Down the block Part 2

Here's a run down from Part 1: Eddie and the gang meet two new detectives from Alaska-Detectives Ellie Cateeti and Rich Smith. Jordan escapes from jail and joins up with a Russian Mobster named Andy to pull off a gold heist. Rich comes up with a plan to nail Jordan and her crew by luring her with gold in an armored car. Rich's plan goes as noted until Jordan attacks the armored car knocking JC and Rich. Jordan's crew fires several rounds of bullets on the side and blasts open the door to the back where the gold is. JC sees Rich is about to be trapped.

Scene 10

JC fires several shots from the backside hitting one of the gunmen. Jordan sees JC and tries to take a shot when Nina and Ellie pull up in Eddie's car. They see Jordan and take cover behind a parked car. Ellie pulls out her gun and starts to fire back. Jordan sees Nina and fires back hitting the parked car with bullets. JC heads to the back door of the armored car to find Rich. He pulls it open and sees Rich. People are scattering everywhere running for cover.

JC: (Screaming) Rich! Rich, we got to move out of here!

Rich: (Groaning and feeling a bruise on his head) Damn man! What happened? Where's our backup?

JC: Nina and Ellie are holding off Jordan and her crew. Bullets are flying everywhere my friend. C'mon we gotta help them out.

Rich: Right. Let's move. (Grabbing his gun and jumping out of the back) I'll cover you.

JC nods and runs for cover to where Nina and Ellie are. Rich covers JC and fires several shots at Jordan who takes cover about 15o feet away on the other side of the street. She signals Andy to get the gold. Andy drives around from the corner firing several shots from a machinegun and he pulls to the side next to the armored car. He and his friend get out and run to the back of the armored car to see the gold boxes.

Ellie: (Sees the two goons near the armored car) They're going for the gold. I'm going after them. (Runs off)

JC: No Ellie! Come back! (Runs after her)

Rich: Shit! I hate it when she does this. (Runs after JC and Ellie)

Ellie spots Andy and one of his men loading the gold bars into the bags. She reloads another magazine and makes her move.

Ellie: (Yells) Freeze you scumbag! Don't move!

Andy: (Turning around and pointing the gun at Ellie) Don't' think that's going to matter. Odds are two to one in my favor.

JC: Better change your odds. We just made it even better. (Points his gun at Andy)

Rich: It's over dude. Put the gun down slowly. (Points his gun at Andy as well)

Jordan: (holding the gun to Rich's head) Drop the guns or your partner here gets a bullet just like Tommy. (Pulling Rich like a human shield and drags him over to the blue truck)

Rich: (Angry) You won't get away with this Jordan! Every cop in New York will be after you! You kill me you gain nothing from it! Stupid bitch!

Nina sees Jordan holding Rich like a hostage and gets her attention.

Nina: Drop it Jordan! (Points her gun at her)

Jordan: (Grinning) Well, well! Looks like I'll get my wish to kill two birds with one stone. Where's your darling husband Eddie? He's not here to save you now!

Nina: You would be surprised Jordan. Let Rich go! It's me your after. (Pointing her gun at her) Drop your weapon now!

Jordan: (Holding the gun to Rich's head) One move and he gets it! I don't bluff on it either.

Rich: (to Nina) Take the shot Nina! Shoot her! Do it now!!!!!

Jordan: (laughing) she doesn't have the guts to take any shot to save your life. (Clonks Rich on the head with the gun and runs)

Rich falls to the ground. Nina and JC chase after Jordan but she gets away in the blue truck and drives off. Ellie rushes over to where they are.


Scene 11-4th Precinct station

Eddie and the others are reviewing their notes to turn in to Lt. Cooper when Rich walks in. He heads over to Eddie's desk. JC, Nina and Ellie greet him.

Rich: (to Nina) Thanks for saving my life Nina. (Pauses) Sorry If I got really pissed at you for not taking the shot, but Jordan got away. That's my fault.

