I do not own the TT and this has nothing to do with my other fic's. I just thought I would be a good piece for me to do. Add some edge to my file. Also this could never happen because BB and Raven will never happen, but I can write what I want.


'We can not change the truth no matter how much we dislike it.' A wise woman once told me that, the woman I loved, a woman that is dead.

She is dead because she wanted to save me. I am alive because she died. A life for a life. She gave up life for me. I guess that's proof that she felt the same way. It's just that you wouldn't believe that someone like her could die. You never would think that the girl you've had a crush on so long would die, someone that you really believe hated you, would died for you, or even die.

The other titans, my friends aren't much help. They keep telling me that it wasn't my fault, but in reality it was. You see people I get close to tend to get hurt, same for Raven I guess. She never really warmed up to anyone for that. I just never let anyone get close enough to feel my pain, to get past the comic clown Beast Boy mask.

Star just says that Raven died a noble death and for that we should honor her spirit, for it will never die. Robin says that in the end see got what she wanted, to truly be able to express herself. Cyborg wasn't much help, he's in shock as well, he hasn't left his room much after the funeral. Robin, Star and Cy went to her funeral. I couldn't even watch the broadcasting of it. It would have made it permanent, that she was gone, that she was dead. We haven't touched her room or contacted anyone of her family, partly because we don't know how.

The tower lost its homey feel because every time I'm anywhere I'm looking for her, nose in a thick horror novel, floating cross-legged murmuring (forgive spelling) Azarath Metrion Zinthos as she mediated, all I see is the void she left. No matter where I go I miss her, I feel the void.

I can't sleep anymore, all my thoughts go back to her death. I always see her last moments of life. Its freaking me out, everywhere I turn I'm looking for her. I'm getting whiplashes. The thing that really hurts is that I'm the only one that actually saw, really say what happened in her last moments of life.

Raven, I never got to tell you this, but I love you, I always loved you and I always will.


I know I say that Raven and BB will never happen, but this is Fan FICTION so I can do that. Hoped you enjoyed and REVIRW