An overnight stay

Summary: [AU&OOC] Four pairs decided to have an adventure outside the village but end up staying at a certain huge mansion in the middle of nowhere. Curious enough they've decided to use it for a resting place. Will they get out alive?

The Invitation

One Monday morning at the village of Konoha, a blonde teenage girl was running down the streets with a huge smile plastered on her face. After a 5-minute-run, she arrived at the Haruno's residence, knocking carelessly at their front door.

"SAKURAAA!!!!" She shouted from the outside.

Then she heard loud footsteps nearing the door and figured out that it's Sakura, her best friend. The pink haired teenager with green beautiful eyes. But she seemed to be... irritated?

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT, INO!!" She asked actually yelled.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura!!!" She shouted back and cling herself to her bestfriend's neck.

"Cut it out!! You're killing me!" Sakura retorted, trying to pull Ino's grip from her neck.

Ino pulled herself and stuck out her tongue, "Sorry about that. But hey! You know what! I've found a hotspot for summer adventure!"

Sakura gave her a weird stare, thinking that she's up to something really really weird, "What's it gonna be?"

"A mountain hike!" Sakura sighed and sweatdropped. She even placed her hands on her waist.

"Ino, that's so tiring. You better choose a spot where we could rest, relax and have fun. Not that mountain hiking where we're going to be so tired and all."

Ino sighed and there seem to be nerves popping out of her temples, "Let me finish, Sakura. This isn't any ordinary mountain hike! We're gonna camp outside the village, then swim at the nearest river then rest then return! That's enough rest and fun for two days!"

Sakura observed the persisting invitation of her best friend. Why is she persisting her anyway? What's with the mountain hike? But it sure going to be fun anyway...

"So who's coming with us?" She asked and Ino just gave her a wide strange grin.


Ino and Sakura came barging down the Hyuuga's gate and call out for Hinata. When she appeared, she looked her friends who wear a smile on their faces. She smiled back, feeling they'll be having a good news or something.

"What's with you guys? Why are you so happy?" Hinata asked.

"Ino says we're going to have a summer vacation for two days." Sakura answered with her brightest smile under the sunshine.

"Huh? Where? And what kind of vacation?" She asked once more and seems like herself is starting to like this vacation they're saying.

"Outside the village! My aunt gave me a map to a certain place where we could camp and swim and hike! Isn't it great?" Ino tempted while her bright eyes glowed brightly. "I know you'll join Hinata! You should be!"

Hinata smiled and accepted the invitation. Then the three of them went to Tenten's place to tell the same thing, invite her to be precise. At first she declined, but they're begging sure beats her that she accepted the invitation and joined them. Ino thought that it would be great to drag some boys along since they're their closests friends. She started banging on Shikamaru's door and clung to him in the presence. She begged for him to come along, but he declined.

"I won't come unless some boys will come, too." Was his deal and shut his door.

The three girls pulled Ino before she could beat Shikamaru for shutting the door right in front of her face. She's raging so mad. Then all of a sudden, they saw a black haired teenage boy strolling down the street as if he's going somewhere else they didn't know. Ino immediately called out his name to get his attention.


Sasuke looked at her and saw some pink haired girl blushing behind Hinata. Somehow, he blushed, too. He, also, looked away and is trying to go somewhere else but Ino caught his wrist.

"Where do you think you're going?!" She complained.

"Let go, Ino." He said with an irritating tone, but as soon as he stole glance to Sakura, he blushed.

"You better listen to what I say..." With that, Ino started narrating the vacation she said a while ago and how Shikamaru refused the offer. At first, Sasuke would like to refuse but when Sakura met his eyes, it looks like she's begging for him to come.

"...Aa." Was his answer and now he's part of the group for the vacation. He felt Sakura's eyes on him so he started blushing.

After inviting Sasuke, the girls started walking to search for someone else. Ino spotted the ramen house and immediately had an idea who's going to be the next person for their summer vacation, and atleast, she knows he won't refuse it...

"Hello, there Naruto." Ino greeted with her hands waving in the mid air and face with a big grin.

Naruto is currently eating his ramen and more likely the fifth bowl. He sure is a ramen-freak. Anyway, Ino narrated to him what's her plan, then to the vacation place, then who's been invited already and lastly, she'd bribe him about bringing all her ramen for him.

"Ok! No complains! I'll come! I won't let that bastard enjoy the summer by himself!" He grinned and Ino grinned back.

'Good.. two down, two to go... Damn that Shikamaru... he's going to be the last person.' Ino said in her thoughts.


Sakura walked Hinata home and they're so lucky to find Neji coming out of Hinata's place. Hinata hastily approached her cousin, might as well invite him to join the vacation, well to accompany her or something. Sakura knows that whatever Hinata says, he'll never refuse. That's how powerful the Head family is...

"So... would you come?" Hinata shyly asked while twindling her fingers.

Neji looked at Sakura's face and thought that she might have provoked her cousin to ask him join. Sakura just smiled like her usual smiles and show no malice or anything. Neji sighed.

"Ok, I'll come with you." Hinata looked up to him and gave him a smile.


Ino came back to Shikamaru's house. Now, she just knocked his door and waited for him to come out of the house. Before he could open the door, she just heard him saying 'how troublesome'. Then finally she heard him turned the knob and pulled the door.

"Hi Shikamaru!" She greeted with the same grin on her face.

"You again." He said, raising an eyebrow to the girl.

Ino clung herself to Shikamaru's neck, begging for him to come. "C'mon Shika-kun... you better not waste your time here you know. Everybody is coming."

He gave her a weird stare and because he couldn't refuse Ino's begging and clinging herself to him for the second time..

"Alright, I'll join... two days only." He said.

"How kind of you!" She held his neck more tighter which made him changed colors.

"I...Ino... you're ch..choking me..."

[To be continued]


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Author's Note: Since I'm too inspired after watching horror movies and read some book... how about apply it on them (evil grin). This'll be my third Naruto fanfic, I'm getting close to my record for HXH. Well anyways, this is the second story that doesn't have Original Character. So I'll focus on the pairing.