Chapter one

Harry potter sighed to himself, he was in the car going home from the station for the summer holidays, for most children this is considered a time for jubilation but in Harry's case as always it was different, this was due to the simple fact that Harry was a wizard and attended Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.

"Boy, have you been listening?" bellowed his uncle unnecessarily loudly.

"Sorry, sir," mumbled Harry, "I had a hard year"

"So I suppose that was why those people threatened us, what lies have you been telling them?"

"I told them nothing they used the evidence they found in front of their eyes when went back to our world…" replied Harry angrily

"how dare you speak to me like that" roared Vernon, "now boy, Marge is coming to stay for the week beginning the thirtieth of July, you will be on your best behaviour is that understood?"

"If she insults my parents or my family then she will pay the price, I didn't want to come back this summer, Dumbledore force me to…"

"Who is this Dumbledore?"

"He is the headmaster of my school, he sent me here in the first place there is a charm on the house, its blood ma"

"What have I told you about saying that word in my presence? How be quiet…you will be civil to your aunt…"

"She is not my aunt she is no relation to me what so ever"

"Do not speak to me like that boy…you will be civil to Marge is that understood"

"So long as she is civil to me"

four weeks of the holidays had passed they had been far from enjoyable form enjoyable for Harry Potter but he had been able to do all of his homework as the Dursley's had let him keep his school stuff with him, but as Marge was coming tomorrow he would have to be more careful with stuff.

Harry looked around at his room, yes if a muggle unaware of the wizarding world walked in here they would either think he was crazy or start asking him to perform miracles for them. There was a tapping on the window; Hedwig was out there she had replies from all his friends. He let her in.

"Hello Hedwig" she flew over to him and started nibbling his ear, he looked at the letters, and on the first one he recognised the untidy scrawl of his best friend Ron.

Hello Harry

How are you? Dumbledore says that you have to stay at your aunt and uncles for at least another week. Hermione is staying at you know where with her parents, did you know she has an older sister?


Harry smiled to himself; some things like Ron never change. All the rest of his letters were along the same lines. Once he had finished reading his mail Harry got dressed and made his way downstairs for breakfast.

"Boy, what are you going to do with that owl when Marge comes to stay?"

"She will have to stay here or else I wont be able to send letters to them and they will arrive on your doorstep" Vernon paled at this and said no more, the doorbell rang. Dudley waddled down the front hall and opened it, it was Dudley's gang.

"Hey, guys come in" came Dudley's voice from the hall

"Thanks big D"

"So Dud what are we doing today?"

The voices dropped to a murmur and footsteps crashed up the stairs.

Harry relaxed for a second, then "oh Merlin," he muttered, "I've left my bedroom door open"

"You've what!" squawked aunt petunia as Harry ran out of the room as though all Voldemort's deatheaters were after him.

"Hey dud, whose room is this?"

"My cousin's…"

"Is that an owl?"

"The windows open it must have flown in and roosted here"

"Stupid dumb bird"

Harry came round the door frame to see the entire gang approaching Hedwig; she caught sight of him and flew across the room to land on his arm, the gang turned around

"Oh look who it is…" piers got no further

"What are you doing in my room?"

"Why shouldn't we come in here…you are just an orphan who sponges off Dud's family…"

"What is all this stuff?" asked another of the boys, "why do you need a broomstick? Do you go to cleaning college?"

"And these books, what's this one? Monster book of monsters" the boy started to take the belt off it

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" said Harry calmly

"Why…" the boy got no further as the book suddenly came to life in the boy's hands

"That's why…drop it"

"Stop doing this Harry…I'll tell mum and dad…"

"Dudley, I can not help it if my care of magical creature teacher decides to set an enchanted book can I? Get into the corner all of you"

As the book came towards them Harry jumped and landed on top of the book and retied the belt. He locked the door.

"sorry boy you cane leave until this is sorted out" said Harry as he made his way over to the desk, pulled out a piece of parchment and wrote a short note to Arther Weasly.

Mr Weasly,

My cousin's friends walked into my room and found my monster book of monsters. I think they will need to be obliviated.

From Harry

Once he had sent it with Hedwig Harry turned to look at the group of boys in his room. Piers seemed to have regained some of his confidence

"What was that?"

"One of my school books"

"What kind of freak school do you go to?"

"I can't tell you, the ministry would have a fit if I revealed something like that to you…Dudley, why did you let them in here? You know I've been allowed to keep all my stuff this summer"

"What are you going to do when Marge comes then?"

"Remember to close my door,"

There was a bang behind Harry who turned around to face Mr Weasly

"What form does your patronus have?"

"A stag"

"Who died at the end of last term?"


"From whose perspective did you see that dream you had at Christmas?"

"Nagini's, what possessed Ginny in my second year?"

"You-know-who's diary"

"What did I kill that basilisk with?"

"The sword of Godric Gryffindor, so all these boy?"

"Yes, they took the belt off care of magical creatures book" Mr Weasly winced, "then drew his wand, muttered obliviate then left

"Run along and play Dudley" said Harry.


Aunt Marge was going to arrive in five minutes, Harry winced at the memory of the last time he had met this woman, she had ended up bobbing around on the dinning room ceiling.

The door banged open

"Hello petunia darling, so good to see you, and Dudley dear…and you why are you still here?" said Aunt Marge her voice hardening as she asked the last question.

"If you must know my headmaster forced me to come back here, I didn't want to come"

"Do speak in that sarcastic manner; as if the headmaster would care anything for you except for the amounts of caning he administers to you…take my bag upstairs and feed ripper"

Harry barely consented but then remembered the potion he had brewed a few nights ago, it was his potions homework so he could use ripper as an experiment to see if it worked, it was an animal calming potion.

That night dinner was a tense affair, the Dursley's seemed to be nervous in case Marge started on a Harry bashing session, unfortunately the inevitable happened.

"Vernon I know that it is not your fault he turned out like this I am sure he will follow in his father's footstep and be unemployed"

"My father was employed"

"What was that boy?"

"My father was employed he worked the anti terrorist department of M16"

"Stop deluding your self boy your father was an unemployed joy rider and I'll be willing to bet that you turn out just like him"

"You know nothing about my father you know nothing about me, one of my best friends died last month…not that you'd care"

With that Harry left the room


Later in his bedroom Harry was brooding lying on his bed, Hedwig flew in the window and over to her master apparently concerned by her master's behaviour. Harry sat up and looked at the alarm clock; it was three minutes to midnight. Two minutes. One. Suddenly Harry was in excruciating pain, then all he could see was black