Fate and Destiny

By Gozilla


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Chapter 7 – Home


"We must get him to ada as soon as possible," Elladan said as they quietly tended to the three wounds, applying athelas to slow the bleeding and reduce the effect of the unknown poison.

"But we have to wait till dawn," Elrohir said, "It is too risky to go through the forest in the dark."

Aragorn looked at the stars and estimated that it would be about four hours before dawn. He wanted to bring Legolas to Lord Elrond as quickly as possible. But he also knew it would not be wise to travel through the forest at this late hour.

Reluctantly, Aragorn nodded in agreement and sat down on the ground, cradling the unconscious elf protectively in his lap.

Quietly, Elladan and Elrohir gathered some firewood and lit a small fire. Then, Elladan went to gather the unbroken arrows spent during the battle, not wishing to be equipped with only a handful of arrows if they were attacked on the way back to the White City.

Elrohir, on the other hand, went to take care of the horses. Though they were not involved in the battle, Legolas' struggle earlier had frightened the horses. Arod was especially restless, sensing the distress of his master. It took a few moments before Elrohir could calm the horses.

Aragorn sat quietly, staring at the fire. It felt as if it were a century ago that the four of them had ridden merrily across the plain, carefree and laughing. Yet, it had merely been a few hours, and now the three of them had barely escaped the handsof death, with Legolas lingering dangerously close tothe Halls of Mandos.

A few moments passed before Aragorn was able to bring his thoughts back to reality. It was then he realized that the wound on his forearm, inflicted by Legolas in his confused state, was still bleeding.

Aragorn looked around him and found a small roll of bandages, a leftover from his tending of the injured elf. He took the bandages and wrapped them around the wound.

With Aragorn's small movements, Legolas stirred and slowly opened his eyes, which were unfocused and cloudy. He was clearly disoriented.

"Legolas, Legolas." Aragorn stopped wrapping his arm and called softly, trying to help his friend to wake.

"Estel," Legolas whispered hoarsely, finally able to focus. "Where are we?"

"We are still in the forest." Aragorn smiled; he was relieved to see his friend awake. "We will get you back to the White City by dawn. Ada will tend your wounds very soon."

"I wonder what he will say this time." A weak smile appeared on Legolas' pale face as he thought of Lord Elrond. Elrond was like a father to him.

Aragorn laughed softly, "Probably something like 'can't you simply return in one piece, unharmedand un-poisoned.' "

It was then thatLegolas noticed Aragorn's half-wrapped arm and the partially concealed wound. "What happened to your arm?"

Aragorn removedhis arm from Legolas' sight. "It is nothing. I was just being careless and scratched it."

Legolas frowned slightly. "It seems that youhave been bitten. . ." His eyes widened as memories flooded back to his mind, "... by me."

"I am sorry, Estel," Legolas whispered sadly, "I didn't mean to harm you."

"You were confused," Aragorn said. "I should be the one apologizing. You are wounded because of my hasty actions. You put your life at risk to save me. I should have been the one to pay for my stupidity."

"You would have done the same thing if you were in my position." Legolas whispered, his eyes half closed as he struggled against overwhelming exhaustion. "And I shall not let harm fall upon you if I can, young Estel, my brother..." he said as he lost the battle against exhaustion and fell into a deep sleep with his eyes closed.

"Thank you, my friend." Aragorn tightened his embrace and whispered softly into the sleeping elf's pointed ear, not sure if he would hear him, "Thank you... my brother."


It was the longest four hours Aragorn had ever experienced. Legolas had developed a high fever overnight and had yet to come back to consciousness. There was nothing the three could do but sit and wait for dawn to come.

As soon as the first light of morning broke, Elladan and Elrohir prepared the horses for departure.

Aragorn rode on Hasufel and, with the help of Elladan, settled his injured friend in front of him. Legolas leaned limply against Aragorn's body, his head resting on the king's shoulder. Aragorn held his friend tightly and they started for the White City, with Elladan riding in front and Elrohir riding behind. Arod, on the other hand, ran side-by-side with Aragorn. His eyes never left his master.

The group rode on quietly through the forest and across the plain. Aragorn's concern for his friend grew as he felt no decrease in the radiating heat coming off the elf. Legolas did not stir or move at all.

"Hold on, Legolas," Aragorn urged softly, "Hold on. We will get you to ada soon."


A day passed. The sun had almost set when the man and the threeelves entered the gate of the White City.

