An overnight stay

Aftermath of Clashing Souls

Midnight blue sky had turned lighter and lighter, welcoming the new day as the dewdrops from the latter event stayed on the surface of the earth. Everything is calm now. There's always this phrase 'calm before the storm', but comparing to what happened in the earlier events, it says otherwise.

They say that the best thing you do when you had experienced something bad in the past is forget it. But, there are some cases that even if you wanted to forget it...

You just can't.

It may seem unearthly after the encounter with the young ghost and faced off with the murderer of the family who had once lived on that mansion. Though, no matter how hard she tried to tell herself that it has been ended, she just couldn't forget it. It's not easy to forget, right?

And that's what Haruno Sakura was experiencing.


Itachi, having this surprise appearance, made Neji and Sasuke almost fell back on the floor. However, it's not just because of his presence, it's because of the dead man still standing in front of him. Both young men already know what happened, particularly what Itachi did to Wakku. The thing was, they were just too shock to witness such action.

The elder Uchiha assured that Wakku wouldn't be able to hurt them again. His little brother inquired his sudden presence only to find out that Itachi has been watching over the said criminal. He had the authority to kill Wakku if he showed murderous acts. And like what happened, it was acceptable to defend the kids from the killing intention.

He also added that he wasn't doing this assignment all by himself. Shisui tagged himself along. Itachi said that Shisui was just getting all the important documents all over the house and will come outside to meet him. Sasuke asked how his brother managed to find this place. Itachi said that he heard from their parents about their little vacation to Ino's aunt. He knew how to get to that place but also knew about this mansion that stood at the heart of the forest in which a murderer hid himself from people. He had been watching this person after the news about this certain family who once lived in the place. Therefore, in order to arrest him or stop the psycho's actions he and Shisui must investigate and stop him at all cost. Furthermore, he didn't want his only sibling to be harmed by such criminal.

When the three of them walked outside using the front door, the girls with Shikamaru and Naruto gasped in surprise and started bombarding questions as to what Itachi-nii-chan doing in a place like this. Itachi just shrugged his shoulders and told Sasuke to tell the details to them while he was calling their dad. When he took his cellphone, he made a quick look at the pink haired friend of Sasuke.

'Because of Sakura, his taste for murder had awakened. Who would want to acquire such psycho to annihilate the family? Hmmm... I have to find out who he is...'

He pressed the keypads of the phone and put it on his right ear. While waiting for his dad to answer the phone, he wondered his eyes to the teens. Four, including Sasuke, of them was injured either during the fight or during the escape. They must head back as soon as possible to heal their wounds. Other than that, the investigation for the unknown person who hired Wakku should be started. Itachi could feel that that person is still somewhere out there. If he can't be found in Konoha, he'll have to go outside the city and find him somewhere else.

For about a minute or two, the other Uchiha appeared from the front door, holding all the documents he had found in all the rooms in which the kids also entered. Shisui told Itachi that these documents were important and must be submitted to the high authority as soon as possible. Itachi just nodded at him as he heard his dad from the other line of the phone.

While talking to their father, Sasuke diverted his attention to Itachi and went to Sakura, who was but being held by Tenten. Tenten then noticed him going towards Sakura, told the girl that she would just check Neji if he was badly harmed or anything.

"Sakura...are you hurt?" He asked with an unmasked concerned tone.

Sakura just stared at his eyes and shook her head. She didn't understand why she was feeling nervous around him, but she was really, really thankful to him because he had protected him with all his life.

"Can I..." Sasuke started yet again, earning the girl's attention, which in turn made him uneasy. 'No turning back, Sasuke.' "Can I talk to you for a while?"

Again, she looked to his eyes but nodded in agreement. While assisting her to rise from her seat, he advanced forward only to be followed by her. Hinata and Shisui was helping Naruto to tend his wounds, but they noticed Sasuke and Sakura walking away from the group. Ino and Shikamaru was asking each other if one of them is alright and soon after, noticed also the two of their friends. Neji was talking to Itachi, who was also treating his wounds with the help of his comrade, Tenten, as they all noticed the said couple swerving to the left, passed the fountain.


