Note: I wrote this to amuse myself between some of my other work. Seeing how I never played Majora's mask, we're going to pretend that game didn't exist (something I have been told more wish they could do.) However, I did take Termina as a country name, mostly because I'm horrible with coming up with names.

No real break in chapters because originally I never planned on posting this anywhere, so if the ends of installments seem out of place, thats why.

Dark Futures

People often lose heart in rainstorms. The gentle pattering rainfall usually inspires mild depression in people, due to the dreary and damp effect it causes in the air itself. The small inn was no different, even with its being full with customers. A small fire burned in the hearth in the corner, attempting to bring some comfort to the weary travelers that deemed it right to stop there for the night. But the inn itself was unusually quiet for such an establishment, as if everyone was locked within their own thoughts. The rain it seemed, cared not for the worries of the avereage man; it merely fell as it seemed fit.

The young man sitting in the corner of the room was no exception. He leaned his body against the wall with his eyes downcast, hidden beneath the long strands of blond hair that fell in front of his face and off to the side around his pointed ears. He wore a dark green tunic and hat that were frayed and ripped in many places. Sitting on the ground next to him was his equipment; enough for a small group of travelers. His many pouches and weapons lay next to him on the ground to dry, for the time being anyway.

Not many people noticed when the young man reached into his pocket and pulled something out. People were too lost within their own thoughts as he put the small instrument to his mouth and began to play. The occupants of the inn all turned to the young man as he played his small Ocarina, the tones coming from it being rich and pure sounds. His eyes were closed, as if he was falling asleep as he played some song that no one recognized. It was a calming song, that brought a small serene smile to the face of everyone who heard it. The focus of the inn shifted to the young man as he finished up the song and paused. A few clapped in appreciation of the tune, but the young one ignored this, preoccupied with his own thoughts. After a few more moments of silence he began to play again, a different song coming forth from the small Ocarina. The songs of the young minstral seemed to lighten everyone's mood and in almost no time the sounds of a bustling inn was could be heard. The inn owner silently thanked the young man, making a note to ask about the boy.

The young man however went silent with his instrument as he realized that the inn had become loud and noisy. He put his Ocarina away with a frown and thought to himself, it's noisy. He leaned back against the wall of the inn with his hands folded behind his head and tipped his hat forward a bit, covering his eyes. He closed his eyes, thinking to himself about how he had prefered only the tones and pitches of his Ocarina and not the lively sounds of the establishment.

He heard a small cough in front of him and he pushed his cap up slightly from his eyes to see where it had come from. Standing before him was a young woman, probably around his age, giving him a smile. He smiled back but said nothing and went to replace his hat over his eyes before she stopped him. Her voice was light, somewhat musical. It was very pleasant to listen to. "Hello there. You play really well, if you'll accept my meaning so." He looked back up to her and smiled a bit. "How long have you been playing?" She asked, bending over and handing him a small steaming mug.

The young man took the mug graciously and took a sip of the hot brew. He looked into the mug and slowly swished the drink around inside as he answered, "I started seven or so years ago. I've learned most of my songs from my travels." He looked up and gave the woman a smile, "Thank you for the drink."

She smiled back at him and said, "You're welcome. It's the least I can do in thanks for that wonderful song. Where did you learn to play like that?"

He shrugged, leaning back as he took another drink from the mug. "Friends of mine taught me some simple songs." He smirked as he said that, Simple songs indeed, yet they probably saved my life more than once. He looked back up to the young woman, "I picked up the basics from those songs and learned the rest as I went."

She placed her hands on her hips and smiled in earnest. "That's pretty impressive for your age. I mean you can't be too much older than me." She watched as the young minstal rose to his feet as he emptied the mug. "Hey, what's your name?" She asked as she reached for the empty mug. She took it from him, noticing that her question seemed to hit a mark of some kind.

The young man reached unconsciously for a small chain around his neck. He eyes seemed to glaze over for an instant as he looked away. He then snapped back to reality and turned to the woman. He bowed slightly, lowering his head and speaking quietly. "Link. My name is Link."

"Well Link, are you willing to treat us to another song?" She asked, a hopeful sound prevalant in her force.

The young man clad in green merely smiled in response as he sat on a nearby stool and pulled out his Ocarina. "Since the lady requests it, I only aim to please." He said with a smirk before closing his eyes and raising the instrument to his mouth. The inn once again went silent at the rich melody coming forth from the small Ocarina. The young woman merely smiled before going behind the bar to get the young travaler another drink.


