A/N (Author's Notes): This story sprang out of a couple of ideas and scenes that were knocking about in my head and I struggled for a way to put them together. This is the result. I've also been trying to compose a Sam and Jack fic that ends with them in each others arms, but I can't seem to get that to come out onto the keyboard. Still working on that ending though…

This fic exploded onto my keyboard fairly quickly; therefore, I apologize in advance for any major gaffes.

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Category: Drama/General/Angst, Sam and Jack

Summary: Life's complications are better than the alternative. I hope that shippers and romantics like this one… S&J are -sort of- together at the end of the fic… but with lots of issues to be faced.

Rating: G

Season/spoiler: mid-season 8

Status: complete

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The Asgard Council…
…some informal conversation between deliberations

"I believe it is time."


"He is not mated to anyone yet?"


"When I enquired if he was courting, he replied negatively."

"Doctor Jackson and the Jaffa Teal'c do not believe that he will move on any time soon."

"The two of them have not given up hope yet, either."

"But they are simply hoping for the return of their friend. He is hoping for more."


"You are correct, he is not recovering."

"The acceptance is difficult as death can not be verified."

"The Tauri apply the term MIA – Missing in Action."

"And he holds out hope – even after so long."

"It has only been 10 Tauri months. That is not long."

"Not long for us, but it is a long time for them. Their life-spans are typically only 60-90 Tauri years."

"I have not given up hope. She may still return."

"Thor, you know that the chances of her survival are almost zero. You only hold out hope because you feel a bond of friendship with her."

"I cannot argue with that. I know how slim the chances are, you do not have to remind me."

"Thor, we must return to Troj's proposal. Do we tell him?"

"Yes, it is time. Then he can decide."

o0o End Scene 1 o0o