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I will keep that promise I made to you

On that night we kept a small light burning

Within the hazy mirage you appear

Prepared to continue on without losing, whatever happens

With a heart that believes in miracles

The goddess of victory will come for us

We can overcome any obstacle, and will never give up

Two hearts that continue to wander

In a world whose colors never fade

They shine now...

Overlapping eyes

As the moon melts into the sunset

Give me the strength to take back the page in my memories I lost in the past...

A heart that believes can pierce through the darkness

I search for the place where my soul slumbers

With a sharp gleam burning in my unblinking eyes

These two hearts of light and dark -

Now move toward the future, reflected in crystal

With eyes that glow red

With eyes that overlap

--Overlap, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters


In the Beast's manor, a small group huddled around the small mirror, in terror and awe as they watched the scene unfold before their eyes. Belle was nearly in tears, as was Donald and Goofy. Kokoro silently watched on with an unreadable expression on his face. The beast stood by, grimacing. This was not how it was supposed to be…

"Nooo! You stupid kid, get up!" Donald screeched. Goofy only placed an overly large hand on the duck's shoulder, and the mage cried. Belle turned away as well, sobbing while Beast held her.

"It's not over yet." Kokoro stated, gaining the attention of everyone. In the mirror, Riku could be seen switching the Keyblade with the paopu chain.

"What are you talking about?" The beast accused, though receiving no reaction from the Unknown.

Kokoro turned away.

"As a physical manifestation of Sora's memories, I am telling you that it isn't over."

"But how can that be?" Belle sounded, wiping the tears from her face. "Sora had all his memories before-"

"He forgot one very important memory. And if I'm still here…"

"Then Sora's still alive, somehow!"


Distinctly placing himself in front of the hell-raising creature, Riku leaped off of the path and onto the beach. No more feelings were displayed; it was if Riku's own human emotions died along with Sora. The Unknown calmly stood there, poised for attack.

There was no turning back.

With a start, the platinum haired wonder slashed through the vines recklessly as Darkside swung the remaining whips around. The monster twisted the untouched vines together and wrapped them around the charging human. Riku didn't respond to the tightening sensation and the prickling feel.

Seeing as his comrade trapped himself, Axel cursed under his breath and flung his weapons through the messy plant. Riku dropped to the ground, still tangled, as the boomerangs twirled back to their owner.

"Be careful, you idiot." The unknown snapped, but captured one didn't reply.

As Darkside was distracted, Raos found the perfect opportunity to launch his own attack from behind. Swinging under the vines, he stabbed the anti-key into the twisted monster's back. He pulled it out, noticing the immediate black blotch on the already dark skin.

"Take that, you little son of a-" Vines weaved around his torso and squeezed him tightly. He grunted from the pain, clawing at the plant.


Metal claws dug into the whips as Mizu hung onto the vine holding Raos. He dug out a thorn, hacking deep into the living cord where the hole appeared. Mizu took the thorn in hand and impaled it through, successfully releasing Raos. They tumbled onto the beach, Raos lodging himself out of the writhing vines before impact.

"I didn't need saving-" Raos was interrupted by Mizu's serious glare and a hand that covered his mouth.

"Shut up and start fighting."

Mickey darted around the projectiles and leapt into the air. His small form allowed him to dodge most of Darkside's attacks, giving him time to deal a blow upon the monster's head. The twisted creature roared in pain and frustration, hurling his messed appendages everywhere. He flung them around, twisting himself so the whips could hit everyone. The five Unknowns were knocked back, giving the creature some space.

Mizu noticed the pattern already. Even though they've been attacking simultaneously, the vines seemed to have a sense of their own. They couldn't get near Darkside's weakness unless they chopped off everything…

He casted Curaga to heal everyone's wounds. seeing as how the thorns did some damage. Everyone seemed to accept it.

Scratch that. Riku didn't.

The spell burst into small particles that showered to the ground, being rejected by its receiver. Riku's soulless eyes only remained on his target. Mizu was surprised at first, but soon realized why the Unknown refused the spell. The sight made the dark haired one feel just a small twinge of sympathy before he concentrated on the battle.

Darkside calmed, though almost everyone mentally cursed at the fast regenerating vines.

Mickey took advantage of the situation, striking it in the arm. The gash bled a foreign black substance, mixing into the sand. The same plant sprouted from the substance, trapping Mickey without delay.

Unable to stop his own attack, Mizu slashed Darkside's leg deep enough to trap his claws inside. Feeling the annoyance, the monster pulled Mizu away, ripping the claws out of the flesh. More vines sprung forth from the beach and chained Mizu to the ground. He struggled, but the thorns pressed into his wrists and back and only pulled together tighter.