"Ada! Ada!" Aragorn, Elladan and Elrohir shouted as they rushed into the room where Lord Elrond resided, with the limp body of Legolas in Aragorn's arms. They did not care if they alerted everyone in the city.

"I have been waiting for you." Lord Elrond stood near the entrance of the room. Immediately noticing the unconscious elf prince in his son's arms, Elrond frowned in worry. "Hurry, take him to the healing room."

Once they laid the injured elf on the bed, Elrond wasted no time and unwrapped the bandages in order to check on the wounds. He frowned as he saw the deep arrow wounds, each surrounded by blackened skin.

"Have you kept the arrowhead?" Elrond asked his sons. He needed to know the type of poison so that he might find the antidote quickly.

Aragorn felt a wave of panic wash over him. He had discarded the broken black arrows once they were removed from Legolas' body. He had been too busy tending his friend's wounds and too overcome with the emotional shock that he had forgotten to keep a sample of the poison that waseroding Legolas' life.

"Yes, ada," Elladan said, bringing the three brokenarrows from his bag and handing them to Elrond. Aragorn sighed in relief and nodded silently to his brother, showing his appreciation. It was times like this that Aragorn fully appreciated the calmness and wisdom of his elven brothers.

Elladan smiled back and turned his attention to the unconscious elf.

Elrond smelled the residual poison on the arrowheads and felt its texture. "It is a deadly poison, meant to kill the victimslowly and painfully within days."

The man and elves inhaled in unison at the words.

"It is lucky that you have brought back a sample of the poison." Elrond smiled, trying to soothe the rampant emotions of his sons. "I know how to make an antidote for the poison. Now, you three clean and rewrap the wounds while I make the antidote," he said as he left the room, with the arrows in his hands.

Knowing their friend would be safe in the hands of their father, the brothers looked at each other before a faint smile of relief spread across their faces. Quickly, they gathered some water and cloth to clean the wounds and then they rewrapped them carefully.

When it was done, Aragorn sat on the edge of the bed where the elf prince lay, placing a wet cloth on Legolas' forehead as an attempt to lower the high fever. Elrohir sat in a chair beside the bed.

Elladan brought some extra bandages and a container of water to the room. He put them on a small table and placed the tablebeside Aragorn. He pulled up a chair and sat in front of his human brother. "Let me take a look at the wounds on your arm."

"There is no need," Aragorn replied, his eyes never straying from his best friend, "They are nothing."

"Nothing or not, I will tend them," Elladan said, leaving no room for argument. "Let me see your arm."

Knowing too well that Elladan's stubbornness could rival Legolas', Aragorn gave up with a sighand let his brother check on his arm.

Elladan unwrapped the roughly done bandages on Aragorn's forearm. He frowned as he saw the deep punctures on the king's arm, almost reaching the bones. Legolas had indeed bittendown hard. "Now I know Legolas has sharp healthy teeth," Elladan joked as he cleaned the wounds, "and a very strong bite."

"He didn't mean to." Aragorn spoke softly; guilt filled his voice. "He did it out of desperation and was just trying to save his own life. He was too injured to know what he was doing. And I am the one responsible for his injuries. He was hurt because I was unable to control myself and shot the arrows before we could trap the orcs. If not for my hasty actions, we should have been able to defeat the whole group of orcs without any serious harm coming to us."

Before Elladan could say anything to comfort his brother, Lord Elrond entered the room, a small bottle of dark brown liquid in his hand.

Aragorn stood and gave way to his father. Elrond sat on the edge of the bed and slid an arm beneath the back of the injured elf. He pulled Legolas to a sitting position and slowly poured the dark brown liquid into the elf's mouth, not wanting to choke him in his unconscious state.

Once the bottle was emptied, Elrond gently eased the unconscious elf back onto the bed. With a wave of his hand, Elrond indicated that he wishedthe three to follow him out of the room.

Elrond closed the door behind him and spoke to his sons, "I have just given Legolas the antidote. However, as the poison itself is very strong, he won't wake for at least another two days."

The brothers looked at each other, worries re-surfacing in their hearts.

Elrond continued, "Also, there is a side effect of the antidote. It will hinder the patient's healing ability, making the patient vulnerable to infection. So I need you three to take turns looking after Legolas. You must clean and rewrap his wounds three times a day. Is that clear?"

The three nodded in confirmation. They bowed their heads, knowing the inevitable question was coming.

"Why can't you children ever return in one piece, unharmed and un-poisoned?" Elrond sighed in defeat and said, "Tell me what happened."


End of chapter 7

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