Piett brushed the hair off his wife's sweaty forehead. She was asleep at last after a tiring sixteen-hour's labour. He leaned over her and gently laid a kiss on her lips and moved back from the bed. He looked over to the only other occupant of the room. He smiled at that. Not technically the only other occupant, he mused, because now there are five of us in this room.

His brother-in-law held one of the hour old twins, and Piett could see how much he already loved the child. Moving to Anakin's side, Piett looked down upon the boy in the arms of the Jedi Knight.

Bright blue eyes looked up at him and he smiled. Reaching out, he laid a hand on the baby's head and the tiny lock of ginger hair.

Anakin smiled at Piett before he handed the baby to Piett. Piett smiled and adjusted himself to hold the baby close to him.

"You love them," Anakin said softly so as not to wake Beth or the sleeping twin.

Piett looked at Anakin and said, "Very much."

"I couldn't wish for anybody better than you for my sister. I've seen you together and she loves you, Piett. I can see it in her eyes."

"I love her too." Piett turned his attention back to the baby in his arms. The baby stared back at him. Bending down and lifting the child at the same time, he kissed the boy's forehead. Whispering so just the baby could hear him, Piett said, "Cliegg, you will love your mommy as much as we love you." He moved to place the child in the empty crib and tucked him in. He then moved to the other crib and whispered the same thing to Connor.