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"Fiyero," Elphaba breathed, running to him, "I'm so sorry. I didn't kn-,"

"I know Elphie. It's okay," said Fiyero, embracing her, "But…do you know? Do you know why I'm like this? I mean, you didn't…did you?"

Fiyero pointed out his already obvious limbs.

"It had to be that spell I did. After the Gale Force took you, I looked all through the Grimmerie and tried a spell. I wasn't quite sure what it would do. And I gave up chanting after hours. I thought you were-were…oh Fiyero."

Elphaba fought back tears as she tightened her embrace.

"I'm here. We're here-together. But I need to hurry. Those two went ahead, but I'll have to catch up with them and they might come looking for me if I'm gone to long."

Elphaba sighed, knowing they'd be parting so soon.

"Alright. Well, where are you, the bucket of bolts, and my shoes going?"

"We are going to the Emerald City to, uh, see the 'Great and Powerful Oz.'"

Elphaba used all her will power not to laugh.

"Well," reasoned Fiyero, "it is an opportunity to show the real wizard."

"It would be perfect…" Elphaba said, mulling the situation over and then stopping abruptly.

"But what if he recognizes you?"

"Elphie, you barely recognized me. Do you really think that he will?"


"Speaking of recognizing people, does the tin man's face ring a bell at all? I know him from somewhere,"

"Uh…that's Boq."

Fiyero was very confused, not knowing what had happened with Nessa.

"But…Boq wasn't made of tin?"

'And he wasn't so metallic either!'

"Well, he is now whether he likes it or not. And I'm betting not."

Fiyero was still confused.


Elphaba paused, deciding how she should explain the strange happenings.

"Let me shorten the story," she took a deep breath, "Boq loved Glinda. Nessa love Boq. Nessa want Boq's heart by spell. Nessa do spell wrong. Boq's heart gone. I turn Boq to tin so he lives. Boq runaway. Boq pissed off."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"It all became so complicated and-I just wanted to keep you from all the terrible stuff happening…I don't know what I was thinking!"

Elphaba threw her hands up in exasperation.

"Shhh. It's alright." Fiyero said rubbing her back.

Elphaba gasped slightly.

"Right now what's really important us exposing the Wizard. Things are going way too far. Now, I know I'm going to need your help."

"We're going to need to stay in contact then. It think the soonest we could meet is in the Emerald City itself."

"But what if someone sees you?"

"I'll just scare them away like I do with most people."

'I'm not too sure how safe this really is, but we don't have many options at the moment.'

"Alright," Fiyero agreed, "We need a room that no one goes into…ever."

"You worked in the Emerald City for years. There's got to be a room you know about where no one goes. I can navigate my way around, but it wouldn't be wise to run into a group of Gale Forcers."

"I know one room where absolutely no one will be."


"It's a secret room I created. It's in the Library of Glinda the Good. In the fiction section. Complete with password and hidden door."

Elphaba looked impressed. Fiyero would have blushed a decent shade of red, had his face not been of burlap.

"Where did you learn how to do all that?" she smiled to him.

"Libraries are great places. Lots of books. Including lots of books on how to keep a room secluded."

They both squeezed out a laugh.

"The door is the bookcase just to the left of the fiction sign. All you need to do is say the word and the bookcase will shift. And the password is, well, 'Elphie.'"

"When did you make the room?" asked Elphaba, curious when her name became so important to the one she loved so much.

"Years ago."

"Why my name?"

"Well, security reasons. Everyone would assume it to be "Glinda" if anyone ever did see it."


Elphaba's face fell a bit, but Fiyero put his hand to her cheek.

"And because I love you. And I've loved you even longer. In the Emerald City, we all lied. One of mine was to Glinda. I do love you Elphaba. And I always have."

Elphaba leaned in and kissed him. Not just any kiss. A kiss that told both of them then and there that they would be together forever, come what may.

Fiyero looked into her shining Emerald eyes and sighed, knowing they had to part.

"I need to go. Rusty and Dusty might come looking for me and see me kissing the Wicked Witch of the West!"

Fiyero looked mockingly shocked and Elphaba cackled.

"We will meet in the Emerald City."

"Yes. No matter what," he said kissing her forehead, "Good bye."


He walked out the cottage and walked down the road, but out of the corner of his eye, he could see Elphie sit by the window with a look of sheer languish.

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