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She couldn't believe it, there was absolutely no way this could be happening. Her father had decided to combine Capsule Corporation with their longtime rival Saiyan Enterprises. The Briefs had a long-standing rivalry that began many years ago when Capsule Corp. was just beginning. The Saiyans had been the company's only competitor. Now they were working together company, and she would be forced to see the Heir to Saiyan Enterprises EVERYDAY. Instead of fighting for materials both companies would be sharing everything.

She hated Vegeta with more passion than she ever had for anything else. He was arrogant, self-centered, and a total ass. Her dreams of crushing the insolent man were now ruined. He was to be her business partner, but she knew he would try to change that. The manipulative little prick would do everything in his power to make sure that her word meant nothing. He would not succeed, she would make sure that she was still in control. Her personal secretary interrupted her from her thoughts.

"Ms. Briefs there is a call for you on line one. It is your father, he says that it is urgent."

"Thank you Claire I will attend to that this very moment," she spoke as she entered her office, only to find another desk set, "Claire, whose office things are in here?" She yelled menacingly as the thought of sharing her personal space with someone else entered her mind.

"Oh I believe that is Mr. Ouiji's stuff ma'am. Your father suggested that you two be in the same office to compare ideas and get to know each other better. I do believe he will be in later this afternoon Ms. Briefs. Of course the new office was just completed and they should move your stuff possible today." She slightly stuttered, her boss had a quite the temper.

With a curt nod she slammed the door to her office and began pulling at her hair. After calming down a bit she sat in her chair and picked up the phone. She was preparing to give her father the lecture of a lifetime for this one. The conversation of course lasted several hours. Bulma agreed to keep Vegeta in her office so long as he let her do her business.

"I'm telling you daddy, if that man so much as gets on my nerves his ass is leaving."

"You must understand dear, I know you are upset about the merger. And I know you don't particularly care for the young man , but he is now an equal part of our company, as we are theirs. You are going to have to learn to get along. Besides you will have a much bigger and nicer office soon so you won't have to be so close together very long. I am leaving for the conferences with Senior Vegeta this evening. I trust you and Vegeta will get along just fine."

"Fine but don't you yell at me when he's in the hospital because he was a total ass." She hung up the phone and ran an agitated hand through her hair. Turning to her computer she began her work for the day. Converting numbers and looking at the supply and demand part of the business.

It was noon and her stomach was rumbling, giving a sigh she turned from her computer to leave for lunch. She was surprised Mister high and mighty had yet to arrive in the office. Truth was she hadn't seen him in ten years, when she was fifteen. She supposed his looks might have changed, since he was 26, but his attitude wouldn't. He had always been an ass to her, picking on her because he was a year older and her odd coloring.

The last she saw him he was shorter than her by a few inches, something she had always pointed out. His hair was jet black and was swept up like a flame. He had tanned skin and black eyes, if he were anyone else she would have jumped him. But he was Vegeta Ouiji, Heir to Saiyan Enterprises, and she was Bulma Briefs Heir to Capsule Corp. They hated each other, and their parents and families fed that hate to them.

Grabbing her coat she reached for the door handle, only to have it thrown open and hit her square in the nose throwing her into the wall. Preparing to let out a string of curses to the one responsible, she stood up and looked into a pair of ebony pools. The most gorgeous man she had ever seen brought her to her feet. Her eyes never left his as she was stood back on her feet.


Vegeta had woken up in one of the foulest moods he had ever been in. He was being forced to work with Briefs' company, and his obnoxious daughter. True it was ten years since they had last seen each other, middle school, the hate was still there. He could be certain that she would do nothing but bitch at him all day. They of course had to share an office to better communicate ideas, but the fact that they would be confined to close quarters would drive him insane.

Taking a quick shower he dressed in his business attire and called for the limo to pick him up. Getting into the back he addressed Radditz, his personal driver, to take him to the office, her office. Of course they couldn't force her to come to his office, he had to go to hers. 'The Capsule Corp. offices are better located than ours are,' he mimicked his father's words. He could only hope that she was not there, it was getting to be noon and she would surely be out to lunch.

