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How it began – no one remembers anymore. Those who knew the true reason for the fighting, the bloodshed – they relinquished themselves to the eternal sleep many generations ago. Each generation follows the one before it – as blinded by hatred as their fathers. They no longer know who the people are that they fight – only that they are enemies without souls, without worth. Enemies they feel no regret in killing. The mighty Avia and Canis clans – clans where the bird or canine form are as familiar as the human form. Where claws tipped with metal and fangs carefully sharpened are as deadly as any blade. Blindly, desperately, they fight. And too many have shunned the legend born in the beginning – the legend that speaks of the one, the Thiasa, who will bring hope and peace in a time of chaos. Too many have stopped speaking of such foreign concepts as hope or peace. The Thiasa lies forgotten.

A woman's pain filled scream cut through the dense night air, rising in pitch before ending abruptly. It was late – closer perhaps to morning than night – and yet, all the caverns and caves of the Canis clan were brightly lit. Families huddled together, in silent or voiced prayer, hoping fervently that tonight would be a blessed night. Tension filled the air, until even the littlest of cubs cried piteously, their wails only increasing when hassled parents distractedly and half heartedly attempted to soothe them.
In the exact center of the vast network of caverns was the Grand Residence. Tonight, it bustled with activity – doctors and nurses coming and going, all conferring in hushed tones. The surrounding guards stood stiff with attention, their exhaustion only showing in the slight flickering of their eyes. In whispers everywhere, there was only one thing one everyone's mind.
The queen. The queen.
Another scream broke loose, jolting the majority of the people. The baby. The baby. Already, there had been three pregnancies. The peoples' morale sank as each infant had been declared a stillbirth. The clan needed an heir and if Fate would have it, they would receive one tonight.
At the moment, the queen lay panting on her bed. Sweat shone on her face and her loose robe clung to her body damply. Her face contorted as she felt another contraction come and she held even tighter to her mate's hand until both of their hands turned white. Why was this baby so difficult?
Oh, please. Oh please let it live. Please, don't take this one too.
"Breathe, Your Majesty. In and out. In and out. Alright, one last time, push!" the doctor attending her said.
With her waning strength, she pushed. Through the overwhelming pain that threatened to take her into darkness, she pushed. Just before she thought she could take no more, she heard the glorious sound of a baby's thin wail. Collapsing, she felt tears trickling down her cheeks. She had done it. Silently, she waited for the nurses to clean the child up before motioning them over. She struggled to sit up and then stretched out her arms beseechingly to have her cub placed gently in her trembling hands.
I have a son. An heir at last. Oh... so beautiful.
Wonderingly she stroked her son's face. She shook with sobs of joy as she held him close to her heart. Far off in the distance, she could hear the exuberant celebrations of her people as they learned of the wonderful news. After a few quiet moments gazing at her sleeping child, she reluctantly handed him to the High Shinobis. There was still the most vital ritual to take care of. They needed to discern and release his canine form.

Propping herself up on pillows, the queen watched as the nine High Shinobis placed the cub in the center of the room and formed a circle around him. The First glanced at the others and seeing that they were ready, he nodded and in unison, they began the hand seals. Slowly at first, they formed the same seals together but as they sped up, it soon became a confusing relay of different alternating seals. Their chanting filled the still room with an eager apprehension. Suddenly, the Shinobis stopped, all of them frozen with the same seal. The First moved and closing his eyes, he sent a thin stream of concentrated chakra soaring through the air. Each Shinobi followed until the Ninth had joined her line with the others. This was the most delicate process – too much chakra from any one of them, and the baby would be killed or injured. Too little and it would rebound from the baby's natural defenses to the nine Shinobis, causing a whiplash-like effect. The light that was the nine conjoined chakra streams hovered above the child's stomach. Slowly, it descended, obeying each Shinobi's fierce concentration. Soon, it brushed against the infant's pale skin and plunged into his stomach. Instantly, a fiery image appeared above the cub's small body.
The First gasped and almost lost hold of his strand. Around the room, a collective intake of breath could be heard. Floating above their future king, the image of a proud and fierce red fox paced with barely contained impatience. Tossing its head, it let loose a silent roar, showing deadly pointed teeth and a fury that could not be tamed.
Nine tails fanned out behind it.

The king sat at his mate's bedside. Their hands intertwined, both feared for the worst when the First and the Fifth walked over to them with grave expressions. Stopping in front of the royal couple, they started to kneel.
"Your Majes –," the First began.
"Jiraiya, we've known each other for near 200 years now. You can drop the formalities and tell me what in the name of Kyarae is wrong with my baby!" the King's voice shook with emotions and fatigue.
Jiraiya gave a curt nod. "I'm sure you are at least vaguely familiar with the legend of the Thiasa right? Well, the Fifth has studied it in depth as an area of interest so I'll let him explain what the legend has to do with your child." The white haired man stepped aside slightly to allow the younger to approach.
"Your Majesties." He bowed. "The legend of the Thiasa appeared roughly 1,000 years ago from a very well-respected prophet. He predicted that someday when the need would be the greatest, a child would be born who would grow up and save the Canis clan. Also, this child would not only save the Canis people, but he would also save the Avia clan and stop the bloodshed between the two clans."
The Fifth paused. "It is said that this child would be identified by his canine form – a powerful fox wielding nine tails."
The queen paled and her grip on her son tightened, causing the baby to squirm and whimper in his sleep. Next to her, the king sat, equally grim.
"Umino Iruka is it?" The young man nodded.
"Are you absolutely positive that this child is ... the Thiasa? The one who will save our entire race?" The king demanded.
Iruka nodded slowly but the two rulers could see the confidence that radiated from his dark brown eyes. Distractedly the king waved the two High Shinobi away out of hearing range with the command to come back in several minutes.
As soon as they had gone far enough, he turned to his wife with anguish in his eyes. "What do we do now?"
She looked down lovingly at her son, even as tears threatened to spill over. "He cannot stay here. It is too dangerous being a royal with Avia assassins everywhere. He must live. He must!" The distraught woman caught her husband's gaze and in it she saw her same pain and grief.
"Shh. I know he must. Are you proposing that we send him away? Our only child? Only heir?" The king asked quietly.
The queen took several deep breaths to calm herself down. Tenderly she looked at her baby and lightly stroked his cheek as she answered in a barely audible voice.
And the first teardrop fell.

"We have decided to send him away."
"... All of the High Shinobi agree that his fox form must be sealed – to protect him, you understand."
"Yes. I understand." The king looked over to his wife. "Darling. Are you ready?"
The queen remained silent, memorizing her son's sweet face before saying in a choked voice, "May I name him first?"
Her husband nodded, not trusting his voice. Tears openly streaming down her face now, the queen kissed her child on the forehead softly and sorrowfully.
"He shall be named Naruto."

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