Chapter Eight: Becoming grandmaster

Part two: Ranma Vs Kasumi.

Tension ran high the next day. Ranma found out how bad his father was hurt. Here's the thing Ranma didn't care at the moment. He learned that the grandmaster of the school broke out of prison not to long ago. 'Who the hell is this Happosai, and why does he want revenge?' Ranma thought. 'I have to fond out if he on the way. It also means I have to fight Mr. Tendo, but I can't It'll be to hard. Do I really have what it takes to be the grandmaster?' Ranma had to think it over.

Meanwhile Nodoka was watching her husband. It was true that Genma got what was coming to him, but perhaps it was more then needed. Still she saw that Ranma held back a lot of power and who knew her son was a legendary Neko Warrior? Well that was after she got to know her son more.

"Husband you are a fool." She said. She sadly wished that the man she married was still around, but it looked like greed once again took over his soul.

She remembered a time before Happosai how the four of them wanted to be the best in thier martial arts.

Nodoka and Kimako the best of friends took Kendo and dreamed often of becoming samurai warriors, While Soun and Genma also the best of friends wanted to be the worlds best Martial artists. The four meant one day at school during a compaction. At the time Nodoka and Soun was dating but they where like any other couple and fought then one day Genma asked if she would like to go to this party. Nodoka went but forgot the 'Don't drink the punch rule' and the next morning Both Genma and Nodoka was shocked to have woken up next to each other.

That wasn't the worst of it. No about a month later Nodoka found out she was pregnant. It tore her up to be only 16 and with child. Still after she found out Genma did the honorable thing. He asked for her hand. Knowing her parents would probably disown her, or order her child killed she accepted. To say her family was happy was a lie but they agreed rather to see their only daughter dead and or hating them, they welcomed Genma into there home, Oddly enough Genma was a loving husband, and very caring, That was when Happosai came looking for students to train and Genma and Soun despite their anger for one another went with him.

After Five years and after bring captured by the government, Happosai swore revenge on the two for tricking him. But the damage was done to Genma, He lost all honor and his Ideals while Soun kept his and open a dojo soon after returning to Kimako and their daughter Kasumi.

After three years, Genma wanted to take Ranma on a ten year training trip to make him the Best martial artist in his generation, the sad thing was she saw that her son held the soul of becoming much more, but at a young age that was where she drew the line and she told him no.

With a heavy sigh Nodoka left her husband side and walked to the window. Her son, maybe seventeen but she felt a heavy sadness in him. Not only that but a struggle she didn't understand. He held a lot of power. Was that what was making him scared? She only wished to know her son more, but he keeps hiding his past and she can feel it.

Ryoga was Sparring with Xian Pu in the Dojo talking about what they might have to do if there friend loses control. Ryoga knew that the Neko Ken training was still there, Ranma fear of cats was also still there and he felt it for a few seconds when his friend attacked his father and injured his father.

"I Think we should wait Ryoga, Ranma seems to know what he did wrong." Xian Pu Said.

"I Agree, It too early to tell just yet." They both moved at high speed if you was trying to look for them it would be hard seeing as how they almost disappear in their movements.

After awhile they stopped. Both panting hard and cover in sweat. Akane handed Ryoga and Xian Pu a towel. "Do you think you can teach me some of those moves?" The youngest Tendo asked. Ryoga shrugged. "Sure After you learn to control your temper." Ryoga said as he took off. Xian Pu Smiled. "He's right you need calmness in order to master these skills." She too left.

Akane frowned at this. Was it true? With a shrug she left the dojo.

Kasumi looked at her sword. True she never used it seeing as how it once belong to her mother. She would often looked at it when she was confused about something or another. Like her feeling for the pigtail martial artist that come back into her life. It was true after six years they where apart and just as Kasumi was planing to ask him out Kasumi was attacked by one of the Kuno brothers.

Kasumi removed her shirt and stared at the scar that ran across her chest and stomach. That attack messed her heart only by inches. After awhile of staring She took off her pants and replaced her clothing for her gi. She decided that maybe it was time to practice with her mothers sword.

Soun Tendo was reading the paper when Ranma came up to him.

"Yes Ranma?" The older man asked. Ranma was looking down, he made a heavy choice by doing this.

"Sir, I wish to challenge you for the title of Master of the Tendo School of anything goes martial arts school of the Tendo branch." Ranma said calmly. Soun looked at his friends son. Then he sadly shock his head.

"Im sorry Ranma I have already past the title to someone else." Ranma looked up. "Who, if what was said was true this Happosai is on his way here."

Soun looked at Ranma. " You want to become Grandmaster don't you?" Soun asked. Ranma looked at him. "Yes sir, I wish to be the grandmaster so I can fully restore honor to this once honorable form of martial arts, even though a lot of people don't like it. I have learned that it was once very honorable in days long past." Soun had to smile. This history of the anything go Ryu martial arts was change when Happosai became grandmaster, he used it to steal, and the worst of all murder. Soun knew he had to test him, what better way then to have him fight. "Kasumi is the master of this dojo Ranma. You'll have to talk to her." The Soun went back to reading.

Ranma blinked. It couldn't be true could it? There was no way he could fight Kasumi. Not with his growing feelings any ways. With a heavy sigh, Ranma got up and walked back outside. He sat by the Koi pond and went back into his deep thinking again.

