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It's amazing what someone will think as they slipping into the realm of the dreaming. It can be an exotic paradise in exquisite detail, where no one ever dies or gets hurts and there's absolutely no suffering. It can be about how your life could have turned out differently, about who you could have been, if one small, minor, minuscule little detail was altered. Sometimes it's about everything you regret, about everyone who you have ever have wronged, the irreversible mistakes that break a fragile freshly forged bond before it can grow into a full relationship.

"Passengers if you will be so kind to put your seatbelts on we are hitting turbulence." Awoke me from my sleep, a dreamless slumber, something which in itself was something to write home about, well, it I was speaking to home that was. ((I know that if you wake up from sleep during REM you remember your dreams, if you go past that you forget, so the story doesn't exactly work, oh well))

My seat-mate was up, currently pressing down the keys to create letters on the word processing program on his iBook. His earbuds blasting what I can only assume is emo-screamo acid punk. I look out the window to see shadow tinted clouds then turn to gases about the cabin viewing an inevitable array sleeping passengers. I forgot how dull international flights on civilian airlines can get. I tilt my head back

"Sweet Dreams?" Anubis asks as he pulls the earbuds out and pauses iTunes.

"No dreams." I reply and add "Which in itself is a dream come true."


"What are you writing?"

"Case notes." He doesn't offer anything more

"What were you listening to?"

"Slipknot, I forget which song. Why are you bothering going all the way across the globe to get to Verona. Its not exactly a heavy tourism spot."

"I'm looking for something."

"Or someone?" Anubis raises an eyebrow

"Something" I reconfirm

"Something you can't possibly find on eBay? Cause trust me, you can find anything on eBay." He seems to have much faith in the world of online bidding

"The 1982 September edition of Uncanny X-Men Comics." I doubt he would know that that was they took September off every year.

"Dude, that's cold. Seriously what are you looking for?"

"A map and a guide."

"Going on tour?"


"I have to visit family. Its such a waste, they always complain about how I don't know the language as well anymore and why I don't come to church and why my hair is green. Its really quite annoying, but hey, they're family. What are you going to do?" he tilted his head to accent the question

I just remembered something I really should have thought about before. I don't know Italian outside of pasta or pizza. Carp.

"Do they speak much English in Verona?" I try and fail to keep the stress out of my voice.

"Mostly. Verona is a transport hub and offers stations for most train lines." Anubis says as he goes back to his music.

I breathe a sigh of relief and brush my foot next to my bag to make sure Raven's book is there. A flight attendant walks by and I stop to ask

"Where are we?"

"The Atlantic Ocean is under us and we are closer to Europe at the moment. Time of arrival is locale time 7 am on the dot." I seriously don't get how they can smile that much and are still able to move their mouths.


Sorry again about the lack of emotion but I really just needed to get something written.

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