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Things Are Looking Up

Chapter Twenty

Rose closed her eyes before looking up, hoping that it was one of the nicer professors that her father had told her about. Her bright green eyes met the stern eyes of professor McGonagall, Transfiguration Professor, and Deputy Headmistress.

"Hello." Rose said, hoping to avoid a confrontation. She might be able to get away, using the element of surprise, but then she wouldn't be able to explore, she'd have to hide out in Griffin's rooms.

"Hello, I'm Professor McGonagall," The woman said, her frown disappearing to be replaced by a grandmotherly smile. "Would you mind telling me what your name is?"

"Er…" Rose said, sounding much like her half-brother, Griffin.

Professor McGonagall raised an eyebrow. "I'm waiting." She said, fingering her wand in her pocket, ready to stun the child if she proved to be a Death Eater in disguise.

Rose, having picked up slight Legimency skills, took a quick peek into McGonagall's mind. Her eyes widened slightly when she realized that she was prepared to stun her. "My name is Rose." She said quickly.

"Well Rose," Professor McGonagall replied, "Do you have a second name?"

Rose nodded, putting up shields in her mind, as Professor McGonagall could be a Legimins, you never knew with Hogwarts staff. Rose noticed that there was a black armband on the Professor's arm. Probably for Harry, she thought. Pity he had to be killed off, but I suppose that Griffin has it better, not being famous and all.

Professor McGonagall frowned, the child was resisting her probe. "What is your second name?" She asked.

"I'm not sure if I can tell you." Rose said, looking McGonagall in the eyes once more.

Professor McGonagall gasped. Those eyes… "Rose? Is your last name Potter?" She asked, thinking that is was impossible. It couldn't be true… to her chagrin, Rose nodded, and then ran from the hall.

As soon as Rose got out of the hall, she transformed into a wild cat and headed out of the school, heading towards the gamekeeper's hut. Where Rebeus Hagrid was currently clutching his head in agony, thinking Never again. Never more than… I don't know how many I had last night, but never more than two. Never.

Hagrid was thrust out of his musings, and looked up to see Fang start barking wildly and a small wild cat with striking green eyes rush under his bed. Eyes that reminded him forcibly of something he didn't want to think of. Actually, it was more like someone, but what was the difference? There was no hope. Hagrid forgot all about the wild cat, and got himself another drink.

Professor McGonagall heard Hagrid's dog start to bark and smiled grimly. Hopefully the girl had gone that way. She strode across the grounds towards Hagrid's hut. Reaching the door, she noticed that it was wide open with some fresh looking claw marks in it. Hagrid appeared to be fine, sitting at his table with a pitcher of… Minerva stepped in and took a whiff.

Minerva sighed quietly, and pulled out a potion that would counter the affects of alcohol. She carried it out of habit, mainly for Mundungus Fletcher, as he couldn't attend Order meetings drunk, could he?

"Hagrid? Here, drink this." Minerva said, handing the vial to Hagrid.

Hagrid took the vial and tipped the contents into his mouth. Minerva sat down across from him, and moved the bottle of something that smelled strongly of alcohol to the small cupboard, and waited for the potion to take effect.

"'Ello. When'd you get 'ere?" Hagrid asked, noticing Minerva for the first time.

"A little while ago. I have to ask, did you see a small girl with red hair, and green eyes like Harry's come by here?" Minerva asked, closing her eyes briefly, to keep herself from crying.

"No." Hagrid said, turning his face towards his bed, to keep Minerva from seeing the tears that gathered there. Then he caught sight of Fang dragging a small wild cat out from under the bed by the scruff of her neck. The cat was letting herself be dragged out, as if resigned to her fate. Then Hagrid caught sight of her eyes.

"Minerva?" Hagrid asked, wondering if he was hallucinating.

"I see it too." Minerva said, waking over to the wild cat who sat there, glaring at her. She smiled to herself, thinking, I've found the girl! A jet of blue-white light shot of her wand, and a few seconds later, Rose Potter was standing in the place of the cat. "Hello Miss Potter." Minerva said, ignoring Hagrid's gasp. "Now could you tell me if that's really who you are and what you are doing here?"

