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Chapter 1: Unclear Destiny

The day was pretty much the same as any other day for the young Hylian boy as he sat under a shady tree to ponder away at the strange, strange reality that. . . his older self existed in the same time as he.

Quite an odd situation, it was, to stumble into this new world he was now in, to find Princess Zelda and his older self standing before him with their backs turned. He had completely froze in shock; staring with wide, blue eyes at the two unwary Hylians. However, upon hearing his own adult voice, he had broken free of the spell and quickly hid between the shadows of the large, grey buildings.

He had thought that he was seeing things, but when he heard their voices; he was certain it was indeed, them.

". . . don't you think? Hey, what's wrong?"

"Link, did you hear something?"

"Not a thing, princess. Why? Did you hear something?"

"I thought I- Oh, never mind. Let's go."

The sounds of their footsteps faltered as they walked away, unaware of the listening child.

He plopped onto his back as he recalled that memory. It had been a total of four days since that incident and not once had he returned to that odd city lying below the hillside. Tall grey and white buildings of sorts towered the large city. It was a harsh, terrible place to be for he had gotten lost in that mazy burg. And the people, they were... very different. He didn't recognize anyone or anything that resided within.

How he got here and why he was here was still unknown. The last thing he remembered before waking up in this strange world was going to sleep back in Kokiri Forest. . .

Maybe this was all a dream!

If he banged his head hard enough against the tree trunk, it may wake him up!

Nah. . . he thought with a pout. That wouldn't work.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, he closed his tired eyes. A tiny, audible rustle in the tree above him made him snap them back open.

He gasped when he saw a pink, round creature with two dark, oval eyes staring down at him from the tree branch. Immediately, he shot up to a sitting position. He heard a small giggle from the strange creature as it fell lightly on his head, bouncing right off then landing on its feet before him.

Rubbing his head at the nonexistent pain, he gazed at the odd pink thing that smiled at him, warily. It was something he had never seen before; it was short (standing only half his size), small, and completely round with two stub-like "hands". The little pink "ball" didn't seem like a dangerous monster so he relaxed.

"Just as I thought!" the creature spoke, surprising the boy. The pink creature hopped over on its red shoes to stand beside him. "There is someone hiding here. What are you doing all by yourself?" it asked as it looked up at him, curiously. The creature's voice sounded just like a child's voice; innocent and harmless.

The little monster sounded rather friendly, breaking the hidden doubt he held against it. Giving the round, pink thing a nervous grin, he stammered his answer; not sure of what to say, "W-Well, I. . ."

Dark oval eyes blinked at him before the creature brought its rounded hand to its mouth. "Are you lost?"

"Uh, I suppose you could. . . say that. . ."

"Ah! That's not good! You should come with me to the city! You must be hungry!" With its short little hands, it grabbed the boy's arm, urging him to get up. "Come, come!"

"B-But I. . . I don't think I should go in there. . ." the young Hylian protested as he remained on the ground.

"Don't worry! I know a lot of people who could help you!" the creature proclaimed cheerfully. "Come with me!" It gently tugged the boy's arm.

"I. . . I dunno. . ." he said hesitantly as he slowly rose to his feet.

"It'll be all right. Trust me! I know a good place where there's plenty of food! Come, come!" It grabbed his hand within its soft, squishy grip and pulled him along.

"Well. . . Okay," he said, finally giving in to the creature's persistent yet friendly charm. Not only was it that, he was also hungry as well. Having lasted four whole days with little to eat left him feeling famished.

"Yay!" it cried happily; bouncing up and down with joy. "My name is Kirby. I'm from Popstar!"

"'Popstar'?" the boy repeated in a baffled tone.

"Yup! Where are you from?"

"Hyrule. . ."

"Really? I know some people who are from there too! What's your name?"

"It's Link and I-"

"Your name is Link?!" the pink creature gasped with wide, round-ish eyes. "I have a friend named Link too! In fact, you look exactly like him! Scary. . . By chance, are you his brother? "

Link drew a sharp breath and visibly froze from hearing the awkward question. The creature waited patiently for an answer as it stared at him with awaiting eyes. "Brother?! N-No. I don't have a brother or anything like that, actually," he truthfully answered with a saddened smile.

"Oh?" Kirby tilted his body to the side and frowned. "You two would be perfect brothers! You dress like him, look like him, and sort of act like him."

"'Sort of?'" Link questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"See! Like that! He always does that too! You guys should meet!" With that, Kirby pulled him along once more.

"What?! No no no!" the Hylian shrieked as he pulled back. He wasn't ready to face his older self or even Zelda. Not yet. He was too afraid. . . "I think that would be a bad idea. . ."

"Huh? Why?" Kirby asked in disappointment.

"It's. . . because."

"'Because' why?"

"Because. . . It's hard to explain. . ."


"Yeah, do you understand?"

"Sort of!"

Link raised an eyebrow again. "Is that a yes?"

"Uh, sort of!" Kirby said with a big, sheepish smile. "If you don't want to meet big Link, then that's okay! You can stay with me until you find your way home!" Link felt relieved upon hearing that and grinned happily at the pink creature. Kirby tugged his arm once more. "Now come, come. I'm starving! Have you ever been here before?"

"Where is here, anyway?" Link asked as he timidly followed the pink ball.

"You don't know?! We're in Nintendo!" it cried, bounding up and down with a big, happy face.

Nintendo? Link pondered silently to himself. He had never heard of such a place. That meant he was definitely in another world

"You must be new here, so I'll show you around!" Kirby announced as he trotted ahead of him. "Let's hurry!"

Link couldn't help but grin at the small chirpy fellow, feeling a little anxious as he followed the hopping pink ball down the hill. Kirby was just a little child and so was he. Giggling, Link caught up to the joyous creature and challenged him to a race, all the while, hoping that he will not run into any familiar faces within the city.

- - - - -

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