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Dumbledore approached the couple on the dance floor, he could see Hermione putting Severus

into his place. He walked up behind then and put a hand on each shoulder.

"Severus, Hermione; it's growing late. I am sure you would like to retire to your chambers

and recover from tonight's festivities." He said cheerfully.

"Yes Professor. I'm sure Hermione is exhausted from all of the energy she has put forth

today." He said dryly. He felt Hermione stiffen next to him, and knew she was fighting to hold

back a scathing remark.

"I am sure she is." Dumbledore twinkled at her. Right now she wanted to hex the twinkle

out of him, but knew it was just his way. Severus had a tight grasp on her hand and took their

leave; dragging her unceremoniously behind him.

After feeling much like a dog, she was finally released once they entered the potions


"That was unnecessary!" She snapped.

"Possibly so, but I did it anyways." He muttered as he lowered the wards on his private

chambers. He strode in with Hermione in his wake. He immediately went into his bathroom,

while Hermione plopped down into an armchair by the fire. She slouched horribly and stared at

the flames. She heard shower water turn on and grumbled unintelligibly to herself.

Contemplating earlier events of the night, she began to play with her hair. What happened

between her and the silky potions master had been, well, horrible. It had hurt terribly and she

felt robbed. She was still very sore, and couldn't sit in one position for very long. She heard the

shower turn off, as she stood and walked to the bookshelves. The spines on the old books

looked definatly worn with many years of use, yet they looked all in amazing condition.

"You can go in now." Severus looked coldly at Hermione, his black eyes looking her over.

He stood before her with nothing back a black towel around his slim waist. Taking in the man

before her, she realized he was very good looking. He skin wasn't as pale as everyone else was

led to believe, just light. The stark contrast between light skin tones and black only made it

worse. His chest was broad and smooth, and though he was skinny he was well formed. She

couldn't take her eyes away from him. She had never seen a man without his clothes on, and

never dared to read about the human body. She knew what her schooling had taught her.

"Are you going to stand there all night or shower." He said impatiently. The realization that

she hadn't cleaned herself after they were done came to her mind and she blushed.

"Shower." She said bashfully as she got to her feet and made her way to the bathroom.

Severus sighed wearily and walked to the wardrobe and pulled out a graying nightshirt he

usually wore. As he pulled out the old garment he heard a soft knock on the chamber door. He

pulled on a robe and took the wards down.

"Come in." He said irritated.

"Ah, Severus." Began Dumbledore, "I have a gift for you and Hermione." He handed a

two of packages to the potions teacher.

"Thank you." Severus said flatly.

"Well dear boy, I will let you and your new wife get some much needed rest." Dumbledore

smiled at the man and left. Again sighing Severus looked at the packages, one was for him, the

other Hermione. He sat hers down on the bed and began to gently tear at the green wrapping

paper on his gift. Inside was a clothing box, he lifted the lid and peered in at the garment he was

given. It was a silky green pajama set. He gave a slight chuckle as he thought to himself, "Well

at least the poor girl won't have to see me wearing this grubby night shirt." He quickly undressed

and donned his new night clothes.

"My, my, I must say these are comfortable." He said softly has he ran his hands down the

button-up green silk shirt. The pants felt nice against his skin as well. Yawning he decided it was

time he got into bed, he pulled the sheets back and settled into bed. Making sure Hermione's

gift was safe and secure behind him, and he drifted off.

Sighing with pleasure Hermione relaxed in the bathtub. She had opted to bathe in the tub

vs. the shower since the only thing she wanted to do was lay back. Severus' bathroom lack the

same female frivolities that her old bathroom had, but it sufficed. The warm water felt so

soothing on her skin, she couldn't help but instantly forget her woes. She was beginning to feel

drowsy so she climbed out of the tub and let it drain. She padded around the bathroom till she

located the towels and wrapped herself in one. The towels were surprisingly soft. She walked

into the bedroom and spied Severus asleep on the bed. She quietly walked over to the big bed

and gently shook him.

"Severus..wake up.." She said gently. He looked so at peace while he slept, he features

were softened. He seemed so peaceful. Then he woke up.

"What do you want now Miss Granger." He growled at her.

"Firstly, it's not Granger, it's Snape. Get used to that fact." She said haughtily with narrow

eyes. "Secondly, what am I supposed to wear to bed?"

"I haven't a clue as to what you should wear to bed. If anything in the wardrobe I have

shirts." He said grumpily. "By the way, there is a package behind me that Dumbledore brought

down." Hermione looked past him and saw a beautifully wrapped box on the bed. She leaned

over him to grab the package when her towel slipped open. Gasping she grabbed the box,

momentarily pressing into Severus' large frame, then hurried to the bathroom clutching the towel

to her.

Severus stiffened in more ways that one at the sight of Hermione's exposed body. Her

breasts where small but perfectly round and perky, her stomach flat, a tiny waist that led to

flaring hips. He saw the junction of her thighs, and felt her warm soft body pressed against him

as she leaned over him. Oh how he wanted to get up, walk to the bathroom and take her again

right then and there. But this time savoring it, instead of rushing and bumbling. He groaned

inwardly and felt himself stiffen even more.

Hermione closed the bathroom door quickly. She looked down at the gift box she held

tightly. Curious she quickly tore the paper from the box and lifted the lid. She gasped as she

saw a delicate white nightgown nestled in tissue paper. She drew the nightgown out and held it

in front of her with her free hand. There was a note underneath the gown.


This nightgown is a gift from me for your wedding night. Please enjoy, I hope it fits your




The gown looked so feminine and whimsical. She happily dropped the towel and slipped the

wisp of a nightgown over her slender body, sighing at the feel of the wonderful material. It

slithered down her body. Without bothering to look in the mirror she took a tentative step out

into the bedroom.

"Severus?" She yet again called softly. She could see Severus still lying there, and he

seemed rather tense. He raised his sharp black eyes to her. There was a sharp intake of breath,

and in one startling second he was holding her body to him. He brought his lips down on hers

and began to kiss her hungrily. His hands seemed to be everywhere. The were gripping her hips,

splayed across the small of her back, in her hair, touching her face, and caressing her stomach.

His touches were soothing and yet electric at the same time. She could feel herself begin to melt

into his hard body, to loose herself to him. The sensations that he was assaulting her with were

causing a ball of desire to grow in the pit of her belly. She began to touch him back, exploring

him. His hard chest, strong shoulders, long lean back, the flat planes of his stomach, and the

daringly his firm, surprisingly round, arse. He pressed himself into her body, she returned the

pressure, so much so that she was beginning to wrap her body around him. He supported her,

letting his hands cup her soft flanks. She had both of her long, lean, legs wrapped around his

waist; in a way that she was positioned over a randy part of him at the moment. He held her

tighter to him. She broke their kiss and raised her now near black eyes to him. They stared at

each other for a moment, both panting, and straining with their desire.


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