As it was more of an order than a question, Rose had no choice but to answer. "Yes, My full name is Rose Clarice Potter. I'm four years old, and my parents are Lily and James Potter." Rose said, glaring at Professor McGonagall. To her great surprise, the Professor promptly passed out.

"Hagrid? Do you want to wake her up?" Rose asked, sitting down in an empty chair.

Hagrid didn't respond for a little while, and then he finally asked, "How?"

"How what? How am I Lily and James' daughter?" Rose asked.

Hagrid nodded mutely, and Rose smirked evilly.

"Well, one night about five and a half years ago, Lily and James both went to a party, and they got a little drunk, and one their way back to their rooms, they took a detour to a lovely secluded garden." Rose pretended to not notice Hagrid blanch, she had chosen to answer this way for a reason. "It was the full moon, and James was feeling a little down because he missed the romps he and the Marauders would take then. So Lily decided to cheer him up. She banished him into the pond, and James pulled Lily in with her. They took off their outer robes because they had decided to go for a swim. Well, one thing led to another, and I arrived nine months later." Rose finished, noticing the McGonagall had come to while she was telling Hagrid how she had come to be.

Hagrid opened his eyes, and opened his mouth.

"Would you like me to go into more detail?" Rose asked, suppressing a grin.

Hagrid shook his head furiously. "No. But How are you Lily and James' daughter when they're dead?" Hagrid said.

"Unless they've died in the past day or so, they're still alive." Rose said.

"How are they alive, Miss Potter, if that is who you really are." Professor McGonagall said dryly, getting up and sitting once again in her chair. "They were hit with killing curses fifteen years ago."

"Yeah, but they were from Voldemort." Rose said. "The goddess Time decreed that the killing was worthless, and some weren't meant to die, and she decreed that all murdered by Tom Riddle, shall have a choice of life in the Citadel of Time, or in the realms of Death. Obviously Lily and James chose the Citadel." Rose said. "Now if you'll excuse me, Griffin should be waking up soon, and I want to see him. He should know that I'm here, he is, after all, my half brother." Rose said, fading from sight, leaving Professor McGonagall and Hagrid to wonder where she was. She had been given a few spells to use if she was in trouble, and the teleportation one was one of them, she would lose the knowledge one she returned to the Citadel, but why waste them when you had them?

Rose materialized just inside of the door to Griffin's temporary chambers. She smiled when she saw him sleeping on his sofa. She shook her head, and called his name. "Griffin?"

"Go 'way, 's too early to wake up, Rose." Griffin mumbled.

Rose grinned, he had seconded the motion. She ran and jumped, transforming mid-jump, to land on Griffin's stomach, his green eyes staring up into hers. She gave him the feline equivalent of a grin and licked his cheek with her rough tongue.

"Ugh. Rose, why do you always have to wake me up this way?" He asked, scratching behind her ears.

Rose began purring, and then pricked her ears at the sound of people approaching She jumped off of Griffin's chest and slipped under the couch that Griffin had been sleeping on. Griffin sighed, and sat up, staring pointedly at his door. A few seconds mater Professor McGonagall came in.

"You. Are you the son of Lily or James?" She asked, glaring at Griffin.

Griffin raised an eyebrow that Professor McGonagall couldn't see because his cloak had returned and his face wasn't visible. "It's a possibility." He said finally.

"What do you mean by that?" Minerva snapped.

"I mean that where I have been for the past twelve or so years, both of my parents were absent." Griffin said, telling the truth, in a way.

"I'm sorry." The stern Professor said, her expression softening slightly.

"Why? Unless you took them and murdered them, or prevented them from returning, it's not your fault." Griffin said, taking a seat and motioning for Minerva to do the same.

"True." Minerva agreed. "Call me Minerva, I'm head of Gryffindor house."

"Well, Minerva, it's nice to meet you." Griffin said. "Now I believe that you came here for a reason?"

Minerva nodded. "Yes, I met the most interesting girl here, claiming to be your sister." She watched the area of Griffin's face for some visible sign of recognition, but the shadows from the hood of the cloak were too much. "She claimed that her name was Rose Clarice Potter. Do you know her?"