When Link played on his Ocarina, the playing itself was merely a byproduct most of the time. Over the years, from constant travaling, Link discovered that he seemed to play his Ocarina whenever he was thinking about something. Throughout the last seven years, he seemed to always think back to the same thing.

He remembered everything from the other time, the mark of the Triforce on his left hand confirmed it whenever he removed his gloves and gauntlets. The hero of time was allowed to reclaim his lost youth, but alas he remained the only one to remember the events of what he thought of as the last war of Hyrule. He called it the 'Imprisioning War' in his mind, due to the eventual imprisioning of Ganondorf at the end of that long and arduous quest. Upon being returned to his own time, thanks to the effort of the seventh sage, Princess Zelda herself, he only did two things before setting off on a journey outside of Hyrule.

The first was to send the fairy Navi away. Link often missed the tiny fairy, but the fairies were the guardians of the Kokiri. He was not a member of the Kokiri. He had no right to keep Navi from the duties that the Kokiri required. Navi left shortly thereafter, leaving the young Hylian with a few tears in his eyes. The second one was that with the remainder of his money, he purchased the young horse that would later grow into the loyal steed that had served him so well during the Imprisioning war. Epona was a great horse, so much that Link still only needed to play her song in order to call upon her. He often left her to wander where she pleased whenever he didn't require her services.

He also removed the three spiritual stones from the temple of time in order to complete the seal. Those jewels were carried in a pouch that never left his side, lest should someone attempt to reopen the sacred realm. He toyed with the idea of destroying them so that the door could never reopen, but then thought better of it. Each stone contained magical power, and destroying them could cause more harm than good. So instead, he kept them. They never left his side and he declared to himself that he would die fighting before letting even one of them go. Some would-be theives found this out the hard way throughout his travels.

Link snapped out of his reverie when he heard the sounds of rude men entering the inn, their voices loud and obnoxious. Link never bothered to open his eyes, nor did he stop his playing. Living on his own for seven years, travaling from place to place, fighting for one cause or another had caused him to develop his five senses very well. Despite the soft sounds of his Ocarina and the gentle rain outside the inn, he could still tell that four men had entered. He guessed their were soldiers, due to the sound of clanking armor. He still didn't stop playing when he heard a loud brash voice yell out, "Barkeep! Bring some ale!"

The young woman frowned at the soldiers from Termina. The barkeep filled up several mugs of ale and placed them on a tray for the woman to bring to the soldiers. She sighed and picked up the tray and walked over to where the men were sitting. She cast a small smile towards Link as she passed him. She made her way over to the table and placed the mugs in front of soldiers, "Here you go." She said, her voice not betraying any of her discomfort with these men.

She turned to leave but one man stopped her, grabbing his small wrist quite forcefully. She bit her lip in order to not yell at the man, but also to hide her small cry of pain from his grip. "Hey, don't leave so early. Why don't you entertain us for a while Isabella?" The man holding her wrist said, a lecherous grin on his face.

She scoffed at the man, trying to pull her wrist away from him. "I'd rather not sir, I have other customers to wait on." She said, her voice taking on a hint of disdain.

The man laughed, pulling her closer and having her sit on his lap. "Oh don't be that way woman! We can have a good time if you stay here." He said, in a matter of fact tone. "Besides, who is more important than your regular customers?"

Link could tell that something bad was about to happen and without halting his playing, he reached for a deku nut from his pouch. He palmed the nut and placed it on the bench next to him, then raised his hand back up to the Ocarina.

The woman bit her lip again to keep from cursing at the man but still said, her voice sounding very restrained, "To be customers, you need to actually pay for once."

"Hey, we are paying. We protect this area from Stalfos and other beasts, and don't you forget it wench." One of the other men said with a grin.

The third man spoke up as well, "Besides, we're here all the time anyway. It couldn't kill you to be a little nicer to us."

"Leave me alone you cretins." She said as she stood up. She starting walking away when the soldier that had first approached her tripped her, causing her to fall forward. She grabbed her head and shook the cobwebs from her mind as she realized that the solider was standing over her.

