Chapter 8

Brenda smiled and waved at all of her friends as they got onto Edward's jet. It was the day after her wedding, the day after her wedding night. She'd slept for barely two hours, but she felt amazing. Never had she felt more alive, never had she felt more loved. Tears slipped of her eyes, she wasn't the only who had shed a lot of tears since yesterday.

She waved and screamed as Robin was the final one to board the plane. Robin looked at down at her with tears streaming down her cheeks. She turned to go into the plane, but then dropped her bag suddenly and turned back. She ran down the stairs and flew into Brenda's arms. "I'll miss you." She said.

"Aww Robin, I'm gonna miss you too. I promise though I'll make sure we don't lose touch. I know this seems really far away, but I'll figure out something."

"I love you Bren," she said pulling back "you've always been there for me."

"And I'll always be here for you. I promise." She said smiling and wiping away Robin's tears.

"I know" Robin said with a nod of her head.

"We need to be going Robin." Jason said placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Yea I know. Be happy you guys." She said hugging Brenda again quickly and then Sonny

"We will Robin" Sonny whispered softly to her

"Bye" she said and Jason nodded to them.

The Beach later that day:

"Sonny" Brenda said tickling his feet.

"What?" he said laughing and moving his feet.

"I love you." she said looking into his eyes.

"I love you too Bren, more the world. You know that don't you."

"Yea I know. I've always known." She kissed him quickly, but then stood up. "Come on Mr. Corinthos, let's hit the water." She started to run down the water, but he just smiled at her from his blanket. She turned and splashed in the water as he stood to go and join her. He started to walk, but then he was frozen by the sheer beauty of her. She was in a small golden bikini, her hair fell almost halfway down her back in curls. She smiled so brightly that she reviled the sun. It was one of those scenes, one of those memories that would never leave him.

"Come on Sonny" she yelled again and he started to walk to her smiling, his heart was bursting with love. Just then she fell into the water. He didn't have time to be frozen, he ran to her. He plowed through the water to get to her, but it was already to late. He lifted her limp body up his arms and began to cry.

He brought her back to beach on collapsed into the sand with her still in his arms. His whispering and crying for her to come back to him because he wasn't ready to lose her, but he knew it was too late. His mind flashes back to the day at the sanitarium when he found her…

Sonny is seated in the doctor's office, the doctor's starts

"Mr. Corinthos, I've heard a lot about you."

"From Edward or Brenda?"

"Both and the news"

"I see. Uh Brenda"

"Isn't going to get better, only worse." Sonny stares at the doctor frozen as he delivers his news. "I keep trying to tell Mr. Quartermaine, but he doesn't believe me."

"There's no hope?" How could there be no hope? He'd just found her again. How could he lose her to this disease?

"I'm afraid not." The doctor said with a sad shake of his head

"There has to be something you can do, she can't live the rest of her life like that."

"And I don't want her to, as I've told Mr. Quartermaine before the drug we give her now, if administered in a high enough dose is lethal, but"

"You just wanna kill her, how can you say that?" he was getting angry

"No as I was saying if given in a high enough dose the drug is lethal, but it will give her a few final days of being normal. She won't feel the disease, she'll feel as if she's been given a second chance, then she'll just collapse and she'll die. No pain, no warnings."

"She kept saying that wanted to die when she was normal."

"I know, she says it when she's lucid or even during her fits."

"There's no hope right, there's none at all that in a few years you'll find a cure and you can save her?" He asked forcefully

"No there's no new research to give any clue as to that, even if we did within a few years Brenda's mind will be too far gone." The doctor admitted regretfully.

"I want you to do it then"

The doctor gets a worried look on his face "But Mr. Quartermaine"

Sonny cuts him off "Does Edward have legal control over Brenda?"

"No, Ms. Barrett admitted herself. The hospital is now in control."

"Edward just pays the bill?"


"I'll give a million dollars for research if you let her have this."

"I would do it without. I met Ms. Barrett once, I was dating an executive at Deception, she was so alive, she still was when she checked in here."

"I'll give you the money anyway. I want to take her to the island I bought for her, I want that to be where she spends her final days."

"That can be arranged, I want a nurse to go with her though and administer the medication."

"Okay, I'll get back to you in an hour with the details."

Back to the beach:

Sonny sits on the beach for over an hour holding Brenda, finally the nurse comes and finds him. She had to pry him away from her body. He was beyond devastated as he slowly carried Brenda back to the house with the nurse by his side. He didn't see how she could be gone, just as he'd found her again.

The Next Day Stone's Bridge

"You're gone for good this time." Sonny says to the small silver canister. "Oh god, how's that possible Brenda? How can you been gone forever? I'm never going to wake up with you on my chest again, you're never going to look into my eyes and tell me you love me again. I want this, to be a bad nightmare. I'll wake up and your arms will around me. Just let me take it all back, just let me take back the past six years, I'll do them right this time. I'll give you that ring on your 21st birthday. I'll build you your castle in the sky, I'll go legit. Anything, just come back to me, please dear god give her back to me. I need her, I've always needed her. Two parts of a whole, without each other nothing's right, nothing will ever be right again, not without her.

Sonny broke down on the bridge as he let Brenda's remains go into the wind. How could this dust, these bits of bones be all that was left of all that she was? He collapsed onto the floor clutching the empty canister and continued to cry for hours.

The Penthouse- A few hours later

"Carly" Sonny called as he walked in the door

"Oh god," Carly said from the top of the stairway "Sonny I thought you were dead. Benny told me you had business to take care of. But you've been gone for a week, no calls nothing."

"I know and I'm sorry it won't happen again."

"Yea right and let me guess you won't even tell me where you were."

Sonny smiles and he hugs her "How are you?"

"Just as I thought." She says with a smile "We're both fine, you missed my doctor's appointment though."

"I'm sorry, I forgot."

"You're forgiven, but only because I'm so happy you're alive."

"Gee thanks"

2 months later, Carly's hospital room.

"So what should we name her?" Carly asked Sonny as she gazed into their newborn daughter asleep in her arms

"How about Caitlin?" Sonny suggested as he touched his daughter's small hand

"Caitlin? Caitlin Adela Corinthos. I like it. What do think though? Huh you wanna be called Caitlin?" she looks up at Sonny smiling and says "I think she likes it"

"Does she?" Sonny said as he lifted his daughter into his arms "Huh Caiti, do you like your name?"

He looked back over at Carly and saw her asleep, so he walked to the window with Caitlin. He looked down upon the gazebo that Scott had planted all the flowers around for Dominique. He remembered the story Lucy had told him of them and it made him think of Brenda even more. He couldn't help but offer the name Caitlin because of her. He knew that every time he called his daughter's name he would think of her. But he knew he would be thinking of her anyway, even without the name. 'She'll have your beautiful black curls, and those eyes I lose myself in every time I look into them and her smile will make all the boys go crazy and you'll be all gray by the time she's sixteen.' Brenda's voice rung in his head and he remembered looking up at her as she said those words. He knew that they described Caitlin to a T. He just hoped that Brenda was watching, he smiled as Caiti snuggled in closer to him and knew that she was. "I love you" he whispered out into the night and then looked down at his daughter "I love you more than the world."

The End

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