Title: Angels Would Fall prologue

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: YYxY, BxR, and other pairings to come

Warnings: AU, angels, light angst, romance

Archive: Fanfiction.net


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Disclaimer: I thought of wishing for the YGO boys to fall into my arms by wishing upon a shooting star. But well, I'm still looking for that shooting star. So no, I don't own any of the YGO gang or the anime.

He was already near the edge of heaven, the home he was born into. Just a few more steps, and he'd be gone. Still, from where he was standing, he could peer into the lower realm, the world where humans lived. The world where love sometimes became obsolete, useless and even a burden. And where love still thrived, despite it all. He took another step.

Another stood by him, ready to guide him down once he left the safety of heaven. The older angel watched solemnly, almost unwilling to believe what he knew was going to happen. After all, such things were seldom heard of, and even more rarely seen. For a moment, he contemplated asking the young one to reconsider, but words would not come to him. He had no reason to ask him to stay, after all. Sighing, he prepared himself for the task ahead.

Suddenly, a voice rang out.

"Wait! Ryou, don't go!"

The white-haired angel, hearing his name being called, turned around from the edge of the clouds.


Another angel appeared before him, looking flustered and panting faintly. Taking a deep breath, Yami looked into his eyes, gazing intensely and his lips caught in a taut line. Shaking his head, he said, "Don't go," and after a moment of hesitation, "please."

Ryou could only give him a gentle smile that had, on so many other occasions, offered him comfort. But comfort was hardly what Yami had in mind, not when his best friend was leaving heaven. For good.

"Yami, I have to go. He's waiting for me."

"No, you don't have to go." Yami's tone was soft but firm, almost as though a harsh whisper. His flaming orbs seemed unusually subdued, barely conveying his distress. "He's only human. And you know what that means. They're unreliable! None of their emotions are real. And even if they were, those feelings will fade over time. Ryou, he'll stop loving you one day. Besides, humans are not eternal! They'll die, while we were blessed with eternity! To give up your immortality in paradise for one man… It's not worth it!"

The other angel gazed at him intently for a moment, his smile never faltering. "But it is," Ryou answered, eyes softening as he thought of his lover, still pining for him on earth. "Maybe you're right; maybe it won't be forever. But… even if our bodies perish, our feelings will still be there. Even if… he won't love me forever, I'll still get a taste of what it's like and I'll be able to love him forever. That is enough, for me."

Yami clenched his fists, and his brows fell into their perpetual frown. "He's just a human! You can't trust them. They lie, they connive, they hate and they sin. They only look to God when they're in trouble, when they've got no one else to turn to. But where do they chuck us when they're happy, when they've got everything they want for themselves? They don't believe in God, and definitely not us," he tried again, flailing his arms almost wildly. When he saw that his words weren't working, he glared at the other angel beside Ryou. "Help me here, Rishid!"

But the older angel could only stare back. When the red-eyed angel would not back down, he said, "Yami, don't you think I've tried? Besides, I probably feel even worse than you, having to guide Ryou down to earth! Can you imagine it? Me, guiding an angel to fall from heaven and taking his wings? Do you think I want to let him go too? But you've heard the council! You can't fight their decisions!" His tone was laced with exasperation and hinted of weariness.

Yami snorted almost harshly, but said nothing more. Rishid was right. No one could ever deny the council's decisions.

Ryou turned to Rishid. "I'm sorry, Rishid. You didn't have to do this…"

He shook his head firmly. "Don't be silly. I'd be worried if I didn't guide you down personally."

"Thank you…" the young angel replied, his heartfelt sincerity easily discerned. He turned back to his best friend. "Yami, you shouldn't stereotype human beings. Not all of them are evil. Besides, even angels can be tainted and become fallen. You can't expect more than that for humans," he replied easily. Still, he knew that Yami was not to be convinced that simply. After all, he had disliked humans for as long as he could remember. And being skeptical of them, Yami had seldom gone down to the human realm to take a look.

He himself, on the other hand, had believed otherwise. When he had gone down for the first time, he had seen love and compassion. And he felt compelled to help, to spread God's love around to everyone. His visits to earth soon became a frequent event, often in disguise to help the needy. It was on one of such visits that he had met Bakura, a high school student who had ensnared his heart with his portraits.

"I love him. And he's waiting for me. I have to go back to him. He needs me."

But Yami would have none of it. Quickly, he ran in front of Ryou and blocked his path, arms and wings all spread out.

"I won't let my best friends give up his wings. The love of humans is not worthy of all the things you have to give up. Ryou, do you even understand? You'll have to give up heaven, our home! And your wings! And your immortality! You'll never come back to heaven again!"

"Bakura has given me a new heaven, one where I can happy in. And he has painted me wings on his canvas to last forever. I don't need immortality if I can't be with him. My home… is where he is. Yami, don't stop me now. I have to go."

But the other angel stood firmly to his ground. "He doesn't know what happened to his mother, does he?"

Ryou stiffened, taking in a sharp breath. He looked away, his eyes glassy. For a moment, all seemed frozen in time as his face registered shock, forlornness and then faded to regret.

He was hitting below the belt; he knew it. But if it would keep his friend in heaven… he'd just better have a good idea of consoling Ryou later. Oh, he didn't cry often, but when he did, the amount of tears would be enough to put out the flames in hell. It irked him to hurt his friend, but Yami persisted and added, "Do you think he'll still love you if he found out?"

"That's why I have to go down and stay with him. I've failed him once; I won't allow it to happen again. If… If he discovers the truth and decides that… he can't love me anymore… it's just what I deserve." Ryou's voice was soft to begin with, and it was almost inaudible by the end. But the traces of wistfulness tingeing his words were so profound.

"Yami, that's enough. Do not interfere with this any longer. It is Ryou's decision as much as the council's," Rishid explained, already poised to pull the obstructing angel away. However, Ryou placed an assuring arm on his wrist and shook his head. Sighing, he backed down, allowing the younger one to take over.

Ryou offered his friend one more smile. "Come and visit me when you have the time, would you? I'll miss you, Yami…"

A sudden gust of wind bellowed, and its force made Yami's eyes close on their own accord. For a moment, he brought his arms in front of his face to shield himself. Then the wind dissipated as suddenly as it had come. When he opened his eyes, Ryou was gone. He gasped, and ran to the edge of the clouds. Seeing the swirl of the clouds in a light violet haze below, he felt his heart fall, just like the way his friend was falling down to earth.

Rishid just stood on the other side, peering down intently and murmuring quietly.

Note: This is my first YGO fic, ever, so erm... forgive me if I write anything strange? /sweatdrops/ And I have no beta for this fic, so any mistakes are mine and mine alone. Unless someone is willing to help me with it?