"Little wench, how dare you call us cretins. We're paying customers!" He yelled. He was about to slap the woman across the face when something small impacted against his face. It wasn't a large projectile, but it was thrown with a lot of force. The young woman saw her chance and she rushed back towards the bar with a look of surprise on her face. She also spared her savior a look of gratitude, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Hey, who threw that?" Yelled the soldier as he held his hand over his left eye. A small bruise showed its mark around the eye, causing the man to wince slightly as he grazed it with his hand. His question was met with no response, save the playing of the young man in green. The soldier noticed him for the first time that evening and realized that it was the young man who was the source of the music that had been prevalant in the inn that evening. He turned his thoughts back to the issue at hand and asked again, "Well? Who was it?"

The soldier behind him tapped him on the shoulder and pointed towards the musicain playing on the stool. "Boss, that kid threw something at you."

The boss turned back to the kid. "Hey kid, you got a death wish or something?" He asked, pulling a small knife from his belt. Link ignored him, pausing for only a moment before starting another song on his Ocarina. The boss scoffed and thought, this brat is disrespecting me. Then without another word, he threw the knife at the young man.

The young woman covered her eyes in fear as she saw the throw. When she didn't hear a sound of pain, or rather when she heard the continued song of the young traveler, she looked up. She gasped in shock as she saw Link sitting there, his right hand playing the Ocarina, his left holding the blade of the thrown knife up in the air. She gasped again when she realized that he still had his eyes closed.

The soldiers felt uneasy at the ease at which the young man had caught the spinning blade, but moreso that he did it without seeing it. The boss merely smirked at the display, "Impressive kid, you a soldier? Nah, you can't be. You're too young."

Link finally stopped playing and opened his eyes and glared at the soldier in charge. Most of the onlookers looked away when they saw the intensity in the young man's eyes. Link placed the Ocarina in a pouch at his side and spoke, his gaze never wavering from the lead soldier. "I was under the impression that soldiers were honorable people. I guess those of the Termina army are an exception to that statement." His voice was cold, detached and sparked worry in the hearts of the onlookers. They fully knew what these soldiers were capable of doing and they felt fear for the young man's life.

The boss laughed and scoffed at the boy, casting a disdainful glare at the boy in green. "A brat like you has no right to chastise us."

Link shrugged, "I suppose you're right." He said, standing up from the stool the knife still in his hand. He then shot a dirty look towards the soldiers, "Though I can show you the error of your ways."

The woman almost stepped forward, "Link, don't do anything foolish." She said softly to the boy from behind. Link merely looked over his shoulder and grinned, as if to say, 'it's okay.'

The soldier frowned at the boy's taunt. He noticed the young man's pointed ears and laughed. "Figures, you're a damn Hylian. Shows why you have no manners."

The statement set something off in Link's head, a spark to the power keg. "This coming from one who was about to strike a woman."

Silence reigned throughout the room as Link sized up the four men. All four had basic armor and swords at their sides. Link's glace shot over to the side where his weapons were and he shrugged. He flipped the knife back and forth between his hands while waiting for the soldiers to do something. The boss finally smirked at the boy and said to his comrades, "Let's teach this brat a lesson." Before anyone else could intervene, the four soldiers rushed the young man, the boss already unsheathing his sword and taking a swing.

Once again, the yound barmaiden closed her eyes in anticipation of hearing Link's agonized cry of pain. And once again, she opened her eyes in surprise to hear the sound of metal meeting metal. She lowered her mouth in shock to see that Link had not only flipped out of the way of the attack, but using the knife as a weapon in his left hand had cut the man's wrist. The wound caused the man to drop his sword as he grabbed his gushing wrist. His cry of pain echoed throughout the room.

Link saw one of the other soldiers raising his blade at Link. The sword came towards his head with frightening speed, but Link merely blocked the attack with the metal gauntlets that he wore on his arms. The man's shocked face couldn't be surprised as the blade impacted against the metal gauntlets on Link's forearms. Link grabbed the man's wrist and pulled in forwad with his free hand while sending his left elbow into the man's throat. The man dropped like a sack of flour and Link turned to the other two soldiers. They both charged Link, swords swinging towards his body and head. Link cursed under his breath as he avoided the blades by jumping to the left and right. This isn't even a workout, Stalfos fight better than these guys. Link charged the soldier on his left with the knife and went to swing it towards the man's chest. The man flinched and raised his sword to block the attack. The attack never came, at least not in the way he had expected it. Link grinned as he realized his feint worked and he moved past the man and sent a chop to the backside of the man's neck. The soldier's eyes glazed over temporarily and then his body dropped.

