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Chapter 1: The War Proceeds

"The war in Europe proceeds to moce north as Hitler's army invaded Poland today." The man on the radio said as Fox sat in his office at home. Normally, Theresa and he would listen to the news in his office. He didn't want the kids to hear. But, Theresa was at her mother's calming her down. Luis, Miguel, and her father, Martian, were all sent to war. He looked at the photograph on his desk. It was him, his brother Ethan, his mother Ivy, and his father Julian. Julian was not sent to war because he had heart problems. Ethan was still in town but he was about to be shipped out and Fox, well, lets just say that he would problaly be sent soon. Fox didn't want to leave Theresa and the kids but if he was called out, he had to go.

"Fox! I'm home!" Theresa called through the house. Fox stood up and turned off the radio and walked out of his office to see Little Ethan running through the house.

"Ethan, my boy, stop running." Fox said grabbing him and picking him up in his arms.

"Okay." Little Ethan said as he wanted down. Theresa walked in with tear- soaked eyes.

"Oh sweetie." Fox said hugging her.

"They're there Fox." Theresa cried. He held her clos.

"Baby, baby, its okay." Fox said as he saw his youngest daughter, Alexis crawl down the hall.

"I'd better start dinner." Theresa said starting to pull away.

"You need any help just tell me." Fox said kissing her.

"I love you." Theresa said.

"I love you too baby." Fox said. Theresa headed to the kicthen and Fox headed towards the living room. Suddenly, the door bell rang and Fox answered it seeing his brother.

"Ethan? What's going on?" Fox asked letting him in.

"Fox, I was called out. I leave tomorrow at 8 am heading straight for England." Ethan said in a nervous wreck.

"Oh bro, I am so sorry." Fox said hugging him.

"Would you and Theresa take care of Gwen and Melinda for me. I still haven't told her." Ethan said crying.

"Okay, Ethan. Maybe she and Melinda should come live with us for awhile." Fox said.

"Yeah. Thank Fox." Ethan said hugging him.

"No problem." Fox hugged him tight.

"What am I going to tell a two year old?" Ethan asked sitting down.

"I don't know." Fox said crying alittle. He loved his brother.

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