Fate will Find a Way - Virgil - The Aeneid

By D.M. Evans

Author's Note - Written for Crazygirl Mary for the Connor Het - I don't own any of the characters (except for Kippendragr). Joss owns all. I'm just playing with the for a little while. I don't own any of the song lyrics within. They belong to whomever they're attributed to.

Summary - When Wolfram and Hart gets possession of a powerful magical item, it becomes a race to see who ends up with it: the law firm, the thieves, the demons or the Watchers Council.

Rating - R for adult situations, violence and character death

Spoilers - Set a few years after S5 of Angel. It goes AR in the middle of Origins. The season finale never happened and various characters are alive and/or dead as a result of it being AR. (You'll see)

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Gwen and Connor dropped back on the bed, spent, both of their bellies smeared with chocolate, liquor and sweat from their food fantasy lovemaking.

"That was...," she panted.


"That's a word for it." She ran a hand through his damp hair. "Have I told you lately how lucky I was to find you, Connor?"

He grinned. "Yes, but I like hearing it."

Gwen had first seen him in a night club helping a girl who was being dragged out of the bar by her abusive boyfriend and his brother. The speed with which he moved, his agility, his strength had captured her imagination, seeing in him the potential to be her partner in crime. She hadn't ever really thought about having a partner until that night. At the time he had been going to college, competing in gymnastics, an Olympic hopeful then his whole family died when a drunk crossed the double yellow line and hit them head on with his Hummer. Maybe she should feel guilty about picking up the shattered young man and turning him onto a life of crime but she didn't. And she doubted he had any regrets.

"And you like hearing the words twelve millions dollars." Gwen's hand swept out to the painted panel hung on their bedroom wall, opposite where the wall safe hid behind their Magritte painting.

Connor's blue eyes shifted to the oil painting and its demonic imagery. "Hieronymus Bosch's Death of a reprobate, wonder if Ms Nash gets the humor of having us steal that."

Gwen smiled. "Don't care, Connor, so long as she pays." They had boosted it from the private collection it was held in across the country in New York. It was an easy job, not much needed on their part. It was good to mix up high tech and magical thefts with something as mundane as pilfering priceless works of art. "I'm not sure why anyone wants art they can't show off, but none of my business, I guess."

"I like it." He propped himself up on one elbow, letting a finger trail along her side. "It reminds me of my dreams."

"Because you're weird." Gwen scooted away from him, getting out of bed. It had become ritual after a successful job, to find a new sexual game to play. They'd be running out of things to try if they kept as busy as they had been. "It's what I love about you."

Connor got up and stripped off the plastic wrap that had been protecting the sheets that would have costed over a grand had she not stolen them from Neiman Marcus. As he dumped the plastic into the trash, Gwen eyed her wedding band that rested careless on the night stand. She hadn't had it on since they had been out on a job. Diamonds and platinum wrought to looking like a garland of ivy was too distinctive. She couldn't risk it being seen and remembered but she slipped it on before heading to the shower. She treasured it. Connor had insisted on actually buying the ring from Cartier. He wasn't about to have a symbol of his love be stolen. She had been the one to suggest marriage. A husband couldn't flip on her in the unlikely event they should be jailed. The fact she actually loved him came as a shock as had when he first said no, realizing her intent and refused to sully something that had surprising meaning to him.

He joined her in the shower, the water running brownish with wasted chocolate. This was one of the few places she insisted was off limits to any sex play, too afraid of what would happen if she lost control and overloaded L.I.S.A. Connor respected that but still liked to at least share the space with her.

Wrapping a fluffy robe around her happily sated body, Gwen padded to the computer to check on what jobs had come in while they were in New York. It was risky being contacted this way but she had the best scrubber programs on the computer and ran them daily. Their four Irish Wolfhounds ambled over to see what their masters were doing. Connor loved the enormous beasts. They looked vicious without actually being it. They were impressive and did a decent job of backing up their various alarms and security systems. He had named them after characters in one of his favorite comic books, the girls Rogue, Storm and Jubilee and the male, Gambit.

Connor leaned over Gwen's shoulder as she scanned the email. "Boring... boring...we're not assassins, dimwit...boring."

"Wait," Connor ordered, patting Rogue's head as she shoved it under his hand.. "Go back one."

"What? The one about stealing a stone?" Gwen wrinkled her nose at him.

"I know the name, Wolfram and Hart." Connor tapped the screen. "These guys were the ones my parents took me to when they realized I was different. The head guy was a real jerk, refused to help out. I wouldn't mind putting the screws to him."

"The buyer wants us to steal something called the Alatyr from them...says it's a magical stone." Gwen looked up at him. "You sure you want to do this."

"Gwen, they're offering fifty million dollars for this." He dropped a kiss on her walnut curls.

Looking at him, she understood the meaning of 'when Irish Eyes are Smiling.' She sat back in the chair. "Magic stuff is always risky."

"I know. I don't like magic." Connor made a face. He didn't like it but he used magic in his home and work as needed. "but for that price, I think we can at least investigate Wolfram and Hart and find out more about what an Alatyr even is then make a choice. We have a little time to play with here."

Gwen nodded. They didn't need the work. They had enough money that their great grandkids wouldn't need to work. It was the thrill they were after. "I've had dealings with Wolfram and Hart," she replied, thinking of the things she had stolen for Lilah Morgan and Lindsey McDonald in the past. "They're as evil as they come."

"Really?" He grimaced. "Wonder why my parents took me there then? Well, that's all the more reason to do it."

Gwen leaned back, turning her face up. He bent down and kissed her. "You research the stone, I'll get the specs on Wolfram and Hart."