Link turned to the last soldier and grinned. The soldier took a step back and looked over his comrades. When he saw Link beckoning him forward with his free hand, the man knew better and ran from the inn. His comrades soon followed, carrying the man that Link had knocked out on their backs. Link merely chuckled to himself as he flipped the small blade in his hand once and then stabbed it roughly into the nearest table.

The young woman stepped forward, a large smile on her face. "Mister Link, that was incredible!" She seemed overly excited. Link merely shrugged and walked over to his gear and began to pack it up. "What are you doing?" She asked, quite confused.

Link answered her, his voice sounding disappointed. "I can't stay here any longer. They'll come back if I stay. I'll just cause trouble for you guys."

She wanted to tell him that things would be alright but the owner cut her off. He was an elder man with dark hair and rather large moustache. "I'm glad you understand lad." He went behind the bar quickly and came back with a small package. "Take this. It's the least I can do for all you've done for us tonight."

Link smiled and accepted the gift. "Thank you master. Can you tell me something though? Does this happen often?" He asked, referring the soldiers from Termina.

The girl nodded, "They've been coming in here a lot recently, causing all sorts of trouble." Link frowned at that statement, Since when did Termina bring soldiers this close to the edge of the border. "They have a large camp over to the east, maybe about a kilometer away."

"I see. That's rather strange though. Usually the army waits at the capital. Are they doing manuevers or something?" Link asked, gathering his equipment up.

One of the other travalers in the room spoke up, "No, if I'd have to say it looks as if they're about to start a campaign." Link's eyes shot up at the travaler. He shrugged, "I used to be in the army back in my youth. From the banners flying and the amount of men I'd say that it's the troops of General Fasticion."


The innkeeper's eyes flashed once but said nothing. Link caught this but didn't ask; he already knew why the man reacted like that. So the butcher of Salendoir is on the move. "Campaign against who…" Link muttered to himself as he finished packing up. He froze in realization as it dawned on him, The only other country around here is Hyrule…Link turned back to the innkeeper and bowed slightly, "Thank you for everything sir. I will take my leave now."

The young woman waved goodbye with a smile and said, "Goodbye Link, take care." Link walked out with a smile and the young woman couldn't help but feel gratitude for the young travaler. She heard a scoffing sound and turned to the innkeeper. His eyes were locked on the exit to the inn and he had a look of discomfort on his face. "What's wrong?" She asked, walking around to the back of the bar.

"The boy is young and reckless."

The woman chuckled slightly, "You say it as if it's a bad thing."

"He's a Hylian. From what's he's heard, he thinks that Termina is going to attack his country. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if he's on his way to that encampment right now in order to see what he can find out." The innkeeper continued as he started to make some drinks for his customers.

The woman frowned as she picked up another tray of drinks, "He may be reckless, but he's not stupid master."

The man shrugged, "You're probably right. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid, I'd like to hear him play again."

"Me too." The girl said with a smile as she thought about the handsome young man, "Me too master."


Link sighed as he walked towards the stables near the side of the inn. He pushed open the door with his arm as he walked in, looking for an old friend. He didn't have to look too long before he found his steed. Epona seemed to be expecting him and neighed gently as Link rubbed underneath her chin. "Hey girl, looks like we're heading out again." Link said quietly with a smile as he opened the gate. He mounted his horse and led her out of the stable, pausing just before going outside. He smiled slightly as he remarked, "The rain has stopped. Let's go girl." With that the two friends were on their way.

As Epona trotted onwards, Link found himself thinking about the army nearby. Termina has never really been hostile towards its neighbors before. Would they really attack Hyrule? Link frowned at that, realizing the strangeness of the question. No, Termina wouldn't, some average warlord would though… This was true. Termina was a rather large, but very weak kingdom. There was the main army, that stayed at the capital most of the time. That army was small though, compared to the others that roamed around Termina. Basically, strong military leaders took control of the key sections of the army and basically acted as warlords. The government that existed in the capital was merely a puppet one, seeing how even though it was the real government it did as it was told. Link had no doubts that if a war was about to start, the main government would know nothing of it, or be able to stop it.

Perhaps I should take a look into the butcher of Salendoir's camp. Link mused to himself as he turned Epona to the east. Link grinned as he squeezed her flanks, causing her to start to sprint. I haven't done anything for my own people in a long time, perhaps its time that I went home.