A Mate


It was different this time.

Skin started to shiver, the heat and pain blended as the flesh twisted, bones cracked and muscles contorted as the change began. Hair sprouted all over, and the face stretched into a snout, feral golden eyes flashing as the wolf took over.

The pain stopped as the new creature rose in the place of the old, stretching and sniffing in the darkness. The moonlight shone through the cracks in the boards of the prison, illuminating another creature that was present in the room. The wolf howled with ferocious delight at the creature, the howl ringing out in the silence of the night. Another joined in with the howl, and two cries could be heard, a question and an answer. The wolf's call rose higher with other's as they both sang out into the night. Finally, the wolf had got what was needed most.

A mate.



Author's note: Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading this! And also for all the wonderful, encouraging reviews and emails that people have written for this story. Also, to my beta's yet again, thank you! Finally it is done. Another finished – yeay! I hoped you all enjoyed it!