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Chapter One: Strangers in town.

Kasumi Tendo was spending other night tossing and turning in her sleep, for some reason the same dream kept appearing for the last few nights. Only one word was heard from her. "Ranma."

That Morning.
Soun Tendo walked out of his house to get his mail. On returning he looked though them. As he sat down one piece of mail caught his eye. It was a simple post card that read.


Being Ranma in from China Today.


After reading it tears started to fell from his eyes but he stopped them. "She may not like this after so long. She was finally got over him." Soun said to himself. "Genma, what where you thinking when you took him away?"

Deciding its best to ask him later Soun went in search of his daughters.

The first one was easy, Nabiki was in her room, planning on ways to take care of the house hold financial problems. Even though the Dojo was doing fine with the classes it taught Nibiki wanted to do her part. "Nabiki I would like to call a family meeting have you seen your sisters?" Soun asked

Nabiki looked at her father. "I believe Akane is doing her homework and Kasumi is in the dojo." She said. "Why is that Ryu guy trying for Kasumi's hand again?" Soun shook his head. "No an old friend is coming. Please meet them in the dinning room in fifteen minutes."

Then he left, missing the surprising look in Nabiki's face. 'Could it be after all this time?' Nabiki. Thought.

Next Soun Went to Akane's room.

"Akane there well be a family meeting in fifteen minutes." Soun said. Akane looked up from her math homework. "Sure dad. May I ask why though?" Soun thought about this, realizing that Akane was too young to remember Ranma. "An old friend is coming to visit. And I like to tell you about him, that's all." Soun said. 'Hopeful Nabiki and Kasumi would welcome him back though.' Soun thought.

"Okay Dad, I'll be there." Akane Said. Soun Nodded then went to the dojo to get Kasumi.

In the Dojo he was greeted by the lovely vision that was his eldest daughter, she looked every bit like her mother. Even though Kasumi and Nabiki are the same age Kasumi has done a lot for the family, but she also had some of the greatest sadness as well. 'All because of you Genma.' Soun though.

Kasumi had trained hard with her father shortly after her mother's death it was to help her out of her depression. It worked, but for the last six years Kasumi was still heard crying at night. So every morning Kasumi would go to the Dojo to mediate, bathed in nothing but candle light Soun found her kneeling with her eyes close small beads of sweat made its way down her forehead.

It was only then that Kasumi sensed her father was there that she opened her eyes. "Yes Father?" Kasumi asked in a sweet voice. "The day has come Kasumi, Genma bring Ranma back today." For a second Soun saw a look of joy but it was soon replaced.

Kasumi glared at her father. 'The nerve of him, returning after all this time!' Kasumi thought. "Father I must protest. I will not be forced into marring to someone as dishonorable as Ranma Soatome!" Kasumi yelled at her father in the dinning room. "But Kasumi." Her father tried. "If you were to marry Ranma then the schools can be joined." That angered Kasumi even more. "I WILL NEVER MARRY THAT LIER!" Kasumi yelled while her sisters tried claiming her down.

Soun Sighed. "They will be here shortly please everyone get ready." Soun said. 'After all these years, she still thinks Ranma lied to her, how? They where the best of friends.' Soun thought to himself. He watched his daughters move to their rooms. He was worried what would happen when Ranma came.

Somewhere in Nerima.

"Hey Old man where you taking us?" It was a question that was asked by a beautiful purple hair girl, the old man she addressed it to was in fact a Panda, next to the panda was a wolf wearing a black and yellow bandanna, next to the wolf was a boy wearing a hooded cloak.

"If this is anther one of your tricks old man I'll kill you." The boy stated. The Panda looked at the boy then the wolf bearing his teeth and the purple haired girl. : Now, now Ranma were just going to see an Old friend. : I sign read. "Right. Who is she?" The Boy asked knowing full will that this was leading. 'Damn it how can I tell him?' The Panda thought. : Tendo, Kasumi :

"Don't lie to me you told me K Chan died." The boy said. The panda look at the boy. : I'm Sorry Ranma we're going to see the Tendos. : Genma thought. Ranma Soatome, Heir to the anything goes martial arts looked at his father. "I'm warning you if this an anther scam, you'll pay." Ranma threaten. 'Kasumi, I wish you was here I miss you so much why did you have to die.' Ranma thought. The Wolf and the Girl looked at each other and silently nodded.

Tendo Dojo.