Griffin sighed. "Yes I do. Her family took me in and I lived with them. She came to regard me as a brother. And before you say it, I know that Lily and James Potter are dead, but they happen to be alive and well in the Citadel of Time." Griffin said watching Minerva's face.

The only reaction he got was Minerva closing her eyes and rubbing them tiredly. "Do you knew where Rose is?" She asked.

"She's under the couch." Griffin said. A few seconds later, Rose herself in her animal form, came barreling out from under the couch and pounced on Griffin.

"Okay. Is she an animagi?" Minerva asked.

"You already know that." Griffin said, moving Rose off of him and putting her on the couch next to him. "Transform or I'll have Time take you home."

Rose resumed her human form very quickly. "Hey Griffin, long time, no see? Right?" She asked weakly.

Griffin sighed. "Rose what are you doing here?"

"Mum and Dad said I could" Rose replied defensively.

"Okay, what are you doing here?" Griffin asked again.

Rose rolled her eyes. "Sight seeing." She said grinning, "Do you wanna go down to Hogsmeade with me?"

"Rose…" Griffin said, trying to find a good way to tell her that he had quite a few things and going to Hogsmeade wasn't one of them.

"Fine, I'm perfectly able to go by myself." Rose said, and started for the door.

Griffin sighed. "Fine I'll take you, but we're going to be leaving soon."

"Okay, might as well see as much as I can." Rose replied. "Can we go now?"

"I suppose." Griffin said, while thinking of how he would be able to manage getting the notes that he needed to get, and take Rose to Hogsmeade. Professor McGonagall must have sensed something in his voice, foe a moment later, she spoke up.

"If you don't mind, I could take her down. I have a few things to do in Hogsmeade, and it wouldn't be too much trouble." She said, eyeing the young child with a calculative look on her face.

"Griffin can I?" Rose pleaded with him. She had obviously taken a liking to the Transfiguration teacher.

"If you promise not to annoy her and be good, then I don't have a problem with it." Griffin said.

"Oh thank you Griffin!" Rose exclaimed, hugging him tightly before picking up a small bag that Griffin had not noticed before. She pulled out a minuscule bag and a cloak. With two taps of her fingers, the bag grew to the size of Rose's hand and the cloak to a size that would fit her.

Minerva frowned, and looked questioningly at Griffin.

"She has lived all of her life in the Citadel of Time. She was born four and a half years ago in Hogwarts' time, but living in the Citadel of time, she has lived around 230 years there." Griffin said. "Time passes differently there."

"OH." Was about all the stern professor could say, and Griffin grinned. "Well I suppose that you two should be going, could you get her back here by half past five? That will give you two a good four hours for shopping." Griffin said.

Minerva thought for a moment. Then she nodded. "Of course I will."

Rose grinned and then dragged Minerva out of Griffin's rooms towards the doors that led out of Hogwarts.

Griffin sighed, and decided to go the library where he had to do some research.

Hermione was walking along the halls with Amy. Both were being relatively silent until Hermione broke the silence.

"There's something familiar about Griffin. I just can't place it."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Amy replied. "Sirius wouldn't leave his rooms."

"Really?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah, about halfway through that long discussion on what we were meant for, he slithered off of me and went to explore the room. I couldn't see him at all, so I left him there, I hope that Griffin doesn't mind."

"I don't think that he will. As long as he doesn't get a shock by seeing a large snake transform into a wanted criminal, he should be fine." Hermione replied. "Do you want to go to the library to see if we could find anything about Griffin's family, what was his last name, Delacroix?"

"Yeah. It sounded French." Amy said.

"This is going to be hard, we only really have this evening to do this because we're leaving tomorrow." Hermione said, walking a little faster in the direction of the library. Amy smiled to herself and caught up with Hermione, and together they went towards the library. When Amy caught sight of Madam Pince she cringed, knowing that she would have to beg off for the holidays.

Griffin was quite pleased, he had found the book that he was looking for. The only problem, was that it was written in what appeared to be German. As he hadn't had time to learn a new language, he was quite unable to read it. Perhaps he could find a spell that could translate it. Griffin sighed and once again began searching the library at Hogwarts.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, was currently pacing in his office, and was not even paying attention to the calls of his phoenix. There was something about that Griffin. He just couldn't put his finger on it. Not to mention the magical residue in his office. It was very slight, and he'd had to have been looking for it to have found it, and he had been.

