Thorny Rose

Chapter One:
Goodbye Dee

By: Ree

Pairing: Ryo/Dee, Berkley/Ryo

Rating: R

Ages: I'm going to assume that Dee is around 26, Ryo is around 27, and Berkley around 29...I never did find out how old they were. If someone out there knows how old Dee, Ryo, and Berkley are please inform me!

Summary: Berkley Rose is used to getting what he wants. What he wants is Ryo and he's bound and determined to get him no matter what the cost. Taking advantage of Dee's leave of absence, he begins his carefully planned seduction of the naïve man. What will Dee think when he comes back?

Disclaimer: I do not own Fake. The series is Sanami Matoh's, so don't sue me because ya won't get anything.

"Dee, I promise, I'll be fine when you're gone. Trust me; you're going to have a great time when you go visit Diana. Just be glad you're getting the vacation, most of us are stuck here at the station."

"Still, I don't like leaving you here with Berkley...he's been getting a bit shifty-eyed lately and it's making me nervous."

Laughter followed that statement and an arm wrapped around the disgruntled man's shoulders. Dee Laytner glowered at his partner, Randy "Ryo" McLean as the two of them headed for the airport. Dee was going on a trip to go visit Diana Spacey for a week, and Ryo was trying to assure him that things would be fine. The two men had been together for about a year, and while Ryo was comfortable with their relationship, he still wondered why Dee was so possessive. It's not as though I'd go and sleep with every guy who tried to get to me, he thought, flashing back to those moments when Berkley had come a bit too close for comfort. Shaking himself of his thoughts, the 27-year-old laughed at Dee's jokes as they made their way through the terminal. Ryo had to stay behind at baggage check though.

"Sorry Dee, but I guess this is my stop," Ryo smiled and brushed his chestnut hair out of his eyes, looking uncomfortable. "They won't let me go into the terminal any farther than baggage check, so..."

"So that means I'll have to say good-bye here," Dee put in, dropped his carry-on and took Ryo into his arms.

"Dee! We're in an airport for Christ's sake!" he protested, looking wildly around, a sweat drop appearing on his head.

"We've also been together for a year now, Ryo, you'd think that you'd know I'd want to say good-bye like this," he whispered, his dark green eyes boring into Ryo's, running his thumb against the other's chin.

Ryo opened his mouth to say something more, but found them covered by the satin lips of his lover. Grunting a bit under the surprise attack, his eyes closed slowly as he felt Dee's tongue part his lips. Reaching up gradually, he wrapped his arms around Dee's muscular shoulders. His chest rose and fell with his heavy breathing as the other man explored the warm cavern of his mouth, leisurely taking his time until he broke it, a strange look in his eyes. A smile played on Dee's lips, but as Ryo examined it, the expression was sad and wistful.

"Take care of yourself, Ryo. I don't want to come back and here you've gotten into trouble," Dee chided.

"I think you'll find that's you, Dee."

"Seriously now," his eyes met Ryo's with a dark light shining in their green depths. "I want you to take care of yourself and watch out for Berkley. With me gone, he may just try and put the moves on you. I don't want that to happen."

"It's not going to, Dee, I promise. I'll miss you too," he gave the other an encouraging smile and kissed his cheek lightly. "You'd better get going, or you're going to miss your flight and Diana would be upset if you did."


The younger man picked up his carry-on, gave Ryo one last smile, and headed off through baggage claim. Ryo waved as Dee disappeared into the crowd and sighed heavily. I'm really going to miss him...he thought and lowered his hand. I wish he didn't have to leave. Sighing heavily, he stuck his hands in his jacket pockets, turned on his heel, and headed back to the car. As his footsteps echoed over the pavement, he couldn't help but think back to that morning...their last time together for about a week. A smile played on his lips as he chuckled lowly. It seemed as though Dee was trying to compensate for the time he'd be gone and had ended up giving him the pounding of his life. I'm surprised I can even walk after long did he last? Four hours? Another sweat drop appeared on his forehead as he paused while thinking about all the time that had passed. Yep, it was four hours. Sighing heavily, he winced a bit before he continued on. Damn, I thought that I'd be fine, but no...Dee ended up making sure I couldn't walk. Grumbling, he fumbled in his pocket for the keys and looked around for a while before locating his car.

"Looking for something, Ryo?" a voice asked.

"Commissioner Rose!" he stopped in his tracks and cleared his throat. "What are you doing here?"

"I came by to see how you were doing. I know that with Dee going off to visit Dee Dee for the week must be hard on you," he answered with a smile, adjusting his glasses carefully.

