Hi, I'm posting this story even though it's old because I always get replies asking for more S&B, which I undestand because I'm one of those people who always beg the writer for more S&B. I'm a huge S&B fan and I hate GH bc they've let me down, but then again when they loved S&B with me it was amazing. Now this story was written after Sonny and Carly first got together before Carly fell down the stairs and lost the baby. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter One

"Edward?" Brenda listlessly lifted her head off the plush pillows of her bed to see if it was him.

"Yes Brenda, it's me" he said as he stroked her hair. It destroyed him to see her like this, the once beautiful, radiant and joyous girl he thought of as a daughter trapped in a sanitarium when her mind failed her. It was all that damned Corinthos' fault, he had done this to her, he had been the one to push her over the edge not the disease. The disease shouldn't have even affected her for another fifteen to twenty years but because of that cursed man's actions she had been left vulnerable to the disease that know plagued her mind.

"Kill me" she said softly

E: What?

B: Please kill me. Don't make me live like this for decades. I can't do it anymore, I just wanna die. I wanna go join Stone and Lily. She has his baby it's not fair, that was all I ever wanted.

That reminded him to make sure that no one let any information slip about Sonny and Carly's baby, he didn't know what she would do if she found out.

E: Hush Brenda, they're going to find a cure.

B: No they won't…I'm too past that anyway…

E: It'll be all right

B: No it's won't be. The medicine already doesn't work. I'm sane for barely a day out of the month.

E: Brenda

B: Please make it stop

E: I can't. I'm sorry

Part 2

Edward walked outside her room, he went to reach into his pocket for a cigar, a nasty habit he had given up decades earlier, but he desperately needed one always after he saw her. As he lifted the cigar to his mouth he realized his hand was shaking, his eyes the looked to his arm, that too was shaking, suddenly he realized his whole body was in tremors. "Mr. Quartermaine?" a nurse placed her hand on his arm. "Are you all right sir? Should I get a doctor?"

E: No, I'm fine Sarah. It's just seeing…

S: I know sir. I remember watching Ms. Barrett on TV when she was promoting for Deception, it's hard to believe she's the same woman.

E: She's not. That Brenda, my Brenda was a fighter now all she wants to do is die.

S: They'll find something to help her sir

E: I hope so. Now I need you to do me a favor you can't let any information about Sonny Corinthos and Caroline Benson's baby reach Brenda.

S: Her "Sonny"?

E: Yes, she'll be devastated if she hears

S: Yes of course, I'll spread the word to the other nurses and orderlies.

E: Thank you.

S: You're welcome sir. Do you wish to see her doctor?

E: No I saw him before I went to her room. I'll come back soon.