Yet it was such a small amount, it could be anything. It could have been some raw power that had escaped from one of his many instruments, or even some that had come from one of the professors in their distress in hearing that Harry Potter had died. Or even from Molly Weasley at hearing that her youngest son had gone out on a suicide mission.

That brought Dumbledore to his latest problem in a string of many. If Harry had died, and the body did seem genuine, who would kill Voldemort? Looks like the prophesied one was indeed Neville Longbottom. No one had thought to say that the attack on the Longbottoms had been before the Dark Lord fell, in fact, he had made sure that news of the attack on them only got out after the Dark Lord had fallen. Neville didn't know it, but he had a small pentagram on the back of his left knee, where a stray curse of some sort had hit him.

Now Dumbledore was thinking that curse had not been so stray after all. Lily Potter had been worried about Neville, and had taken him in until his grandmother had made the proper arrangements for him. Thankfully Neville had gone to his grandmother's the day before Halloween. Perhaps it was time to have a small chat with Neville. It could wait until after Harry's memorial and funeral.

Dumbledore sighed, and went back to planning the event in honor of the Boy-Who-Had-Finally-Fallen.

Hermione glared at the empty spot on the shelf. It should have been there! Why would it not be there? Inconceivable! She had just been looking at it not only two days ago. Who would have taken it? Not only was it huge, it was dusty, and had a very odd smell to it. The only person on the school who would have taken it would be… No one. Except for possibly a teacher. That might definitely be a possibility. But which teacher? It was a History book! The only teacher who would have likely taken a History book would have been Professor Binns, and he couldn't have taken it, he wasn't solid! Inconceivable!

Hermione tried summoning the book, but it didn't come. That had to meant that it was out of her range. Which meant that it had to be out of the library. Inconceivable! Who would take a two hundred year old tome that was updated magically every ten years out the library? Especially when it was on genealogy, and weighted at least twenty stone. It was inconceivable! (Princess Bride anyone?)

Not to mention that it was written in German. Hermione of course, knew a number of translation spells. But who would have taken a book written in German out of the library? It was :::ahem::: INCONCEIVABLE!

On the other side of the library, Griffin was moving the tip of his wand along under a line, and watching as the words appeared in English, floating about the German text. Griffin had set up some wards, if only to be not bothered by any students who had stayed behind, or had returned for his funeral. He was wondering if he should ask Time if the group could stay for the funeral, but they probably couldn't spare the time. Unless it would be tomorrow, Griffin and the others would have to miss it.

Of course, it wasn't really that important. He hoped that it would be tomorrow, the illusion wouldn't last that long. There might be a slight problem when the boy-who-finally-died corpse disappeared. Just a small one, but he wanted to be out of the castle when that happened. Of course, he could always go and lock himself in Rowena's, they wouldn't be able to find him. Other than that, things should be fine. At least he thought so.

Griffin grinned. He had found it.

The family Ravenclaw came from the family Cleaskye. It is reputed that during a family luncheon, Angelo Cleaskye and his twin brother, whose name is not mentioned, got into an argument about whether the wheat rolls were better with butter or the raspberry jam. Angelo stormed off, to resurface in the wizarding world as Angelo Ravenclaw. The surname 'Ravenclaw' is because Angelo had a great passion for ravens and he bread them. One of them is said to have carried him his wand when he lost it in a battle, the raven's claw was severed from the bird, but it has succeeded in retrieving his master's wand. The raven's claw was a great family heirloom, only to be lost around the time of the Hogwarts' founder, Rowena Ravenclaw's death.

The Cleaskye family, in another feud, this time about the quality of the wine, broke off into yet another branch, the Clearwaters.

Griffin closed the book with a slight snap and then looked around hurriedly to see if Madam Pince was on her way to give him a stern talking to. Then, smiling wryly, he remembered his wards. With a slight wand of a finger, he dissolved the wards and to his great surprise the book whizzed out of his loose grasp, and around the corner.