Kasumi dressed in a pair of clean cloths. As she did she looked at herself in the mirror. A scar run down her chest as she reminder of the attack that Ryu did. It nearly left her dead six years ago before Ranma left.

"Ranma." A single tear ran down her eyes. Slowly placing her hand on the heart locket Kasumi closed her eyes. No one knew what happen and everything ran amiss. As soon as she woke up Ranma was gone. She didn't know what happen to him, later on her father (Although at the time thought it was best) lied and told her that Ranma broke his promise and left. That didn't and soon Kasumi fell into a deep depression.

Over the next six years Soun and several other martial art masters started training Kasumi and Akane. Still Kasumi was barely able make it. Unlike Akane who didn't let Anger get to her Kasumi was mad at almost everyone. Then one day came the rest for her Anger. Ryu Kuno. Who after years of being gone has returned and asked for her hand in a union of marriage.

Kasumi said no. This got Ryu mad, and time and time again tried attacking Kasumi. Kasumi fought back but not at full strength. Even then Ryuu kept up with her.

Shaking her head Kasumi finished dressing in a loss white blouse and a long black skirt. Then she put her long brown hair in a loss pony tail. Kasumi looked in the Mirror again. Deciding not to wear make up she made her way down stairs. "Hey sis looking good." Nabiki said. "Nabiki it's for our guests now please set the table while I'll start cooking dinner." Nibiki started muttering to herself.

Not long afterwards a knock at the door alerts them of their guests. Soun and Nabiki was the first to reach the door. What they found almost scared them. There stood a wolf, and a Panda, along with a purple haired girl.

"Tendo San? I'm Ranma Soatome, May we come in?" A Boy in the back ground asked.

"Are you really Ranma?" Soun asked. The Boy not removing his hood nodded.

"Yes I'm. Sorry about this." Ranma said. As he the woman the wolf and the Panda made there way in.

Ranma and the rest sat down at the dinning room table. As he did Soun sweat dropped knowing what was going to happen. "May we have three glasses of hot water?" The young woman asked. Soun Nodded. Yes Akane could you get the water?"

"Sure." Akane got up, and walked into the kitchen. Seeing her sister hiding in the doorway Akane walked in. "So that's Ranma. Seems nice to me." Akane stated. Kasumi had a school girl smile on her face. There sat her best friend. Then she got mad at said friend.

"You can have him." As soon as Kasumi said that she regretted it. In her heart she knew that she still loved him. Even thought they were 11 years old when they told each other. She can't get over the fact that he left her when she needed him. "Umm Sis I asked if you can help me with these?" Akane said.

"Huh? Yes of course." Taking the tea cups and pot Both Kasumi and Akane took out the hot water and the tea. That's when things went wrong. Ranma got up throw the hot water on his father and attacked him.

"You told me Kasumi died, You Lied to me!" Ranma yell. As he attack, his hood flew off his head. The Tendos was all in shock. There stood a walking talking Tiger, His clawed hand hitting Genma repeatedly. "YOU TOOK ME AWAY WHEN SHE NEEDED ME YOU LIEING BAS........" Before he finished the wolf and the young woman attacked Ranma at the sometime while that was happening Genma ran to get the other cup of hot water and splashed it on both Ranma and the wolf.

Once again the Tendos was caught in shock at the sight they just was. There in a red chiness shirt and black pants stood a boy in a pigtail. Kasumi stood there just looking at Ranma. On the floor Ranma stopped fight the Boy who just minutes ago was a wolf while the purple hair girl remind the same. That's not what caught the young woman's eyes though. Ranma had one arm over his eyes and tears coming down his handsome face. "Get off me you two."

"No, not until Ranma is calmed down." The Purple hair girl said. The boy in the bandanna looked at Ranma. "Stay calm and we'll let you go." He said. After awhile Ranma was let up. Hurt clearly shown in his eyes as he looked at his father. "Why?"

Genma looked at his son. "Because you were getting weak." Ranma stood up. "She needed me and you made me abounded her. Damn it I love her and you hurt me by saying she died." Ranma yelled. Genma looked at his son. "Stop acting like a girl, she's alive." Big Mistake as Ranma once again Jumped his Father. Ryoga and Xian Pu also once again tackled him back to the ground.

After awhile Ranma once again stood up and bowed. "I'm sorry if I scared you all. My companions are Xain Pu and Royga Hikbi. They were trained to stop me if I ever lost my temper and attacked in my Neko form."

Ranma looked at the group. "I guess I should start this. About three months ago....."