Mew woke up to a sound of footsteps near the cave but they weren't Mewtwo's or dragonite's. Mew teleported out of there and looked down from a safe place high atop of a tree. The footsteps belonged to humans and Mew didn't like the looks of this. Something wasn't right and he was going to find Mewtwo to stop this.

Mew flew all around looking for Mewtwo and found him nibbling happily on a mango. Mew flew down and explained the situation to the giant cat. Instantly Mewtwo's rage took over, he knew who the humans were, Geovanni and his group. Mewtwo was now going to settle the score once and for all. Even if it ment Geovanni's death.

Mewtwo raced back to the cave at breakneck speed, and when he reached the entrance he landed. Mewtwo looked to his side to see Noel in a cage, chewing away at the bars. Mewtwo used his powers to open the cage door and Noel ran frantically into the cave. Mewtwo was about to step inside when Hello, Mewtwo a deep dark voice said.

Mewtwo turned around to see Geovanni standing about ten feet away from him. Mewtwo said in a low and dangerous voice.

Geovanni chuckled lightly You managed to slip through my figures once but I can assure you that it won't happen again.

Not if I kill you first Mewtwo said.

Geovanni shook his head and said Not a smart idea and he motioned to his left. Out came a huge rock type pokemon and in its arms was Ashley.

This is Tyranitar, a Dark/Rock type pokemon. If you hurt me then say good bye to Ashley. Geovanni stated.

Mewtwo grinned evilly Not if I have anything to do with it Mewtwo said and he focused his powers on Ashley so he could teleport her to safety, but to Mewtwo's didn't work!

What's going on here! Mewtwo demanded.

Geovanni laughed Tyranitar is using a dark shield. You can't penetrate it, no psychic type can. You see dark types are invincible to psychic types you fool! Geovanni laughed.

Mewtwo was going to psy blast him but then Ashley would get crushed by that Tyranitar.

Come now, Geovanni stated You really didn't think you could win could you. Now let me give you your options. Either you can come back with me, or Ashley never sees tomorrow again.

Mewtwo was ripped in two, on one hand he raised Ashley and felt responsible for her, on the other hand if he went with Geovanni, then Ashley would probably be stuck as a lab rat again and Mewtwo wouldn't be able to do a thing about it, and if he refused, then Ashley was sure to have a painfully slow, and bloody death.

Just then Mewtwo heard a small sound come from Ashley, she was waking up!, that's when Mewtwo got a men idea. He had an awfully mean idea. In fact it was so bad you could practically see little devil horns on his head.

Mewtwo nodded, and Geovanni chuckled. Tyranitar! put the girl down and attack Mewtwo! Geovanni ordered.

This was exactly what Mewtwo wanted as Tyranitar came flying at Mewtwo. Ashley woke up startled and looked to see what was happening. Mewtwo was in a fight with another pokemon, and worst of all, Mewtwo was losing.

The Tyranitar bit, punched, kicked, and even slammed Mewtwo down into painful defeat. Ashley was shocked and enraged. She could see Mewtwo was trying his best to fight but he was psychic and mostly relied on his powers. just then one of the other Rocket Members released another Tyranitar and began to attack Mewtwo as well. Mewtwo hadn't planned on this and was desperately trying to fight them away.

Ashley got madder by the second as she saw this unfair match continue on. Geovanni's insane laughter and the rest of the members teasing and laughing only fueled Ashley's fire of rage. The more she watched and heard, the more angry she got.

Finally Ashley rose to her feet and yelled at the top of her lungs STOP IT! and that's when it happened!

A bright flash surrounded Ashley as once more, she began to evolve. The flash blinded everyone and the two Tyranitars stopped attacking Mewtwo only to shield their eyes like everyone else. When the flash died down, the beast that was Ashley stood their growling at the Tyranitars.
Suddenly the beast opened it's mouth and shot a huge blast of ice at the two pokemon. The result?... Tyranicilces! The beast walked over to Mewtwo and surprisingly, it helped him! With a touch of it's nose, Mewtwo was token over by a blue light and when it was gone, so was his wounds.

Next the beast turned to Geovanni and his crew. Kathy was shocked It's a pokelord she gasped.

It was true, Ashley evolved into a powerful Pokelord which was stronger than any known pokemon, even Mewtwo! Then to Team Rockets surprise the pokelords spoke as it slowly headed towards Geovanni.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tear you to bits! it demanded.

Geovanni was a bit nervous as finally the Pokelord stopped. Who are you? Geovanni asked.

I am Silver, a Pokelord. Ashley's evolved form isn't quiet developed yet so I have possessed her body until it has. And when it is developed I can assure you it will be a hell of a lot stronger than me. By 50x at the least! Silver explained.

Ashley's rage has forced me to come out and be controllable because this rage came from the heart. The forced ones she could not control me so I did as I pleased

Geovanni relaxed a bit and got an idea of his own Why don't you and me become partners_

Silver interrupted him by shaking his head and saying I know what Ashley knows and more. I would never betray my kind, nor the pokemon. We pokelords are guardians to the pokemon and I would never help you!

Just then Silver's eyes began to glow a bright blue and the ground beneath Geovanni and Team Rocket began to shake violently then....
The ground exploded and sent Geovanni and the rest of Team Rocket Blasting Off Again!'

Silver turned to Mewtwo and smiled I don't think they'll be coming back Silver said and with that Silver de-evoled back to Ashley who was smiling at what she had just done. Now Mewtwo could live in peace and not be bothered by Team Rocket again.
Ashley knew herself that she couldn't live in the jungle, that she would have to be with her own kind. Mewtwo told Ashley about her parents and where she could find them, in fact he would drop her off at Azalea Town personally!

Noel, Dragonite, Mew (no big surprise considering she did help Ashley during the story too), and the pikachu clone would go with her to help with the search. When Mewtwo and Ashley were outside the gates of Azalea Town, Mewtwo and Ashley said their goodbyes.

Ashley, once you leave me you know you can't come back because Team Rocket might see you and follow you Mewtwo said.

I understand was all Ashley said and she jumped up and hugged the giant psychic pokemon.

Mewtwo was a bit shocked but after a moment he returned the affection.

I'll miss you Ashley whispered, trying to hold back her tears.

As will I, Mewtwo said And I hope that our paths shall cross again

you can count on it Ashley said happily.

A moment of silenced passed between the two friends.

Ashley choked I guess this is...Goodbye!

This is goodbye Mewtwo said, a bit saddened.

Oh well, goodbyes aren't forever Ashley remarked.

Mewtwo nodded as he began to hover in the air. Take care of yourself and good luck on your journey Mewtwo said.

Thank you Ashley said.

Goodbye Ashley!

Goodbye Mewtwo! Ashley said, and a tear streaked down her eye.

Mewtwo smiled and with his tail he tickled her under her chin, just like the first time when they met. Ashley giggled, then Mewtwo said goodbye one last time and took off at the speed of light.

Goodbye Mewtwo! and Thank You! Thank You for everything! Ashley yelled and she waved so long, and wiped the tears off her face.
She turned to the front gates of Azalea town and she smiled as she knew that this would be the start of a journey as big a life itself.

Both Mewtwo and Ashley were smiling knowing that one day, maybe tomorrow or years from now, that they meet again. And they could look back on this day and laugh as they would recall the good times they had spent together.
The End!

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