Eddie: Rich, don't blame you. We got Andy and his crew. Right now we have to interrogate Andy to find out where Jordan might be headed.

Rich: I'd like to talk to the bastard myself.

Rich, Eddie, JC and Ellie all head to the interrogation room upstairs.

Scene 12-Interrogation Room

Andy is sitting with handcuffs on a chair. The group enters. Rich eyes Andy with a mean look.

Rich: I don't have to introduce myself since you're the jackass that tried to kill me earlier.

Andy doesn't say a word.

Rich: Okay we can play games dude. I'll ask you some questions and you tell me where you were suppose to meet Jordan at when you heisted that gold.

Andy: (accent) I won't tell you guy nothing unless I have a lawyer present. Besides why should I tell you?

JC: Because we can give you a jail sentence that would keep you safe until Jordan gets caught. Now where were you supposed to meet her up at when you heisted that gold?

Andy: If I tell you, can I get some kind of protection? I'm already going to be dead if she finds out I snitched to a cop.

Ellie: What makes you think she would kill you? She just tried to kill my partner here.

JC: Look, the only deal we can make is to send you back to prison overseas. You tell us where Jordan might be and maybe we can work out some kind of deal.

Andy: Staten Island Ferry Terminal. That's where my guys and I were supposed to meet her at when we got the gold. We were to load it onto a boat in the New Jersey harbor area about 20 miles from the terminal. The boat is disguised as a fishing vessel.

Rich: Any other place she might hide in first before she head there?

Andy: Warehouse in East Manhattan where my crew and I stashed the gold we heisted a day earlier.

Rich: (Clutching his fists) I think you know more about Jordan's next move. Right now, I feel like punching the living hell out of you.

JC: (holding Rich back) Step down dude. We got the info we needed so we go after Jordan now.

Ellie: He's right Rich, look, your pissed about Jordan getting away. We all are. This dude goes to jail and we go after the big fish.

Rich: (calming down) Yeah, I guess your right, but there's one thing missing. (Punches Andy in the face) That's for trying to kill me you stupid bitch!

Rich leaves the room. JC and Ellie follow. Lt. Cooper sees the incident and approaches the three of them.

Lt. Cooper: Smith, that wasn't necessary. What did you find out from this guy?

Ellie: Jordan might be hiding out in an abandoned warehouse over on the Eastside of Manhattan. She could be going after the stash of gold heisted a day before. We should do a stake out near that warehouse.

Lt. Cooper: Okay Williams, you Cateeti and Smith will stake out the warehouse and Nina and Eddie will go to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal just in case she tries to escape. I'm going to give you guys only 24 hours to get her before the FBI does. Go.

The three of them head downstairs. Rich bumps into Eddie.

Rich: Sorry Eddie.

Eddie: No problem dude. You okay?

Rich: I don't know Eddie. I think I messed up the plan. Thanks to me Jordan got away. (Sighs)

Eddie: Rich, it's not your fault. You got caught in the middle of a fight. We all did. Where are you guys going now?

Ellie: The sucker we caught says Jordan might be heading to an abandoned warehouse over in East Manhattan. We're going to check it out. Lt. Cooper wants you and Nina to cover the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in case she goes there. (Grabs her jacket and heads out the door)

Rich grabs his gear and runs out the door. JC follows. Eddie: I guess it's just you and me babe.

Nina: (Gives Eddie a look) Well at least we get to be alone. (Winks)

Scene 13-Stakeout near the abandoned warehouse in East Manhattan

JC, Ellie and Rich are sitting in JC's car checking out the abandoned warehouse. Ellie is looking through binoculars to keeping an eye out for Jordan. JC sits in the driver's seat tapping his hand on the steering wheel. Rich is slumped in the back out snoring.

JC: (yawns) I need to sleep early more.

Ellie: I thought this is the city that never sleeps. (Laughs)

JC: Yeah, well sometimes when you're on an important case, we don't get any sleep.