Riku paused, blankly looking at the trapped allies. The plants that sprouted became a problem to the others, but it didn't matter to him. He crushed the squirming life-form under his boots and slashed through the vines, ignoring all common sense. The heavenly keyblade sunk into the dark flesh of Darkside's torso. A horrible smell emitted, seeing the black blood sizzle upon the blade and dissolve. What didn't touch the Keyblade dripped into the ground. The tendrils snaked around Riku's arm. A dull throbbing entered his senses, something he vaguely recognized as pain. He only stared at it, pushing the sensation aside.

Nothing mattered anymore. Just as long as Ansem went down…

Axel cursed at their current situation and casted Firaga. He pressed the spell into the pinwheels, creating a fiery glow around the weapons. They circled Darkside, cutting free and burning the plants that held the three Unknowns. He captured the projectiles in time to slice the incoming vines. What he didn't see was the large fist that came his way. Sand flew everywhere as Darkside crushed him down, giving the vicinity a mini sandstorm. The tentacles lashed furiously, as if sensing the deaths of its spawn. Axel groaned from underneath as Darkside lifted his fist.

Riku appeared as if the sand were never there. He continued on, this time not bothering to block the whips as they scratched his body. He raised the heavenly keyblade, illuminated by the light of the full moon, and pierced the sickly infected cavity. Darkside cried out, taking Riku in one hand and slamming him into the sand hard. The vine swung wildly, forbidding anyone else to come near. The abused Non-existent one merely gazed back into the crimson eyes that silently accused him. He didn't care about anything anymore. Life, the worlds, balance- it all meant nothing since Sora died. All that mattered was revenge.

"If I'm going to die," Riku growled, raising the Keyblade again, "You're going with me."


Where am I?

Sora shifted slightly, hearing the clinking of his crown necklace. He groggily opened his eyes and was greeted by the fast paced gloomy sky. The wind rushed past and he looked down, shocked at the moving ocean beneath. He was almost afraid to move…

A bright light from ahead traveled along and consumed everything. The scenery changed, and he realized that he was now on solid earth. The night sky held no moon as Destiny Islands had. The breeze passed by, toying with the long grass that grew along the path.

He knew this place. It was Crossroads…

Disconnected thoughts crossed through his mind, some of them memories, others from long lost souls. He understood most of them, having been used to it. The voices died down and one distinguished stream rose above.

"Take your time. Don't be afraid…"

"What do you want?" Sora called. This voice just wouldn't leave him alone!

"Step forward. Which path will you choose?"

The Crossroads were notorious for this. If you chose the wrong path, it could lead to horrible consequences. It seemed like a bad choose-your-own-adventure novel plot.

Following both his instincts and his heart, Sora chose the left path.

"There is no turning back. Is this the path you choose?"


At that, a set of pearly doors appeared before him. He gave the handles a tight squeeze from tension and pulled the gateway open. Once again, a bright flash consumed his senses and the world disappeared before him. Sora was left at Destiny Islands, peaceful and calm, caught in a bright sunny day.

That's odd. Wasn't it dark out?

He walked along the path, checking for any signs of the battle. Not a trace of struggle lay on the area, except for the occasional shuffle of the sand.

Two boys passed by him, laughing at their conversation, completely oblivious to the older teen.

"It's a great day outside! There's not a cloud in sight!" The brunette cheered turning his head to his silver haired playmate. The other boy gave him an incredulous look.

"No way! It's too bright today." He scoffed. "The nighttime is much better! It would be cool if it was night all the time."

The smaller kid paused, looking thoughtful.

"I don't think so. If it's nighttime all the time, people would not appreciate it anymore. "

His friend looked at him as if he grew an extra head. He broke into a mocking grin, throwing his arm around the brunette's shoulder.

"No wonder they gave you a girl's name, Sora! You sound just like one! I bet that's why you're afraid of the imaginary monster!"

They continued walking, the little Sora protesting that the monster was real. The memory faded and the older teen found himself falling through water. The familiar rush had a calming effect on the boy as he pondered over the event.

That memory…there was a reason behind it. And knowing Crossroads, it needed to be something vitally important. Suddenly, it clicked.

"It's been so long…I forgot." He mumbled, regardless of the water filling his lungs. A small tear escaped and mixed in with the surrounding liquid. His eyes filled with regret and sorrow.

"Everything is coming back to me. The true…"

The true meaning of Kingdom Hearts…


Riku flipped over to avoid the deadly sabers Darkside now sported, pinning himself against the rocks. The revolting monster plunged both weapons into the boulders to prevent the Unknown to escape. Riku threw the Keyblade like a boomerang at Darkside's head in a last resort, giving the monster a deep gash in its head. It roared and lifted its fist, wrapped and mangled with vines. The trapped one sighed.