He didn't bother looking at Ryoga being chased by an enrage Akane over the comment about being to slow. "Hey you two keep it down I'm trying to think here." Ranma yelled. "Take your Lover spat somewhere else." Ryoga just had enough time to jump over Akanes attack and stick out his tongue at Ranma as he landed behind Akane and pat her on the head. Then he ran off. "HEY!" Akane yelled as she went after Ryoga again.

"My, my , my They sure do have a lot of energy." Nodoka said as she walked up to Ranma. "Yeah I sometimes wander if he fell into the spring of drown wolf pup, the guild didn't know. I sometimes think it was a little of both." Ranma said.

"What's wrong son?" Mother asked her son. "I just found out that if I'm to try to become Grandmaster I have to face Kasumi."

Nodoka took in a deep breath." Must to fight son?" she asked gently. Blue eyes meet blue eyes.

"I must. I don't know how but I must. This Happosai person is the worst kind of person."

An arm gently touched his. "You must do what you think is right." With that she got up and walked back into the house. In a soft whisper. "But, I don't want to hurt Kasumi." Getting up Ranma walked to the grounds gates.

"Im going out for awhile I'll be back before dinner." Ranma yelled to the house. Lucky for him the Ryoga was still being chased by Akane.

As Ranma left the ground he started having this feeling of being followed. Having sniff the air found nothing. Moving on, Ranma walked to Nerima Park. After walking around for awhile Ranma sat by a tree to mediate. 'What should I do?' Ranma thought to himself. 'I don't want to hurt Kasumi, But I want to restore the name to the powerful style. I have to decide.'

"RANMA SAOTOME, PREPARE TO DIE!" Someone yelled. Ranma jumped out of the way just as a sword come down, slicing the tree he once sat by. "I won't you have the Tendo Dojo OR Kasumi." Ryu Kuno yelled.

"Kuno, image, you being out in the park at this time of day." Ranma said. "I Need to talk to Nabiki."

Ryu smiled. "Ready to finish what we started?" Ranma took a defensive stance. And once again with out word Ryu attacked without word. Ranma dunked under his straight punch then jumped over Ryu foot sweep, while in the air Ranma kicked out at Ryu's face. After landing Ranma went back into his stance once more. "You're no match for me Kuno. Give it up." Ranma said.

Ryu just laughed. "Maybe, maybe not. I will never allow you to take control of the Tendo Dojo." Ryu said. "You see Saotome. I maybe a werewolf, but I have full control over it." Ryu ran right at Ranma who once again jumped over him. However instead of crashing into the tree Ryu jump off from the tree and slashed at Ranma with his sword. Ranma jumped out of the way just in time. When Ryu came at him once again with a vertigo slash Ranma dodged him by spinning out of the way. As he did, he reached be hind him and bought out his cat claws.

Ranma Smiled. Then he started his attack Jump up in the air with his arms out wide. Ryu must have thought him crazy, because as soon as Ranma was in reach once more he slashed at him, only to find out that Ranma was expecting him to preform that move. First Ranma slashed with a right upper cut then a sideways slashed at Ryu torso. Ryu barely had enough time to dodge and block both moves.

'Ranma using the claws just like he would with his neko claws.' Thought Ryu as he once again blocked the moves Ranma was using. 'Damn why didn't I bring my other sword?'

Ranma smiled, maybe now would be a good time to use the move. 'Way not? I mean it can't really kill him.' Jumping back Ranma charged up his claws. "TIGER STRIKE CLAWS!" Ranma yelled out as he slashed his claws at Ryu, releasing a powerful ki attack striking the Sword and Ryu, sending him down to the ground.

"DAMN YOU SAOTOME!" Ryu yelled as he got up, but feel to his knees. Ranma put away his claws. "Its over, Kuno. Go home and heal." With that Ranma walked away. 'Damn you Saotome. Damn you to hell.' Ryu tried once again to get up but failed to. 'I should call in master Herb. Damn that blasted cat.'

"NABIKI!" Ranma yelled as he walked in. "Yes?" Nabiki asked as she walked down the stairs. By the look on her face Ranma could tell she wasn't happy. "Mind telling me WHY you sent Ryu Kuno after me?" Nabiki grinned and held out her hand. "That will be five thousand yens." Ranma growled grabbed her hand twisted it and held it behind her back with her pressed up against the wall. Pressing his ear close to Nabiki's he whispers to her. "Stop playing games. With me and Mom here now its most likely that we will be living. Cross me again and your gonna be visited by the cops for your actions. " Ranma said as he let go. "Now tell me way you sent Ryu after me."

With a deep sigh Nabiki looked at Ranma. "Fine, I heard what you talked to dad about. I don't want to be thrown out when you win." Nabiki said as she crossed her arms. "Look, I don't want the Dojo, I need to be master of both The Saotome School and Tendo school. I never had any plans to take over the house." Nabiki glared at Ranma, then started rubbing her wrist. With a sigh Ranma tossed some rolled up bills at Nabiki. "Thats 500,000 yens. I hope its enough. To keep the books updated." Then Ranma walked away missing the shocked look on Nabiki's face.

End of Preview.