Title: Kagome's Evil Twin!

Prologue: (As viewed through a fog) The place looks eerie, foreboding to anyone who could see it, and any sunlight that filters through isn't the natural color, but is a color of a red moon for that is the way the owner, Naraku liked it for it matched his mood, especially today when Kagome and her little group foiled another one of his schemes.

(The view changes to that of inside) The red light shines upon the face of a sitting Naraku with the window open, however his attention isn't directed to the outside or the light even, but upon the nearly whole jewel that he holds in his hand. There isn't any sound within the room aside from his breathing, and even that is soft, muted almost. He stares at it as he thinks about the powers granted to him by the jewel and ponders what new things he will be able to do as he gets closer and closer to making it whole. Turning the jewel within his fingers, he sees the obvious place where very few fragments need to go, at best, Naraku mused, he would need four more shards. However he also knew that Kagome had two shards, which left only two more remaining to find. The problem for him was, how to get it from Kagome and hurt Inuyasha as well.

Naraku's view shifts to the pots that he used when creating his 'children' and though they had been useful in his plans on occasion, they too had failed in eliminating Inuyasha and his bunch. He thought of how Kagome, and how she alone had come close to destroying him and his 'children' on a few occasions and thought of a few curses at her before he wished how she worked for him instead of that mutt Inuyasha, for then he would already have all the shards in his possession. Still staring at the pots, he slowly lowers his eyelids as a thought comes to mind. (View zooms in to Naraku's eyes and barely shows his eyebrows, but the look is one of pure evil.)