Sasuke slowed down to a stop, looking a little troubled as he found the ground interesting. He knew that this isn't the time and place to tell 'something' to her, but he would be finding regret sooner if he didn't tell her what he was suppose to say. When he heard her also stopped behind him, he turned around to face her.

He was expecting to see her eyes looking back at him or maybe blushed furiously because it was only their first time to actually talk like this. He almost forgot that amongst the group, she has the most terrible experience to this silly outing.

That is why she was strangely acting that way.

"Uhmm...Sakura... I..."

He didn't understand himself. He wanted to say it all at once and yet, he was thinking that his courage had left him immediately.

Sakura doesn't have any idea if she was following his train of thoughts. They've been good friends but they weren't the close ones. But they both felt that there's something sparkling between them, although she couldn't figure it out and she was not sure about it.

And so to break this unnerving silence, Sakura voluntarily filled the missing sentences for him...

"I'm fine, Sasuke-kun..." Her voice faltered for a second, but she continued to reassure him. "You don't have to worry so much..."

It seems like she wasn't really following his train of thoughts. Actually, the message interpreted differently to his ears... particularly to his heart. To him, she was like thinking that he's in no position to care for her much more to be dead worried when something happened to her.

She's definitely WRONG if she did think that way!

His patience had worn off already. Mix it up with all the emotions his feeling as of this time. He didn't know how he would get those words out of his mouth...

He clutched his fists and lowered his head. It seems like he could not contain this mixed emotions right now...

Knowing him, he might burst out like an erupting volcano.

Sakura, on the other hand, felt the sudden mood change from him. She unexpectedly absorbed the emotion that came from him. Oddly, it turned that from her eyes... he was angry...

Angry from what?

"S..Sasuke-kun..." 'Why are you so mad...'

"I know I'll regret this if I didn't say it right now..." He finally uttered, still his head lowered.

"What?" The obvious tone of her voice made it hard for him to tell her 'something'.

He gritted his teeth.

He admitted, he's new for this kind of thing, but if he retreated, who knows that in the future he might regret it.

He might regret it painfully...

Sakura noticed that he was seething in somewhat angry manner.

"Sasuke... are you mad at me? Look, I know it was wrong to runaway from Ino, but... the mansion had been bothering me. I'm so sorry for all the trouble I caused and I'm--"

Sasuke wasn't even listening to everything she was saying as he was trying to place his statements in his head and use his mouth to say it.

He immediately leveled his eyes to hers as he butted a strong reply, "I don't care!!" That earned a gasp from the surprised Sakura. "I don't care what you did, ok!? I just want you to know that I love you!"


Not far from the two young teens, the eight teenagers were listening to the love confession of their fellow friend, excluding one, who was but his little brother.

'As I was thinking back then, my little brother was dangerously in love to Sakura-chan...'

And he smirked.

"Hey Itachi," Shisui called out earning the owner of the name to face him, "aren't you a little jealous to your brother?"

Ooohh... He was teasing the great prodigy...

"Fuck you."

The others just giggled.


She didn't know what to do next or how she would react to what she just heard from her long time crush... who in turn, had developed his feelings for her and had confessed to her right after an incident which caused the both of them to face life and death.

What is exactly happening to the world right now?

She had known Uchiha Sasuke as the most isolating person in the world. Well to the fact that he was kind of a snobbish person. Most girls would scream their hearts out whenever they see him, in which he would grudgingly be annoyed with. Alright, they all have a crush on him, she has, too... but she was different. She doesn't have to take the initiative like them because if she did their friendship will be ruined.

They've been friends ever since they were born.

How fate destined them to be together was a big question...

Sakura could hear her heart beat faster. She just couldn't understand what Sasuke saw in her, but almost her entire life, that they've been all together, the said kid had been taking care of her in a way she knew a friend would do. Now, she was trembling.

Nervous, afraid, joy, trauma... etc...

Everything was mixed up in her mind and in her heart. She didn't know what to chose amongst all the emotions that she had felt for this time.

Just what are you saying Sasuke!? Are you out of your mind!?

