Chapter Forty Eight

"You'd think that Harry might actually to turn up to these meetings once in a while," groused Tonks as she positioned herself between McGonagall and Flitwick as far away from any potential mischief makers as possible.

"He would" said Fred from his position on the other side of the table, "but he went on a suicide mission to retrieve Ron and Hermione."

"Right" said Tonks, "but what is the point in us being here if he always goes off sparks blazing into any situation?"

"To clean up after him of course" said Ayre gloomily

"Enough grousing we need to come up with a plan," snapped George from beside his brother.


"We are just people," said the man, "for the most part we are very pissed off people. We are fed up with the way the people above us are acting. We want change. We want the muggle and wizarding world to be joined once more."

"Really?" asked Harry

"No" said Draco, "he is lying, that may be the excuse he has given to all his minions, but his reasons are different."

The man shot a glare at Draco

"So a truthteller as well as a powerful mage, well I never what an interesting person you are," he said

"Who was the man at the ministry?" asked Harry

"An associate of mine" said the man, "he was supposed to collect you there but then that bumbling Auror Tonks came along and he had to abort, not that it mattered you came anyway. Stupid Gryffindor, natural selection runs so hard against you its surprising you even classify as Homo sapiens. However since your amenable friend Ed is here there is no way that you will be able to call him in to protect you, take your place as he has done so many times should be scared Potter."

"Stop scaring the stupid kid" drawled Draco, "what do you want me to do?"

"We want you to kill some people," said the man succinctly, "none of them are very nice people, most of them wouldn't classify as light."

"Who exactly?" asked Draco, "after all I am hardly light might be asking me to kill my own allies."

The man smirked at him,

"Well you will have to decide who you value more, your allies or Mr Potter's friends."

Draco frowned at the man.

"Well, I'm hardly going to murder my own allies now am I...However there is the potential risk of turning the saviour of the wizarding world against much would I earn?" he asked

"Ed the mercenary?" the man chuckled, "who would have thought it, most people seem to think that you are the next light lord...please don't tell me you actually hired yourself out to Dumbledore to fight at the ministry. Surely the humiliation was not worth the pay, no matter how much the impoverished lord of the light was prepared to offer you."

Harry exchanged a glance with Draco, this man seemed to be completely psychopathic, surely he couldn't have been the one behind organising this entire stunt. Draco raised an eyebrow in Harry's direction before indicating that he should perhaps do something about Ron and Hermione.

"I was just passing through when the death eaters started throwing curses at me, " Draco shrugged nonchalantly, "someone caught me with a crucio, it aggravated me have seen what happens when I am aggravated."

"Indeed," said the man, "which would beg the question why are we not all dead?"

Draco sneered

"For one, those guns are on full automatic meaning that even if I did manage to attack you or any of your men we would most likely all be killed especially when the walls have reflecting spells on them...the bullets would just keep on going until everyone in the room is dead, and that is only if one of you miserable lot cast the spell. Additionally that useless lump of meat in the chair next to me wouldn't be able to fight his way out of a wet paper bag, so he's going to be more of a hindrance than a help...Frankly I may be all powerful but even I can escape whilst being held at gunpoint by trained militia with three hostages involved."

"Why bother with the hostages?" the man asked

"As useless as Harry Potter is I need him to complete my latest assignment," snarled Draco, "and due to the idiots complete and utter Gryffindor tendencies I find myself yet again stuck between a rock and a hard place."

"I'm not useless," protested Harry in a very whiney teenage voice

"You here that?" said Draco in English before switching to demonic, "Harry as useful as it is to create a back story for your Ed persona we might want to get out of here some time in the next millennium. Mind rape the guy or something."

"Shut up," shouted the man, "what was that spell you were casting?"

Draco glowered in his general direction, harry caused the room temperature to drop a fraction for added affect.

"I was cursing the ignorance of fate, the stupidity of supposed heroes...things along that line of thought," he replied glibly

"Right..." said the man

" the way, standard policy but I'm going to need to know who I'm working for, plus we still haven't arranged the fee. I should warn you it will be quite steep...I don't really agree with the assassination of several of the people in this folio, not to mention that there is a group of people currently attempting to collect the amount of gold I have stated as being the price of Fudges head so unless you can offer the same sum...I'm afraid you are out of luck." Said Draco watching with amusement as the man's face grew wide eyed.

Harry however was far from amused and was trying to work out a how to get past the shields that had been placed on one of the muggle bodyguard's minds. He paused for a moment and mentally sniffed. This ward had a very distinct odour to it. He raised a metaphorical eyebrow now that was interesting.


"Now," said George, "Harry has advised that a double of him should go down to lunch and complain that Ron didn't wake him up and thus he has missed Peter Pettigrew's trial, preferably to Dean Thomas who we have ascertained is spying on the Golden trio for Dumbledore. That should muddy the waters a little bit."

"I can do that," said Tonks, "I should probably go down there now...right."

George glanced at his pocket watch for a few long moments before Fred slowly nodded

"Yeah that just about lunch time," he said, "you should go to Hogsmeade afterwards saying that you are going to find Ron to yell at him."

The pink haired Auror nodded before turning into Harry

"I'm getting way to much practice at this you know," she said before running out of the door

"What now?" asked Frank, his tone slightly heavy

"I dunno," said George, "we could practice sparring until something else happens."

"Would probably we more useful than anything else we might do," conceded McGonagall with a sigh, "anyone to take on the poor defenceless old witch?"


Harry growled to himself, how to tell Draco about what he found out without ruining the whole I am a perfect little school boy act. This was going to be embarrassing. He focused on the memory of his third year divinations exam mimicking the facial expression that Trelawney had exhibited before deepening his voice.

"The wolf rises, white pieces laid like dominos ready to fall. The wolf rises, white pieces laid like dominos ready to fall. Ware, ware a new wolf rises," he growled out in a voice like a troll chewing gravel.

"What's wrong with him?" asked the man

"Ah...," said Draco, "you see not many people know this...but little harry here is a seer, not much of one really, speaks in incomprehensible riddles most of the time."

"Unfortunate," said the man tersely, "what do you think that one meant?"

"Fairly obvious," said Draco, "it meant that after the defeat of Voldermort the light side is scattered and there is too much inter reliance in the population meaning that when the next dark lord rises he will find it very easy to achieve what the previous two failed to do."

"Ah..." said the man, "I see."

"No," said Draco with a sneer, "he sees, I interpret and you pass it on to your master...who is your master by the way?"

"None of your business," said the man

"I asked you nicely," said Draco, "now we are going to have to do this the hard way."

Harry banished one of his daggers to float invisible behind the man's head.

"One of my men is standing behind you holding a dagger in place ready to slide it between the second and third vertebrae in your will you please tell me who you are working for," said Draco his voice cold, calm and deadly

"Y-your bluffing," said the man attempting to remain calm, Harry brought the dagger to rest point first against the skin on the man's neck.

"Are you willing to bet you life on that?" asked Draco, "now tell me who you are working for..."

"The mafia," said the man

"Why lie to a truth teller?" asked Draco shaking his head, "it's completely pointless you know."

"You might as well kill me then because I'm not going to tell you," said the man

"And you just told me who you are working for," said Draco

"R-really?" stammered the man, a faint dew of sweat appearing on his forehead

"Why of course," laughed Draco, "I am after all a truthteller."

"Then who?" asked the man nervously.


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