Phone Call

At the Daily Planet in Metropolitan, Clark looks at the watch and realizes it's lunchtime already. He goes to the café across the street to meet Diana for lunch.

"Good afternoon, dear." Diana smiles to Clark.

Clark gives Diana a kiss and sits down. He looks at Diana's cell phone and asks, "did A-Ko call you?"

"No, not today. She didn't call you yet?" Diana asks. Clark shakes his head.

A-Ko lives in Japan and she calls Clark every morning to talk to him. Usually A-Ko will tell Clark about her school, sometimes she will talk about a movie she sees or play him a Japanese pop song that she likes. The two of them don't really talk about anything serious, but Clark treasures every single call. Clark really loves A-Ko and he is happy just to hear her voice. It doesn't really matter what she talks about.

Diana says to Clark, "A-Ko probably just got too busy. She has a hectic schedule. I'm sure she will call soon as she gets a chance."

Suddenly Clark sees A-Ko at the corner of his eyes. It's not his imagination. A-Ko is walking toward him.

"Hi, dad, hi, mom." A-Ko says.

"A-Ko! What are you doing here?" Clark asks.

"Your dad was so worried, you didn't call the whole morning." Diana says.

"I'm sorry. I was gonna come and have breakfast with you, but the plane is delayed. I can't make phone call when I'm on the plane." A-Ko says. She then hands Clark a gift and smiles to him, "Happy Fathers' Day, daddy."

"You flies all the way here from Japan to spend Fathers' Day with me!" Clark exclaims happily.

"I don't want to just give you a call. I want to come and see you, you're the best dad in the world and I love you." A-Ko says.

Clark opens his present and takes out a cell phone. A-Ko smiles to him and says, "there is a video screen on this cell phone. Now you can see me when we talk in the morning."

"Thank you so much, A-Ko." Superman smiles to his daughter.

"Happy Fathers' Day, dad." A-Ko beams.


I hope all of you have a Happy Fathers' Day.