Earning silence from her makes it a lot difficult than he had expected. He must explain his reason... but as far as he could remember, his brother told him that once you love a person and she asked why, all he had to do was tell her that...

'There's no reason for me to love you, that's just because I love you, that's all.'

"Sakura..." His voice became softer, "After what happened earlier, I found out that it's difficult for me to lose you... and it made me almost fall apart when I saw you crying like that..."

The pink haired girl just stayed glued on her position and was entirely listening to the man she loved...

"I know this is not the right place and time to say that but... uhmm..." Finding courage, he had fixed his eyes to hers, "I will truly regret it if I lose you... especially if I didn't tell you this feeling I've felt for years..."


"DAMN IT!! JUST TELL HIM WHAT EXACTLY YOU'RE FEELING FOR HIM!!! YOU CAN'T KEEP IT THERE FOREVER!!!" The inner Sakura screamed, cheering the real Sakura to put down her annoying attitude and get this done with.

"S-Sasuke-kun..." She was furiously blushing now that she needed to look away from the intense gaze she's been receiving from his eyes, "I've admired you for the past years, too... but... I was just afraid that you might push me away when I say this to you... that's why... that's why... I kept this feeling for so long... just like what you did..."

If only she had been looking back to him, she might have seen him smiled back at her. So, he didn't fail. Actually, he had a huge chance. A very, very huge chance.

"So... you mean to say..." Sasuke didn't have to continue what he wanted to say.

Sakura poured everything to her heart and finally looked directly to his eyes.

And smiled.

"I love you, too."


A month later, the first day of the school had welcomed all the students from Konoha. From the entire morning, the students had just introduced themselves all over again as they meet each teachers. The gang, who are all in the same class (of course, Shisui and Itachi are excluded in this part) had been tired out because of those introductions. They all have the same thoughts in their head...

'How I wished the day would be ended...right now'

And their prayers granted.

Hearing a loud ring of bell by the corridor, the teacher of the class immediately dismissed them. As he got out of the room, the gang had stood up from their sits and meet everyone by the door.

One particular raven haired kid approached his classmate, friend...and girlfriend to her seat. She was just shoving the pen and notebook in her bag that time and it kept her busy.


The said girl looked up to him with same beautiful and humble face, which made him smile warmly at her.

It had been a month after he had declared his love for her and her for accepting it. After that very moment, they hugged each other that time, both felt that the burden in their hearts had finally thrown out. And to Sasuke's embarrassment, he earned a round of teases from his friends, including his brother. He didn't have to be that angry because it was him who did the first step, it happened that they were just present. Other than that, he felt like he's in heaven.

Sakura had felt the same thing. But during all the teasing period they both earned from their friends, all she did was to stay quiet and blush. And like Sasuke, all she'd ever felt was happiness. Unexpectedly, that terror experienced easily vanished away because of Sasuke's confession. She was thankful to him... for everything he did for her.

"Yes, Sasuke-kun?"

"They're waiting. Let's go." He extended his hand, offering her.

She looked to his hand then straight to his eyes, "Sure." And she smiled.


The Uchihas; Itachi and Shisui, had been busy solving the case about the mansion. Luckily, Itachi's father helped them right away. The high authority now possessed the important documents that Shisui found and that also includes the kids' statements as they were all the witnesses and victims during the crime... as of the present...

As for the past, the duo left Konoha for wide investigation to help the poor souls find justice.


As for the mansion, it was still there. Unvisited. However, the peace was present after the incident. It was still dark, cold and bothersome, but the last remaining soul was still present, guarding the mansion as it was hers.

The young blurry image of a pink haired girl stood silent on the second floor of the house, having a sight seeing from the window. She and her family haven't had the justice yet, but she was sure that those young men and women would be their key to finish this case. She felt relieved whenever she thinks about it. Wakku's soul had forever left the mansion as if it was barricaded by some energy that says a soul like him would never ever be permitted to come.

Where were her family?

They reached the heaven in no time. She had to stay in the mansion for quite a while, well right after she found the justice for her family, might as well come along with them.

But most of all... she was grateful that those newfound friends had saved her, especially the girl with the same color of her hair. The girl who also had the same name as hers...