Raising his eyebrows, Griffin got up and followed the book.

Hermione was attempting to find another book on genealogy, but was having little success. The one that was simply entitle 'Wizarding Genealogy' was the best one. Who would have taken it? A slight whistling sounded behind her. Hermione's heart wrenched, Harry had used to whistle like that, when he was deep in thought, or flying. Harry wouldn't whistle any more. Wiping a tear from her cheek, she turned, and saw the book she had been looking for flying at her. A few feet behind that was Griffin, looking at the book with raised eyebrows.

"I wondered who had summoned that particular book. It looked most unused." He said, looking at her with eyes that seemed to see her very soul. Thoughts of Ron, her parents, and Hogwarts came unbidden to her mind. Hermione shook her head to clear it.

"What do you want?" She snapped, flipping to the back of the book.

"I want to know why you want that book." Griffin said, then added as an after thought. "I'll know if you lie."

Hermione thought for a moment. "I wanted to trace Harry's family back, to see if he was related to anyone I might know."

Griffin grinned inwardly. Partly true, but a lie, nonetheless. He called to Hermione's magical aura, and made it glow around her for a few moments. "I'd like the truth please."

Hermione stared at him for a few moments. "Fine. I'm tracing your lineage. I don't think that you are who you say you are."

Griffin made the glow disappear. "Thank you for the truth. You won't find my family in there. We are very fond of our privacy. You will find some of my relatives, but not my direct lineage. Look if you must. We are somewhat distantly related to the Clearwaters. That is all I will say." Griffin said.

Hermione spluttered for a few moments. Griffin took advantage of it and left. His dark gray cloak billowing behind him.

Wasn't his cloak light gray before? Hermione thought watching his back.

Griffin silently chuckled to himself, tonight Hermione was going to tire herself out, searching for a mention of the Delacroix family. Quite possibly the reason why he knew that she was lying, and the reason for the aura around her. That had a simple explanation, he had used Legimency to see if she was lying, and then he called to her aura making it show itself, when she was lying. Maybe he should go back an tell her what he had done? Nah, better let her stew on it a while. She might even figure it out.

Remus Lupin had passed out on when he had seen Lily and James, and the small children surrounding them.

Lily and James had laughed, and levitated him to the couch, leaving him to wake up on his own term. Jamie and Jessie, Jamie's twin, were keeping on eye on him. Jamie had prodded Jessie with a conjured stick, and she had conjured her own, and they were happily fighting each other, so they didn't notice Severus crawl out into the room, and around them, and onto Remus. Where he began to bounce on the werewolf's stomach.

Remus, on the other hand, did. Gasping for air, he opened his eyes, to see what looked like a one year old Harry, bouncing on him. Not thinking, he sat up , and set the boy on his lap. He then noticed what looked like James and Lily staff fighting. But, that was impossible, they were dead. But he had seen an older James and Lily before… fainting? But Harry was at Hogwarts, even if he was calling himself Griffin. Then who was this baby?

He didn't smell like Harry, but his scent was close to Harry's. He could definitely smell Lily and James in the air. So was he dead? If Lily and James were dead, would they have more children in the Realm of the Dead? Not likely. So he could rule that out. If he wasn't in the realm of the Dead, where was he? The two children fighting, smelled of sweat, and happiness? Then it was a friendly duel. Remus sniffed, a pungent odor piercing his nose.

Oh. The baby needed to be changed. "Excuse me." HE said. The two children ignored his voice. He tried a little louder this time. "Excuse me!" The two children stopped fighting, and whirled to him.

"Oh." The girl said.

"You're awake." The boy added.

"I hope you haven't had—" She said.

"Too much of a fright." He finished.

"Mum and Dad said that you might—" She said.

"Be a little shocked." He said.

"I'm Jessica, but please call me Jessie, I'm only Jessica when Mum's mad at me." Jessie said.

"And I'm Jamie. That's short for James, but it gets too confusing, so I'm just called Jamie." Jamie said.

"Okay." Remus said, appearing a bit dazed. "Who is this? He needs a change." Remus added, holding the baby up.

"That's Severus." Jamie said.

