Chapter 18

Uncomfortable silence... o(> )o

"So ..." Sakura's mum said smiling.
"How is the food? Is it super duper DELICIOUS?" She asked hopefully smiling widely.
"MUM! You try hard!He probably eats in " Sakura said ehh...her mum was no great cook.
Sasuke was in heaven...well like a food heaven...
He hadn't tasted such good home-cooked meal for so long...well since the "incident" when he was a chibi. Sure there was an occasional hair in his rice and a couple of bugs. But you couldn't buy that stuff in restaurants and in TV dinners! ε )

"Its the best food I had in 10 years!" He said super weirdly and a bit insanely but best of all enthusicastically while he flicked what seemed to be a peice of wood out of the tofu. "WOW you poor half starved animal!" Sakura's mum said sympthatically, she ate very little of her own food though...
Sakura- --" /How annoying/ (O´)

"You don't have to pretend to like it!" Sakura said to Sasuke.
"I'm serious! It tasts great!" He said eating. (o.o)

The whole Haruno family just stared at him for like 5 minutes then cntinued their meal.

"So ...what do you want to be when you are older? A Hokage? An Anbu? A sensei?" Her dad asked him . (With his mouth full...disgusting)

"...dunno..avenger" He anwered.

"Any Goals in life?" He asked. ┌()┘♪└()┐ ?

"I'm going to Kill my brother...!x.X" he said loudily. "I'm going to kick his ass...then stab..." He demonstrated with his chops sticks.
And then then the blo-"

"Shut up Sasuke!" Sakura muttered. "I'm trying to E A T " (xx;)

Super-be-nice- Glare from mum.-- x.O

" Please." She added. -- --

"Gomen nasai, I get carried away sometimes ehhehhe.." Sasuke apoligized beginning to eat.

After that preety much no one said anything there was silence...

Someone Cough Cough

hemm hemm


"are you okay?"


"What restaurant should we go to?" Ino asked Shikamaru as the walked down the street.

"I dunno .. where do you want to go?" he asked lazily. (∇)/

"I dunno where do you?" She asked, why couldn't he just choose?

"I DON'T KNOW Where do youI don't care..?" He replied.

Ino - ANGRY. (;¬¬)


"Meh" I'd better do what she says..

"Um is over there fine?" He said pointing tothe closest one.

"Oh great choice Shikamara !" She said sarcastically and the both went in anyway...

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