"Don't worry, Commissioner, I'll be all right. Thanks for your concern though," Ryo replied and walked around Berkley in order to get to his car, but found his path blocked. "Could you move, please?"

"First, I'd like you to consider having lunch with me. I have a case that I need to speak to you about."

"Nice try Commissioner, but I don't want to have lunch with you and I know for a fact that there have been no big cases the past few days," Ryo retorted as he tried to get into his car.


The growl made Ryo's heart stop for a moment. It was feral and the kind Dee used when he wanted to be extremely possessive. Damn, I've got to get out of here. He doesn't even wait for Dee's flight to leave before making a move! Moving around to the other side of the car, he unlocked that door and slipped into the passenger seat, making sure to lock the door behind him. Squirming over to the driver's side, he put the key in the ignition and fastened his seatbelt. He wasn't wasting any time in getting out of there and as he started the engine, Berkley's eyes narrowed as he stepped away from the car. Ryo peeled out of the parking spot and headed off for the exit. The blonde-haired man stood there, his arms crossed over his chest.

"You can run, Ryo, but you won't be able to hide. Now that Dee's out of the way, I'll be sure to get what I want. I'll have to thank Diana for agreeing to let that buffoon visit her upstate."

A smirk played on his features as he went over to his car and got into the driver's seat, slamming the door closed. Sliding his glasses down a little bit, pleasant thoughts were running through Berkley's head as he thought about what he could do with Ryo. I'll get you Ryo...and there's no one here to stop me.

"I'll get what I want from you, trust me on that," he hissed and started his own car before leaving the airport.

As Ryo drove down the freeway, he wanted desperately to get back to his apartment, but he knew he had to work today. I'm not going in there now that Berkley's on the prowl. Then again, I can't afford to miss all of those days when Dee's gone...he considered his dilemma as he changed lanes. I may just have to end up only coming in when Berkley's got his days off. Sighing heavily, he tried to focus on the road as he made his way back home. Meanwhile, Berkley was thinking just how he'd corner Ryo when he realized that he also had to get rid of Bikky for a while. Perhaps his little girlfriend will let him stay over, he considered as he drove.

"In any case, I have to get Ryo alone. No kids...nothing but the two of us," he muttered.

Berkley circled around and headed for the precinct. They finally had their building rebuilt and it was nice to finally be able to work in private. Parking his car outside the precinct, he headed inside and to his office. If he was going to make his move, he had less than a week to do it in. Officers called out good morning to him, and he gave them all a genial smiled and raised his hand in greeting. Moving through the throng of bodies, he had just about reached his office when...



The blue-eyed detective ran through the room and stopped short of Berkley, tears in his eyes.

"Did Dee leave already?" he whined, looking up at him.

"Uh...why yes, as a matter of fact he did."

"NOOOOO!!!!" he wailed, starting to cry and whine. "Why did he have to leave so early? That big meanie, he couldn't even stop in and say good-bye to me! How am I going to last a WEEK without him?"

"I'm sure you'll be all right JJ," Berkley muttered and headed into his office, closing the door on the sobbing cop. "Damn, what are these guys coming to? I knew JJ would be upset, but that!"

JJ was sobbing outside the door as Drake rolled his eyes and came over to take his partner back to their area. As JJ let his feelings be known to practically everyone in the precinct, Drake winced as the loud and high pitched wails assaulted his ears. Damn, Dee can't get back soon enough, Drake thought.

Shaking his head, he went over and looked out the window at the area surrounding the new building. Hmmmm, if a case does come up, I may have to make sure Ryo helps me with it. That way, I can corner him alone. A smile began to form on his lips, and it wasn't a nice one. For once, Commissioner Berkley Rose was hoping for a murder or something to happen right under his nose. Letting go of the blinds, he sat down in his chair and laced his fingers together.

"And even if there isn't a case, I'll be sure to get what I want before the week is out. Dee will be so angry with Ryo for cheating on him that someone will have to be there to pick up the pieces. When that happens, I'll be right there..." he said, a low chuckle escaping his lips.

As Ryo pulled into the parking lot of his apartment complex, he thought about how much he was going to miss Dee. His heart ached as he thought of his lover, on his way upstate to visit Diana, and leaving him behind. There was just something about Dee that he was going to miss...especially when he came home at night. A blush rose in his cheeks as he thought about the second time they had been together, he could barely walk the next morning. Still, he knew that things would have to get worse before they get better. I just hope they don't get too worse...

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