The ghost smiled.


It was a long day before the class had finally ended successfully. The students had gone out to whenever they wanted to go. As for the four boys, they had to wait for the girls to finish up their task as they place their things on their lockers. After sometime, they appeared by the school gate talking something.

"...You see, many have heard of the song, and understood the lyrics but... it was kind of scary..." Tenten was the topic starter and she had closed the topic for them to give their opinions.

Ino just smirked, "Tenten, you're old enough not to believe in those legends." She put emphasis on the word. "A song like that would never create a massive genocide in one country."

Sakura decided to butt in, "I also don't believe in them, but for us to be safe, let's not listen to it. We'll lose nothing and we'll gain nothing. Quite fair I guess."

"I think so, too..." Hinata muttered.

"OI!!! WHY ARE YOU GUYS TAKING SO LONG!!!" Oh the loud mouth of Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto.

The three of them just giggled, while the other furiously blushed.

Ino put her arm around Hinata's shoulder, "You've got to tell your BOYFRIEND to keep his mouth to shut up. I know you're earned so much humiliation from him."

That made Hinata blushed furthermore.

"Naruto is Naruto. No one would ever change that." Sakura reasoned out, then looked straight ahead. She found Sasuke and decided to go to him.

When Sakura found her way in his arms, he hugged her back, though a little surprise.

"Hey, why are you taking so long? You only have to put your things in the locker."

Sakura noticed that he had become impatient for the past few minutes.

"Well, Tenten started a topic from her research and from what she had heard from the other sections."

"I think I know what you're talking about." Neji butted in, knowing his Tenten. Yes, HIS Tenten. They were officially together two days after the incident.

"What are you guys talking about?" Shikamaru asked, feeling a little more lazier after the class.

That time, the girls had finally arrived at the school gate and all of them decided to talk about it while they were walking.

"When I was searching in the internet last two days ago, I found this website about the famous legends in the world." Tenten had to repeat the topic for the other boys. She had clung her arms around Neji's left arm. "And you know what I found out? A certain article about a song that created a massive number of deaths in one country. The article says that when a person listened to the song while reading the lyrics it will summon one's insanity and make him kill himself. To put it simply, the victim will commit suicide."

Naruto don't believe in such things that he began to say, "There's no such thing like that. A song? Lyrics? Making one to commit suicide?"

Neji could say that his girlfriend was really interested in this article and actually believed in that story as Tenten continued to blabber, "Most likely because the lyrics contained the most depressing words that you'll ever heard. I've read the lyrics but I never tried and attempted to listen to the original song. There were about five or more translations for the song and three of the singers who sang it committed suicide."

Sasuke felt Sakura's tremble through her hands which had ben intertwined with his. Scary little things such as these would easily be getting into her, maybe it's because of the trauma a month ago. So to ease that fear, he gently squeezed her hand and pulled her closer to his side.

"I don't believe in such thing." Shikamaru finally said after listening to Tenten.

All of them looked back at him with questioning looks, daring him to continue what he was trying to say.

"Only a madman would be under that curse, other than that, a person who might have been experiencing emotional problems are prone to commit suicides."

Before they parted, Tenten warned them about the song and the title of the lyrics...


Itachi and Shisui had finally caught the man behind the crime. However, while they were going back to all the evidences they've got from the previous investigation, they both thought that it was weird. This whole damn thing is so weird.

As Itachi reread the paper for the second time this day, he relaxed his back on the soft cushion.

'Wakku, age: unknown, status: divorced, family: wife and daughter (deceased), occupation: assassin...'

He skipped some parts in the document, particularly those that will not help him. However, when he set his eyes on the accomplishments that this man did when he was still alive, he couldn't help but sighed deeply.

'...Accomplishments: exhibit in year ??, compositions in year ??, song released in year ??...'

Itachi knew everything in this world... from general knowledge to gossips.

And since he's going to be responsible to what will happen to his brother, might as well warned him about the things that he knew...

Particularly the SONG that killed so many people from a certain country...

...Besides, he won't let his brother, his brother's girlfriend and his friends die... right?


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