Spawn vs Tidus

Tidus once again was sent to someplace,to the future.Spawn was standing in the alley like he usually does.Tidus was wandering around confused. He wandered into the alley cautious of an enemy.Spawn heard Tidus's breath because he breathing was clear and smooth unlike the hobos around him.Spawn instantly hid himself in his cloak. Tidus sensed no only the nasty smell of the hobos but,Spawn's tainted soul.When Spawn was about to attack Tidus instantly took out his sword and,slashed at Spawn.Spawn came out of his cloak.Spawn grabbed Tidus with his chains.Tidus slashed and broke the chains from his skin.Spawn jumped back,took out his uzis ,and started firing like crazy.Tidus was shot multiple times ,but drank a potion.Tidus asked"Where the hell am I." Spawn answered"You don't need to know that,but you will be going to hell,isnt that where you came from?" Spawn's chains have recovered now. Spawn made a swift move with his chains toward his neck,and now had Tidus's neck.His chains are now crushing Tidus' neck slowly.Tidus' was swinging his sword randomly till he cut Spawn's arm.The pain in Spawn's arm made his chains loosen.Spawn takes out a 357 caliber shotgun and he shot until he saw Tidus finally fall to the ground.Tidus muttered "I don't know where I've died."