The others couldn't help him. They were either unconscious or trapped themselves. He was on his own.

Heh. Like it mattered.

He prepared for the blow and braced himself, guarding with the newly named Angelic Key. Darkside moved, swinging his fist down…

"Ansem." It was an order, not an affirmation. Darkside paused in mid swing and gazed over, as did Riku. The familiar spiky haired brunette stood, regardless of his injuries or apparent death, peering at only Darkside. His gaze was still lifeless. The horrifyingly beautiful blue eyes entranced Riku in a strange form of relief, longing, and overwhelming sorrow.

"I doubt you really understand what you are trying to accomplish. The darkness cannot exist alone, and neither can the light. You wouldn't create a world of death and destruction- you would cease to exist."

The sound coming out of Sora's mouth rang like bells, yet held a certain lack of emotion. That voice couldn't possibly belong to Sora, could it? It didn't sound like him anymore…

"Do you realize now, Ansem?" Sora blankly declared. Those soulless eyes matched with the monster's own. Riku felt so confused, half empty inside. Was this really Sora?

"But you have no more purpose here." He continued. A rough sound came from the dark one's mouthless head, vibrating the very air around them.

"And you do?"

"I…" He paused, closing his eyes. He opened them again, this time filled with emotion. "I have people I can't leave behind."

With that, the Keyblade Master summoned the Kingdom Key and pointed it to Ansem's forehead. The tip glowed and outlined the symbol the heartless adorned, shooting a beam through the middle. It hit the deep crevice in Ansem's forehead, freezing the monster on sight. It slowly crumpled away, ashes carried away by the wind.

The vines that held the others down writhed away and died, allowing the captured ones to be free. Riku shot up and ran to Sora, who fell to his knees.

"Sora!" He cried out, both concerned and relieved. The brunette gave him a bright smile, although it was weak. Riku wrapped his arms around his weak form and pulled him close.

"I'm fine now, but it still hurts." He warned before Riku pulled him any tighter. The platinum haired boy loosened his grip and looked into Sora's eyes.

"Don't ever do that again. I love you too much."

"I love you too." Sora replied. Their fingers entwined and Riku kissed him deeply.

"Ugh," Raos muttered, holding his head. The sight of Riku kissing anyone made him sick. "Get a room you two!"

Mizu grabbed him by the arm and pulled him the other way.

"Yes, lets."

"Wait! What?! Hey, you let me go right now!"

Axel only shook his head and trudged off into the doors with Mickey following along. Meanwhile, Kairi docked the boat onto the shore. Just as the couple broke their kiss, the princess squealed happily and hugged them.

"Riku! Sora! I've waited so long for you to come back!"

She let them go, shedding some tears of joy. Her crush on Sora wasn't important right now. Kairi found it fortunate enough for them to come back.

Finally, everything could go back the way it was.

At the beast's manor, the bystanders had a little celebration of their own. Unfortunately, it was brief.

Kokoro started to fade, against everyone's protests. He smiled, pulling his hood down.

"See ya."


Why does Sabure have to be so mean like that?

Two peaceful years passed by the islands since her little adventure with the heartless, and everything was great. Sora and Riku hung around with them sometimes, joking and playing along.

The ocean breeze fled in, along with the waves. Kairi always said that the sea calmed her, so here she was.

"Stupid Sabure. I like staying here."

Both Kaze and Sabure agreed to get away from the island, but Kishi didn't. This island gave her everything. But no, Kaze had to side up with Sabure. And they even threatened to leave her here!

Taking another deep breath, she peered out into the sea. Her eyes caught a bottle of sorts, washed in by the waves. Kishi unplugged it and unfolded the beaten parchment.

Kairi said it helped her when she did this, so I guess I'll give it a try. It's just been bothering me so much lately that I can't keep it in. I guess once you take up adventuring, you can't really adjust to normal life again.

It all started when I reached for Riku's hand. But really, all I ever had to do was look into his eyes…


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The Unknowns: They were really fun to write, especially Raos, Riku, and Mizu. To some extent, I reflected their personalities to mine. These three came out the most, since those are sides that I can't easily express.

The deal with Kokoro's Keyblades: Since Koro was the Blonde haired Kid and the dual wielder, it made it easy to come up with reasons why he had the Oathkeeper and the Oblivion. The Keyblade forms are to represent Sora's lost memories of Kairi and Riku, respectively. So it would only be natural that they would go as soon as Sora remembered.

What's with all the Keyblade stealing: It was annoying that there were only three keys and not four. Since Mickey had one, the BHK had two, and Sora had one, I had to find a way to make three blades transport to their owners. So think of it like this; Once a Keyblade is dismissed, it goes to an empty space of sorts. It will call to a certain wielder if summoned. It's like a Keyblade rental place.

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