The Yellow Road To Hell

Hello! This is Wickfic show! This will probably span over Dorothy first finding Fiyero to Fiyero and Elphaba finally together at last. I'm sorry if this is a little short, but DO NOT FEAR! They will probably get longer.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the wicked characters. I really want to own Fiyero though. Yero my hero. And I am Elphaba! I AM ELPHABA!!!


Time: Fiyero has been captured by the evil guard people (yes I know that they are the Gale Force, but they are still evil guard people in my mind. Anybody who hurts my Yero will have a spell put on them!!). This is after Fiyero has been cruelly beaten by the Gale Force and is now a scarecrow sitting...well, standing...with the pole thing up his back (how rude of them!) (Excuse the commentary in there)

Fiyero woke up from his state of unconsciousness, and then shook his head side to side, slightly disoriented. As Fiyero knocked the drowsiness out of his head, he realized the new matter his arms were made from; straw.

"I'm straw. Great," Fiyero said deadpan. He then did a double take and started to examine his new self. He plucked out a couple stray straws. "Wait...I'm straw!! Ah man! I don't even have blood or skin or any of that good stuff. How am I going to explain this to Fabala? I mean, she'll probably notice something like this. For god sakes, the woman could realize if a hair moved out of place! Maybe I could figure this out by thinking (when did I start that?) about the last thing that happened. Let's see...I was saving Elphie...being beaten by the Gale Force, and the people who I had just been giving orders to no less...being put on this pole...and then...I knocked out. That's all I remember. I have no clue how I became horse chow! This is helpful! My arms hurt. I have a new sympathy for scarecrows. I'm seriously bored. Won't somebody get me down from here?"

Fiyero stopped as he heard footsteps traveling towards him on the yellow brick road. He stiffened up to look like a normal scarecrow and waited. He watched cautiously and listened to the best of his abilities. He saw a young girl. Not a munckinlander (she was too tall), yet she was coming from the direction munchkinland. He also thought he heard...get this...a dog!

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