Rich: (waking up) I'm not asleep. (Grabs the binoculars from Ellie and looks through them) Okay we got some movement. I see a blue truck pulling up. Check it out. (Hands the binoculars back to Ellie)

Ellie: (taking a peek) That's the same blue truck we saw earlier. JC, what's our next move?

JC: Do you see Jordan?

Ellie: (replying) Yeah, her and two other guys. They're loading some metal chests into the truck. The gold bars must be in it.

JC: (pulling out his gun) Okay, I'll go around on the right and you two go down the middle. We'll surround them a little.

JC opens the door and runs over to a parked car on the right. Ellie and Rich run down the middle and get behind a dumpster with their guns in hands. JC pulls out his cell and calls Eddie.

JC: (on the phone) Eddie, it's JC. We need backup near an abandoned warehouse in East Manhattan. We found Jordan and the gold. They're moving it onto a truck. The address is 21703 Living Dale St. (Turns the phone off)

JC signals Ellie and Rich to get ready.

Guy#1: (spotting Rich and Ellie behind the dumpster) Oh shit cops! (Pulls out his gun and fires)

Jordan: (to Guy#2) Load the rest of the gold into the truck and get ready to get out of here.

Rich and Ellie return fire with their guns as the guy takes cover behind a doorway. He reloads and fires again. Rich runs to the side of the street and fires his gun hitting the gunmen in the chest several times. Jordan sees the guy fall down and starts to run inside. Ellie follows Rich as the two of them run inside. JC takes out the other guy. Eddie and Nina arrive to see JC.

Eddie: Where's Jordan?

JC: (cuffing the other guy) She went inside and ran out the back. Rich and Ellie are chasing after her.

Nina runs inside. She pulls out her gun and checks everywhere watching every move she makes.

Rich and Ellie run after Jordan behind the warehouse. They exchange gunfire after Jordan climbs a metal fence into the next yard. Rich pursues and climbs the fence along with Ellie. Nina spots Rich and Ellie and decides to follow. Jordan runs across the back area of another warehouse and sees a wall ahead of her. She's got nowhere to run to. Jordan sees the river on her left. She's about to jump when Rich tackles her to the ground. Jordan puts up a struggle punching Rich in the chest. Rich punches Jordan in the face and smacks her head. He pulls his gun on her and aims it at her head.

Ellie and Nina run towards Rich.

Nina: Rich, don't kill her. She needs to go back to jail.

Rich doesn't listen.

Ellie: Rich, this won't bring Tommy back. Killing Jordan makes you stoop to her level. Listen to Nina. She's your friend/partner. I'm your partner too. Let the court decide what to do with Jordan.

Rich: (taking his hand off the trigger) What kind of justice will put her away for good Nina? What kind of trust can I get from the justice system?

Nina: A good one Rich. I know she tried to kill you. You're in a lot of rage and anger and I can understand that, but if you kill her then it doesn't make you a cop period.

Rich: I guess your right. (Taking the cuffs out and cuffing Jordan) Let me read your rights Jordan. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney if you can't afford one, the court will appoint one. Do you understand these rights I've given you?

Jordan: (replying) Yeah I do.

Nina and Ellie lead Jordan away. Rich looks up at the sky.

Rich: (to himself) I finally got the bad guy Tommy. This is for you.

Scene 14-Club Natalie's

Michelle Branch is singing the song 'Are You Happy Now' on stage. Rich is sitting at the bar. Ellie and JC join him. Nina and Eddie are dancing.

Rich: (tapping his glass) We finally got her.

Ellie: You did great partner.

JC: (raising his glass) to Tommy.

Ellie and Rich: To Tommy

JC: you both did a great job today. Glad you guys are on the same team. I can't wait to work more cases with you guys.

Rich: Nina gave me some good advice on not killing Jordan JC. I'm glad I didn't.

Ellie: I really thought you were about to Rich.

Cut to the end of the scene with music playing in the background.

That's the end of the story guys. Stay tuned for my next story coming soon.