"MUM!" Jessie yelled. "Severus needs a change!"

Jamie winced and said, "That was my ear."

"Oh sorry." Jessie said, and moved around to Jamie's other side and yelled in his ear, "That better?"

Jamie winced again, and said, "No, but just leave it."

When Jessie drew a breath, Jamie scuttled out of the way, and around to behind Remus.

Reums turned to look at Jamie and nearly gagged. The baby's, Severus', diaper really needed to be changed. And soon. "He's your brother right?" Jamie nodded. "Good. He really needs to be changed."

Jamie nodded once again, and took Severus. Just then, a woman who looked very much like Lily, came down a set of stairs that were some sort of marble. They were quite pretty, reddish flecked with bits of gold. As the woman's feet didn't make any noise on them, and seemed to sink into them, and Lily usually wore some type of heels, he decided that they had been charmed, most likely for the children's safety. Lily had always been good at charms…

"Remus?" The woman asked tentatively.

Remus nodded.

"Good, You've come round." She said, turning to the set of twins who looked like Lily and James. "Now why didn't you tell me that he had woken up?" She asked, glaring at them.

"They didn't notice me. They were busy staff fighting. Jessie is quite good at it." Remus said.

"Oh." The woman replied. "I suppose that you want an explanation?" She asked.

"Yes, that would be lovely." Remus said.

"Okay, Why don't Jessie and James run and get something from the kitchens, and I'll start explaining this to you." The woman who looked and smelled like Lily said.

"Okay." Remus replied, watching the retreating backs of the two children.

Lily smiled fondly at the two children, and sniffed the air. She noticed that Severus had crawled off and was in the process of trying to climb the stairs. "I'll be right back. He needs to be changed, and I'll put him down for his nap. Be right back." Lily said before walking over to Severus and climbing the stairs with him.

Remus leaned back, and was lost in his thoughts. He didn't notice the stag creeping across the room until it was almost standing on top of him. Remus jumped, and then began rubbing his eyes furiously. There was a slight pop, and then a man's deep laughter. Laughter that Remus hadn't heard for nigh on fifteen years.

The laughing died down to a chuckle, and the man said, "'Lo, Moony, it's been awhile, hasn't it?"

"James?" Remus asked, looking up at messy black hair, and a grinning face.

"In the flesh." James replied.

"Prove it." Remus said.

"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." James replied.

Remus grinned, stood, and hugged James. "You have no idea how good it is to see you."

"I have a vague idea. Does Lily know that you're awake?" James asked.

"Yeah, she was going to put that baby top sleep and then explain things to me." Remus replied.

"Do you think that can wait?" James asked.

"Why?" Remus replied a little skeptically.

"There's the most wonderful pub…" James' voice trailed off.

Remus turned the idea over in his head. It had been a long while since he had gone to a pub with James, so why not? Lily wouldn't stay mad that long… Remus grinned at James. "Show me the way!"

James laughed, and scribbled a note to Lily, and showed Remus the way to the pub that he favored.

When Lily came down ten minutes later, as Severus hadn't wanted to take a nap, she saw an empty sitting room with a glowing note in the center of it. She walked over and the note quit glowing orange.


Remus and I have gone out to the pub, and I will explain things to him. We will be back before tomorrow. I love you.


Lily sighed. They might be back before tomorrow, and they might not be. Well, might as well make the best of the situation. Rose was gone, and her room was a tad on the messy side. She was sure that James wanted his office cleaned up, last time she had looked in there, it was very cluttered. Was he even using the enchanted file drawer she had sent Sirius out to get him for his birthday? She might as well get it set up so he would use it.

With that last thought, Lily grinned, and she went upstairs, and began to pick up Rose's room, and in the process finding out exactly where her curlers had gone. And her brush. And her mirror. And the charmed comb. Lily shook her head, she should really get Rose her own things, and charm them so they wouldn't get lost. That would make a good Christmas present…

Rose Clarice Potter was smiling. Actually she was smirking. She had successfully ditched Professor McGonagall, and had activated the notice-me-not charms on her. She was now in Diagon Alley, and debating whether or not she wanted to go into Weasley Wizard's Wheezes.

