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Chapter 1

A brand New day... Not a great start!

Sakura slept really well that night; she had a dream about Sasuke and her dancing together at nighttime...


Sakura woke up suddenly. And rubbed her eyes wearily. "Why did I leave my alarm clock for like 6:00 am in the holiday?" She asked herself. If she could smack her head, she would, but she was too tired... Sakura tried to go back to sleep, I mean she was just up to the bit where Sasuke was about to kiss her... She always dreamt about him...

[HEY WAKE UP GIRL!!! You DID kiss her SASUKE! remember yesterday night????] Shut up Inner self, I'm trying to go back to my dream...

Sakura woke up finally. "I did kiss Sasuke?" She asked herself.

"Sakura! Why are you talking to yourself?" Sakura's mum asked outside her door.

"Uh... No I wasn't I was just... sleep talking!" She told her and started pretending to snore.

[Onegai don't ask me to do CHORES!!!]

"Anyway... Sakura I know you are awake, so don't try to fool me... Anyway I was just wandering now that you are awake... could you get some GROCERIES for me? We have a important guest coming over tonight, and I need to make a VERY nice meal for them!" She told her through the door.

"AWW MAN!!!!" She yelled under her covers. She groaned extremely loudly. She had thought that she had had enough with getting the groceries and stuff for the dance. Why does that stupid guest have to come?

"Hurry UP Sakura, I don't have all day!!! I must start cooking right away! I have the 'Mothers are the best' club meeting at lunch time!" She reminded her.

"I have a life! Unlike YOU, who is on Holiday in La La land!"

"OK!!!" Sakura threw up her covers and stood up swaying a bit. She looked at herself in the mirror, she looked a mess, and her hair was sticking put in every direction possible. But she wanted to get this over an done with so she could find Sasuke...

She changed in record time and went downstairs. She took some money out of her mum's bag and yelled goodbye rudely to her mum and started walking towards the shops.

Naruto woke up... and felt hungry...(SURPRISE!!! I hope I did not cause any heart attacks at this SURPRISE!) When was the last time he had eaten? WOW like like YESTERDAY! No wander he was starving! Then he realised something, he had asked Hinata out on a date, but he forgot what day and time... He looked at his clock it was 6:30!!! Wow I sure woke up early today, maybe it has something to do with me being so hungry! OH well. He decided to call Hinata. Then he realised he didn't have her phone number, but he did have Sasuke's number.

So Naruto punched in Sasuke's phone number. At first it didn't work because he kept typing in the wrong number. After 10 more tries he finally got it right. It rang around aprox. 6 times before a groggy Sasuke answered the phone.

"Hn... If it is stupid fan girl, hang up or else, because I have a girlfriend now..." Sasuke said angrily into the phone.

"HI SASUKE!" Naruto yelled in case the phone wasn't working, Sasuke lived far away form Naruto. (He doesn't use phones much.)

"NARUTO?" Sasuke asked surprised.

"DUH, I'm not a fan girl! As if you have any! Or a GIRLFRIEND!!" Naruto laughed into the mouthpiece. "Shuddup or I will hang up!" Sasuke said as threatening as he could into the phone. "What do you want Naruto?" He asked.

"OOOO, touchy on the phone!" He said.

"NARUTO!" Sasuke warned. "Oh... Um DO you have Hinata's phone number?" He asked.

"NO, why would I have a phone number you don't have?" He pointed out.

"Oh yeah, I FORGOT your mister ANTI SOCIAL!" Naruto commented. "Dobe..." He muttered. "Whose your girlfriend Sasuke?" Naruto asked teasingly. "Sa... No way I'm telling you!" Sasuke said. "You MUST! Or else I will..." Naruto paused, or else what? He said. ............Naruto thinking............

"Or else I will tell your so called 'FAN GIRLS ' Where you live!" he said. But he was too late! Sasuke had hanged up 5 minutes ago while he was thinking.

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