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At the Dot

Sean was quietly sitting at an empty booth reminiscing on past memories. How'd he suddenly become what people have said was "a bright man with a brighter future"? He didn't even remember the last time he'd had his last cigarette, which by the way sounded very awesome. He was finally turning into someone who wasn't a waste of human flesh, but for some reason, it seemed like the last thing he wanted. Why had he become the opposite of what he had always been known to be?

"Hey, you look like you're in need of a serious cigarette."

Sean quickly looked up to see Ashley Kerwin's smiling face. Ugh, did she had to be there right then? Just a little time alone would get him straight... wait, did she say cigarette? "Oh... well, I kinda quit."

"Uhm, if you saw yourself in the mirror, you'd wish you had one. Come on, no one will see us outside, Mr. 3.0 GPA." Ashley smirked.

"It's 3.3. But whatever, let's go."

Sean left the money for his soda on the table with a generous tip. Ashley looked on, bewildered. "Why the heck are you leaving Spinner all of that? I have better shit to spend that on." Ashley nonchalantly picked up the money before stepping outside, with Sean following.

"Thanks, by the way...why are you talking to me? You haven't talked to me in like, what, 3 years?"

"You looked like you needed a cigarette! I was being nice! Do I need a reason to do nice crap?" Ashley angrily said.

"Well, you never have...I didn't expect you to. And everyone talks about you like you're the daughter of Satan or something."

"Really? Well, I guess we've switched roles." Ashley glared at Sean. "What the hell is your problem, anyways? I didn't even expect you to take the cigarette. Do you want to talk about it?" Ashley mockingly said.

"Not to you." Sean said walking away.

"Hey! I was kidding. Dang... when'd you turn into a drama queen? I know you're sad that Emma's so in love with Craig, but you really have to move on sometime... like to someone different."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Sean looked down saying, looking pretty embarassed. "What about you obsessing over Craig still after all this time? He doesn't want you. Get it through your head."

"Ouch! Finally! Sean is finally back! Thank you for your honesty. But I know Craig will come to his senses sooner or later." Ashley confidently said.

"Yeah? And finally file that restraint against you? Thanks again for the cigarette."

Sean was finally back.

Why didn't he want me there? Emma wondered. He hasn't been the same since she came back...or is it that he's been back to normal since she's been back.

"Ouch!" Emma said, accidentally bumping into a hard body.


"Sean?" Emma looked up to see Sean's crooked smile. He seemed a bit embarassed.

"Oh.. I'm sorry. I was the one who bumped into you. Sorry again.

Akward silence...

"You know what?" Emma struggled to break the uncomfortable silence. "I'm really proud of you..."


"It's've completely changed for the better from what you were before. I'm really glad you did too. I hope you're aware of how much better you are now."

"Well, the reason I changed was mostly because of I guess you have to give yourself some thanks before praising me. I guess I have to thank you too."

"Wow, I have to admit...that was really cheesy..."

Emma could see Sean's cheeks turn slightly red.

"...but sweet. I have to go now. It was nice finally talking to you."

They gave each other weak smiles and Sean watched Emma walk away. She turned back one last time to give one last wave goodbye.

Sean found himself dumbfounded in the middle of the street, unable to wave back, not knowing what just happened.

After her little run-in with Sean, she took a walk in the park. She felt she needed to think about things, away from everyone. It was much easier to think when it's midnight and the park is off limits to everyone, and when no one was around her to distract her and remind her how complicated life can be.

"Hey...I was a little worried. I told your mom I would wait up for you. She's asleep now." Manny tiredly said.

Since she came back, all their conversations seemed a little less like they use to be. More uncomfortable, and definitely shorter.

"Oh, hey, thanks...I just needed a little time to think, so I went to the park."

"At midnight?"

"Yeah...Well, I'm sorry if I kept you up."

"Oh, it was no problem. I had things to think about, also."


"Hey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for taking Craig. We just thought... I guess we didn't think about your feelings. I'm so sorry. I understand if it's not enough."

"Wait, you have nothing to be sorry about. I forced you guys together, by my leaving. And I'm glad that you finally found a nice guy to keep you happy...I have only positive wishes for you and him..."

"Really? Well, thank you...because I really really do love him..."

Manny could not stomach any more of this. She found herself tearing. She felt so bad for hating the fact that her best friend was finally happy.

"Uhm, I'm actually really tired right now...Goodnight..."

Emma knew that might have been the last time she ever saw the girl who once was the closest person she ever was to.


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