Entering the busying office he made his way toward the door. Throwing the door open he heard a small squeak and a loud crash. Looking behind the door he noticed a woman crumpled in the corner. The door had obviously thrown her there when he barged in. He slowly picked her up, his eyes locking with her. 'Beautiful,' he thought as he lifted her back on her feet. He looked her over from her slim legs, her curvy hips, and amazing bust. Her face was elegant and pale, and her blue hair brought out her blue eyes. 'BLUE HAIR?' He suddenly remembered who she was, 'Bulma.'

"See something you like wench?" He asked sharply as he turned to his desk.

Snapping out of her daze, she prepared a comment for him. Then deciding not to bother she stormed out of the office mumbling curses. 'How the hell did he get so hot? What am I thinking? He is not hot, he is an arrogant bastard who can't even apologize for throwing me on my ass.' She berated herself as she took out a compact to inspect the damage done to her face.

"Well at least the little prick didn't break something," she mumbled to herself as she left the building. "Yup today is going to be a long day." She made her way to her car, hopefully to meet up with Chichi at the café.

"So anyway he didn't even apologize for almost breaking my face." Bulma recalled the event to her best friend.

"Bulma you know how Vegeta is. He doesn't apologize to anyone for anything. If something happens its your fault not his, he's always been that way." Chichi sipped her coffee as she listened to Bulma.

"The worst part is I have to work with him everyday. It's not going to be as easy as it was when we only saw each other at primary school. Now every morning when I walk in the first thing I'll see is him." She bit the last part out with venom.

"Well it could be worse, you could be stuck with your ex Yamcha," Chichi giggled as Bulma gave her a glare. "So has Vegeta changed in appearance? I mean I know he was hot when we were young, but is he still?" She questioned as she leaned into the table.

"Well I would be dumb not to admit that he is very attractive. But I can't get over his attitude, you know the whole 'I'm king bow before me and kiss my feet' deal. Now enough about Vegetable, tell me about you and this new guy."

"Oh Goku, he is just the sweetest man I have ever met. We went on a date last night, and it was wonderful. He was romantic but not over flattering. He's kind of naïve about sex and stuff, but that's okay. When the time comes I'm sure we can work around that."

"Chi he sounds absolutely wonderful. But what does he look like?" She questioned as she sipped her coffee.

"Well I guess your going to have to meet him then, huh?" She asked with a giggle.

"Sure, just tell me when?"

"Well you know you've got that company ball next week. I figured I would take him as my date, and of course you have to be there so you can meet him then."

"Sounds like a plan to me, but I'm going to have to head back to the office. Wouldn't want Mr. High-and-Mighty to destroy something. So I will call you later and good luck with your date tonight." She picked up her coat and headed out the door.

"Okay Bulma talk to you later." She waved to her friend as she left.

Making her way to her office door she noticed a note taped to the door. It was obviously Vegeta's doing. The big clue was the name he referred to her as:


New office upstairs, your things have already been moved.
Do everyone a favor and try to get lost.

Vegeta Ouiji

Ripping the note off the door she grumbled as she got into the elevator and headed to the top floor. The whole floor would be dedicated to her and Vegeta's office space, and lounge area for long nights. Stepping out of the elevator she made her way over to her desk, which happened to be right next to Vegeta, who happened to be on the phone. The way the conversation was going it appeared he was talking with a woman. A woman that wasn't very happy with him, an evil grin appeared on her face, as a revenge scheme came to mind.

Sauntering her way over toward him she bent over far enough so that he could get a good view down her shirt. He was trying to keep his attention on the conversation with his girlfriend, but Bulma was too distracting. She grabbed the phone away from him and sat in his lap.

"Who is this?" She asked slapping away Vegeta's hands as he tried to get the phone away from her. She ground her hips into his groin making him groan with pleasure. "Oh he didn't tell me he had a girlfriend. He's been a bad boy then, I never would've guessed, when he was screaming my name, that he had a girlfriend." She handed him the phone and got off his lap, smirking as she made her way toward her desk. She listened as he tried to tell her it wasn't true and then slammed the phone down on the receiver.

"You little bitch! What the hell did you do that for?" He was standing over her glaring. "You do realize that you just ruined a 4 year relationship?"

"Oops. I guess that's what you get for slamming the door in my face this morning. Besides it sounded like it was over anyway." She didn't look up at him as she continued typing on her computer. Maybe working this close to Vegeta wouldn't be so bad. After all is she had this much fun ruining one relationship, she sure as hell could ruin a lot more too. She chuckled lightly as she thought of all the ways to torture the now fuming man in the workstation next to her.


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