Entering the Hogsmeade Branch, she was greeted by a red-headed man. Well really a teen, he didn't look that old.

"Hello, Welcome to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes! May I be of service to you?" Fred Weasley asked the small girl and then frowned down at her.

"Yes, actually, I'm visiting friends at Hogwarts, and managed to ditch the Professor that went with me to Hogsmeade. After some consideration I decided that it would be prudent to come here." Rose said, hoping top make the boy think. He was obviously of Weasley get, he had the red hair.

Fred shook his head, for all that the girl looked four, she sounded twenty. And she looked an awful lot like Harry… Fred shook his head once again. That was impossible, Harry was dead. And his funeral was in, Merlin! He only had two more hours until he had to close shop. "Well, Miss—"

"Potter." Rose filled in, and then once again activated the notice-me-not charms, forgetting where she was.

"That won't work." Fred said. "There are charms that let us know where a customer is, really cuts down on theft. So Miss Potter, if that's who you really are, why don't you take your spells off and we can have a little chat."

"I'd rather not, but it appears that I have to." Rose said, dropping the spells.

Fred smiled a thank-you and he led Rose into a back room. "Now you just sit tight, I'm going to get my brother, he'll help with you. Not that I'll need it of course." Fred added with a malicious grin.

Rose gulped. She had been entertained with stories of the Weasley twins when Harry had been there, and she was not looking forward to what was coming towards her at an alarming rate. Maybe he had left the rooms unwarded? Rose asked herself hopefully. Spreading out her power, she sighed, there were wards. She would have to wait until the boys returned.

She heard a door creak in the outer shop. Either a customer, or Fred had returned with George. Rose felt for her small blades, all were in place. No-one knew it, but she had been sneaking to train herself with weapons, just in case. It appeared that the lessons that she had taught herself might be coming in handy.

Fred and George returned to see Rose grinning at them before she disappeared completely and utterly from their shop.

"MUM!" Rose shouted as her mother's face came into focus. "Why'd you pull me back!"

"Because the final battle is due to start in about ten minutes and all the others are training very hard and you, against my wishes, will be fighting. Run along to the training rooms before they start without you." Lily said before going off to start getting back into shape. They still had years if Time decreed it so, she had slowed time down so slowly that a Second was equal to a year.

Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Draco, and all the others were starting their training and they didn't really have time to think. They had been forced to start training and would be worked so hard that they would barley have time to sleep.

"MY faithful followers, I bring you here today. Today is the day. We will be attacking Hogwarts. With the wards low because the students are gone, we will attack and we will win! We leave in fifteen minutes time." Voldemort said, before disappearing into his chambers to ready himself for battle.

"What do you mean they are attacking in fifteen minutes?" Dumbledore asked the dying Death Eater before him.

"They will be here in mere minutes. Give in or die trying." The Death Eater gasped as breath left his body.


"Professors, Students, and Fried who find refuge here, I regret to inform you that the Death Eaters will be attacking in force, in roughly ten minutes. You may leave, I will not blame you for death is almost certain. IF you wish to fight and protect this school which has yet to fall to Lord Voldemort, you may, I will not stop you. I will be leading the attack. You will find battle robes over there." Dumbledore finished gravely, looking from face to face. Before he apparated away up to his office.

"I'm fighting." Colin Creevy proclaimed, and he went over to get a set of battle robes, he was followed by many other students, but some, Slytherin and Gryffindors alike, went to their dormitories and barricaded themselves in to wait out the battle.

Griffin look around at his friends and comrades in arms. "Today, we will be returning to Hogwarts, we have been here for years, but gone for mere minutes. We are more then ready to fight the Death Eaters. Using sword, staff, arrow, and glaive, we will win. Dark will not prevail. Any questions?" Griffin asked.

"I'm going with you." James said.

"No you are not. You have a family, and they can't afford to lose you." Griffin said fiercely.

"I will not lose you. You are not my son in blood, but you are most certainly my son in soul, I am going with you." James finished, glaring at Griffin as if daring him to refuse him.

"And am I." Lily said softly, and Griffin whirled on him.

"No! You are my mother, I only just found you, and I don't want to lose you again." Griffin said.

