1: Dawn Of Thunder
Third Edition
Author: chaoseternus

When Earth is threatened, the USA and the UK join forces to protect our world…with help from an old friend.

This is the revised and beta'd version.
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Chapter 1

A muted purr echoed across the runway as the large craft slipped slowly out of the hanger, looking to all like an oversized U2. With its long thin, almost perfectly cylindrical body, it's oversized straight sharp edged wings, and with the engines affixed to the wing tips, making the wings bend slightly under the weight. The craft moved slowly to the runway on its tall and stilt-like undercarriage, it's bulky under slung load barely clearing the ground.

Pilot Officer Reynolds glanced at the camera image of the runway displayed on his heads-up display. Carefully he lined the craft up with the runway, its oversized undercarriage making him too high to look directly at the runway.

"Airhead 1-4-niner requests permission to launch."

"Permission granted, flight path has been cleared and your escort is orbiting", the controller added "Good luck with The Beast."

"Roger that."

The large craft accelerated in a manner that would make a bat out of hell proud, lifting well clear of the end of the runway, and heading up. The ship was quickly joined by an escort of Tornado fighters and a lone Eurofighter Typhoon dogfighter.

"&"£$¬#'" The escorts pilots glanced across at the big plane, amused by the litany of curses, always accompanied by some ungainly movement of the massive craft, that were heard at regular intervals.

The Typhoon pilot couldn't stand it any more "Airhead 1-4-9 be advised we are hearing every curse, sorry word you say." she drawled, amused.

"Bugger" the curses cut-off, the erratic movements didn't.

"Hey Reynolds, you think we should pass your assessment on to engineering?"

"Smart-ass fighter pilots." Reynolds muttered as he fought with the controls, the bulky under slung load making the craft difficult to control.

The escort slowly peeled off, the jets screaming for air in this high altitude as Airhead 1-4-9 boosted upwards, quickly leaving earth's fragile atmosphere behind.

"Control, this is Escort detail, the first egg has left the basket, please vector to BP for a top-up and tell mother goose to prepare the second egg."

"Roger that, drop to 2,000 and head…"

StarGate Command (SGC), Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs

Klaxon's roared throughout the base as the PA system blared with the duty tech-sergeants voice;

" Hammond to the control Room, Hammond to the control Room!"

SG-1 looked at each other surprised, alert sirens, no teams off world, and no shout of 'off-world activation'. Something was up. Almost simultaneously, they dropped their cutlery and left the cafeteria at a dogtrot, heading for the control room.

General George Hammond stepped out of his office and into the control room just as SG-1 arrived from the mess hall.

Tech Sergeant Harriman, hearing their clattering footsteps turned to General Hammond;

"Sir, NORAD just reported an unidentified contact leaving atmosphere"

"Goa'ulds?" Colonel Jack O'Neill asked, just beating Hammond to it.

"NORAD says a definite No, sir."

"Any ideas, airman?"

"I think it might be a 'local' craft sir."

"Local, wait a minute, you mean Earth Human built?" said Daniel surprised, "well obviously not one of ours or you wouldn't have called Hammond ."

"What makes you say that, son" Hammonds voice was calm as always but tinged with worry.

"Sir, every time we've seen an alien spacecraft they have tended to leave atmosphere vertical or very near vertical, this contact acted like an atmospheric craft up till the point it left atmosphere which is why we were not called earlier, NORAD was watching it because it was Galaxy sized yet didn't match any known aircraft in design, they just thought it was something new the limeys had cooked up"

"Limeys?!?" Major Samantha Carter stepped over to the console to see for herself, while Daniel Jackson moved back out of the way.

"O'Neill, I am not familiar with these 'Limeys?"

"Slang for the English" O'Neill absentmindedly informed the big Jaffa .

"I see"

O'Neill stopped and did a rapid double take "Whoa, did you say England , as in the UFO came from England ?"

"A joint RAF/Army base in South Wales to be exact"