PART 15: Redefining Home


The seven of them (Jack, Sam, their daughter, Daniel, Teal'c, Cassie and Charlie) sat around and chatted loosely about the baby for awhile. Well, four of them chatted. Sam, Charlie and the baby were fairly quiet.

Finally, Jack realized that he needed to tackle the final hurdle of the day. "How about if you all get a snack or something in the commissary and give Sam and I a few more minutes alone here?" And they'd all trooped amicably out of the room to leave the three of them alone again.

Silence fell around them again. Little Sam had been amazingly quiet and content in her mother's arms. Jack prayed that she'd stay quiet just a little bit longer.

"So… how're you doing with all this?" Jack asked softly.

She looked up at him again and just shrugged, "Stunned… I … just… stunned…"

"Yeah, I remember my reaction when Thor dropped this all on me in the infirmary of his ship," Jack smiled empathetically at her.

He took a deep breath and shored up his courage, "Sam…?" and she was listening, "Sam… -we- have a child…," and he paused.

"Yeah, I think I'm slowly getting that," she reassured him – and then she giggled and he looked at her in surprise. "We haven't even had a first date and we've gone past home plate and brought home the trophy," and he decided that her humor must be a good sign.

"So… how about if you come and stay at my place?" he put it out there and she looked startled. She hadn't thought beyond these past few hours. "I've got plenty of spare rooms – and it will be just for awhile – until we figure things out," he amended. "I think it would make it a lot easier on Charlie too," he added, and he could tell that that clinched it.

"Ok," she nodded and he almost collapsed from relief. The last few hours had gone much smoother than he'd anticipated.

"Is there room for Cassie, too?" she asked.

"We'll work it out, no problems," he assured her. And they already had. They'd planned it all out. Charlie would bunk with Jack for awhile. The baby would still have her nursery. And Sam and Cassie would each get the one of the other two bedrooms. If either Daniel or Teal'c wanted to stay over, he had two large couches.

He let a few more moments of silence pass and then, "Are you ready to go home?"

She met his gaze steadily and then gave him a nod and a small smile.


====o0o==== The End... ====o0o====


A/N: And where does it go from there? There is still Charlie and Jack's ex-wife relationship to deal with… and Sam and Jack still need a first date of some sort. I don't know where things should go from here, although in my world they take it slow and love each other deeply for the rest of their lives. I go for that 'Happily Ever After' stuff.
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