"Boy. Get up."
Harry was awakened by his Uncle's voice. Not wanting another beating for being late, he got up quickly and hurriedly crossed the room. Only to find the door locked by his cousin. Harry sighed. "Thanks Dudley. I never want to miss my morning beating." He stood by the door waiting for his uncle to return and let him out.
"Harry, why aren't you out here yet?"
"The door is locked, Aunt." He then heard the lock in his door turning. Petunia opened the door and threw some clothes in. "Here. Put these on after you wash up." Harry held up the clothes in amazement. They looked like they might actually fit him!
"But why?"
"Vernon has decided that we are going camping. Amazingly enough you are coming along." A brief look of worry flickered behind her eyes. "Tread carefully Harry. He seems to be planning something."
"Why are you being so nice?"
Petunia paused before answering, as if she was deciding what to tell him. "I realized what it would be like to be all alone in the world except for an aunt, uncle and cousin. If those only relatives were unkind..." Petunia trailed off. "I'm sorry Harry, I hope that you can forgive me for how I treated you."
"Oh." Harry was amazed at his aunt's change of heart. "Of course I'll forgive you. Is there anything else that you would like to tell me?" It felt weird to e asking her something like that.
"There is one thing." A look of incredible joy claimed Petunia's face. She crossed the threshold into Harry's room and shut the door. "Come and sit on your bed with me."
"It that's well, I think that I'm—" Petunia was cut off by the sound of Vernon stomping up the stairs.
"Petunia! Where are you?"
"I'm just giving Ha—the boy, the new clothes."
"All right then. We're leaving in an hour. Time to get Dudley up. Have the boy start making breakfast. Bacon and eggs with toast and fresh squeezed orange juice. HE should be ale to manage that. BOY! I want the bacon crisp. Not black like two days ago."
"Yes Uncle Vernon."
"What did I hear? Did I hear you call me Uncle Vernon?"
"Yes... sir" Harry spat the name out with distaste. Since he had gotten back from Hogwarts, his uncle had insisted upon being called 'sir'. That little slip would cost him dearly.
"Come here boy."
Harry strode over quickly. HE kept his back straight as a last defense. In the few weeks Harry had been back he had learned if he tried to delay the beatings they were worse.
"Turn around."
Harry obeyed.
Harry heard his uncle taking his belt off. So it's his belt today. I suppose it's better than the glass frying pan from last week. Especially when that broke. I'm still picking shards of glass out of myself. Harry heard his uncle draw the belt back. He began to think of Ron and Hermione. "Think of Hogwarts. Think of Hogwarts." He murmured.

Vernon's pov
The bloody boy had no right to call him by his name. None at all. Which was why he had expressly forbid it. If the boy wasn't a wizard. HE would haven't even have had to keep him. Oh NO, Dumbledore decided to make it so that they had to keep the boy. It was keeping him from divorcing Petunia. If the woman could only give him one son, and a nancy-boy at that, she wasn't worth keeping. He had loved her a little in the beginning, but things changed. Especially when she had told him what she was after the boy told them that Voldemort was back. He needed a proper heir. This was going to be a beating to remember. Vernon took off his belt.
When he heard the boy muttering 'Think of Hogwarts' over and over, that just added to his fury. "What was that you said boy?"
"Nothing sir." Harry stammered.

"Oh it was certainly something. That is going to make it even worse."
By the time Vernon finished with Harry, he was unconscious and bleeding from the marks the belt made on his back. "Petunia you can fix him up." Petunia glanced up at him fearfully, as if he was going to do the same to her. He wouldn't of course. Petunia followed Vernon out of the room, but she want and got the wand that she had inherited from a distant cousin. Something Malfoy.

Petunia's pov
This time Vernon had gone too far. It would be time to send for him. After she had fixed Harry up of course. It wouldn't do Harry any good for hime to see harry in his condition. With the few healing spells she had learned from Lily's textbooks, she figured that she would be able to at least fix Harry's wounds some.
As Petunia finished bandaging Harry up she winced when she saw the time. Only ten minutes to get ready.
"Petunia!" OH Lord, What does he want now?
"Yes dear?
"Get all of the boy's things! He's going on an extended vacation."
"Yes, Vernon."
"Aunt." Harry was waking up
"Yes Harry?"
"Is he going to leave me there?"
"Are you suppoused to get my things?"
"Would you mind..."
"What is it Harry?"
"There's a loose floorboard under the bed."
Petunia laughed. "Of course. I'll get your things out from under there. Is there anything else you want to keep in here?"
"No. Nothing that matters. I was careful to keep everything important hidden." Harry said weakly.
"Yes. Now you just rest."
"Thanks." Harry slipped back into unconsciousness.

What happens between now and when Harry wakes up
A/N: Nothing really important happens here, so I'll just summarize it.
Harry and his stuff is carted out to the car.
Petunia funds a side trip to McDonalds for the breakfast that Harry wasn't able to cook.
Dudley and Vernon argue over who gets the last burger. Petunia hides it for Harry.
Harry wakes up. (From the arguing)

Harry's pov
My back aches. I wonder why. Oh yeah. I called him uncle. I'll never make that mistake again. Especially since I'll be ditching them before they can ditch me. It smells good in here. Like a fast food place. That would be why, Harry thought, spying the wrappers from McDonalds. Petunia had noticed that he was awake and was holding the last burger out to him. He took it.
"Thank you."
"You're welcome"
It was the first food that Harry had had in a few days.

"Yes Dudley."
"Where exactly are we going to go camping?"
"Some small place that was practically destroyed by a gas explosion nearly twenty years ago. It's called Grodric's Hollow or something.