"My sons and daughters are fighting, my husband is fighting, my friends are fighting, I will be fighting too. I will not stand by and watch my family fight, I will be out the with them." Lily said.

"Fine!" Griffin said, turning to Time, who shocked him.

"My Lord, I gladly follow you into battle." She said with a curtsey and a glint in her eye that wasn't good.

"What?!" Griffin cried, shocked as he turned to Godric.

"As will I." Godric said, bowing.

"No more! I'm not leading this, I'm following!" Griffin said whirling, looking for someone to stand up for him.

"You are learning, we are following. We trained you to be a leader, you are a leader, and we are willingly following you into battle." Time said, "Now, let's get going, we're late."

Griffin nodded, and at a jog, they left the Citadel of Time and apparated to Hogwarts. He immediately began setting up wards around the castle, making it so that those inside could not leave and those outside could not enter unless he took them down with the password Moldy-Voldy-kins, or if he had fallen on the battle field.

A few seconds later, with a multitude of pops, the black robed Death Eaters apparated onto Hogwarts, the wards having fallen the day before. They instead of facing an empty castle with illy-warned occupants, scrambling to defend it, they were facing a multitude of white robed warriors.

"Hello." Griffin said, before firing a cure at the shocked Death Eaters. The curse, having been a difficult on to master and one that took about a day to set up, had gained power, residing in Griffin's sword, did quite a bit of damage. Many of the Death Eaters suddenly found themselves wearing only pink boxers and their magic stripped away. They were basically muggles.

"That's not funny!" One of the Death Eaters yelled out when the Warriors from the citadel began laughing.

"Actually it is." Griffin replied, and began sneaking off to where Voldemort was at the back. The others, noting that he was going off to do what he had to do, charged forward, dodging and shielding themselves from what spells the Death Eaters that could still use a wand shot at them.

On his way there, he began incanting the spell that would bind Voldemort's soul into a rock he had picked up and spelled heavily for protection. The spell finished, Griffin crept within throwing distance and threw the rock at Voldemort.

It hit him in the head and with the contact, it did the equivalent of the Dementor's kiss. Griffin summoned the rock and added a few more charms for protection and noting that the body still survived, he drew the sword and beheaded him. Shaking his head at the simplicity of it all, he pulled the portkey that would take him to Hawaii out and activated it, pulling his invisibility cloak on at the last moment.

Ducking behind a palm tree, he cast some notice-me-not charms on himself and his broom, and flew to one of the active volcanoes. Flying over it, he dropped the rock in, and felt when the rock was destroyed in his scar. It was no longer there at all, and the unpleasant sense of evil in his head was gone. It was finished, Voldemort was gone. But there was still a battle to win. Pity he couldn't stay and get a tan, it really seemed quite nice here. Other than the fact that it was raining. Maybe he could looking into building a summer home here.

The Death Eaters still alive froze, they felt a gentle tugging on their left forearms. Every so gently and ever so quickly, their life-force draining away, leaving them dead on the battle field.

"He must of bound their lives to his." Time muttered, kicking one of the Death Eater's lifeless forms.

"I believe that is what he did. That means that Griffin did what he needed to do." Helga replied, coming up to stand beside Time.

"So shall we hang around for the celebrations our go have our own?" Rowena asked Helga.

"I think I'll be going home, I'm looking forward to the first lie-in for years." Lily replied.

"MUM!" Rose cried. "You pulled me away to train, now I can't stay and party?"

"You're four years old." Lily replied tiredly, looking at her hands which were empty.

"I don't feel four years old." Rose replied.

"Of course you don't, you're fought in a war at four years old." Lily replied, and then burst into tears. "What was I thinking" She sobbed. "I let my baby go into battle when she was only four years old."

James stumbled over, looking no worse for the wear, but a little dazed. A cut on his arm bled sluggishly. "It's okay lily. Everything's just fine." He said, sitting down on the ground, and pulling Lily down with him.

Griffin landed beside his mother and James. He gave them a quick hug, and said, "C'mon Rose, lets go and tell the people in the castle what happened after we find the others."

Rose tugged on Griffin's robes and he shook his head, but picked her up anyways, and they went off in search of their friends.


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