1: Dawn Of Thunder
Third Edition
Author: chaoseternus

When Earth is threatened, the USA and the UK join forces to protect our world…with help from an old friend.

Chapter 16
Ground Control, St Athan

"Latest CasRep, sir."

The admiral signed, and rubbed his forehead. He was quite aware that casualties were inevitable in any battle, but it didn't make it any easier. Ultimately he was responsible for every death, doubly so because he had hand-selected every member of Thundersdawn's large crew.

"What's the latest?" he asked quietly.

"105 KIA, 185 WIA and 45 MIS, Admiral"

The admiral winced, MIS, Missing In Space, about the worst fate imaginable.

"The Asgard vessel has picked up a number of bodies, no exact numbers yet, but most of the MIS are probably there, Admiral" the ensign added quietly.

"At least their families will have something to bury" the admiral mused as the Ensign left, small comfort to those left behind, but still….

He signed again, and returned to the report he was writing.


With the Asgard vessel actively assisting, all the minor repairs to Thundersdawn were finished in days, leaving a largely operational but exhausted space station. Number 1 hold was still exposed to vacuum, a number of Pulse Lasers were so much slag and Dry-dock 4 had burned up in the Martian atmosphere, a number of crew rescued by Asgard transporters mere seconds before it broke up.

Thor had left, promising to return with better weapons and some shields for Thundersdawn, Carter had left too, returning to SGC, Kalinda had stayed, determined to stay, she was now Chocky's semi-official representative on Thundersdawn.

The station was wounded, but alive, and holding it's breath. This was just the first battle, they had shown their mettle now, and more challenges would come. Peters found herself looking forward to it.

Authors Notes

For the Record: I do not own, nor do I claim ownership to characters, devices, places or situations from StarGate SG-1 or Chocky's Challenge.

The original characters and the story are mine and are NOT to be used without permission.

At this point in time, I wish to thank:

Jarrod Keenen, M. Uli Kusterer for their many helpful suggestions and ideas, most of which have been worked into this rewrite.

JPMwycombe, for volunteering to Beta this series for me.

Also, to all those who reviewed the original version, thank you. Your reviews havent been lost, I backed them up, but I hope you enjoyed this improved version more.