Title: Angels Would Fall part 2

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: YYxY, BxR, and other pairings to come

Warnings: AU, angels, light angst, romance

Disclaimer: I thought of wishing for the YGO boys to fall into my arms by wishing upon a shooting star. But well, I'm still looking for that shooting star. So no, I don't own any of the YGO gang or the anime.

Note: I have never believed that Yugi is weak. He is just shy and physically undeveloped, but he is hardly weak, even before getting Jou as a friend. He would never have shielded Jou and Honda from Ushio if he had been. Hence, the Yugi you see in this fic might be a little different from what you've seen in other fics and there will be no OOC tag for that.



Yugi wasn't sure what had made him want to stay in on a Friday night, when people of his age were mostly out there partying the night away, relishing the temporary freedom from school. But when his friends had asked him out for a pizza, a movie and a night at the arcade, he had, somehow, rejected the offer.

It wasn't too unlike him though, and his friends made no issue out of that.

The whole incident just made Yugi think about his life in an otherworldly perspective, as though he were going over his life as another person. But it was hard not to, not when he had never felt comfortable in his body and that his skin was the only thing that kept him from going everywhere at once.

His body was definitely restricting, whether in terms of the things he could do or how others perceived him to be. Even though he was already a seventeen-years-old teenager, he had the body of someone at least four years younger. His short arms and legs always made gym a horrible experience for him, and his petite stature merely amplified that problem too many times to even keep count.

The bullies in school certainly didn't help matters either. Sometimes, Yugi thought that he had a 'please pick on me' sign stuck on his forehead in neon lights. One of these days, they were going to kill him. Vaguely, he wondered if he should prepare his will beforehand. Like now.

As pessimistic as the idea sounded, he picked out a pen and paper. It was, after all, better to be safe than sorry.

'Okay, Jou can have my desk. His is practically falling apart. And he and Honda can divide my manga and game collections among themselves, though how they'll manage that civilly is beyond me. My plushies go to Anzu of course, but Mokuba would probably want the Dark Magician one...' he thought, writing everything down in his neat and precise handwriting. 'What else should I give away?'

He looked around his room. There was hardly anything else worth giving his friends, even though he had a lot of things lying around. His grandfather had made sure that Yugi would never lack anything; anything he wanted, he got it, sometimes even before he asked for it. It was probably his way of making up for his regular absence.

Then, Yugi's eyes landed on something. He reached for it slowly, covering it almost lovingly with his hand. Picking it up gently, he smiled wryly. Even after all these years, he had always found it ironic that how a deck of inanimate objects could be his most loyal companion.

'I guess... Kaiba could have my deck, even though he probably won't need it. His deck is strong enough as it is.'

He was fanning out his duel monster cards and admiring them when suddenly, something caught his attention. But the sound went away as suddenly as it came, and Yugi shrugged it off. However, it resounded through the otherwise still night again soon enough like a lasting scratch across a chalkboard.

Someone was coughing nearby, and didn't sound like he or she was gonna stop anytime soon, judging from the sounds of it. Curiously, Yugi pushed his window open and leaned out. It took a while to pinpoint the source of the coughing simply because it was dark, but he finally noticed the figure huddled against the wall, looking like he (Yugi had figured this out from the person's body language; no womanly woman would do all the things the guy did) was going to pass out. And if he could come to that conclusion based on the fact that he could see only the person's silhouette, he wondered how bad it really was for the guy.

His kindness shoved common sense aside as Yugi dashed down the stairs of his house. The poor guy out there needed help, and it didn't seem like anyone else was going to. Opening his door, he turned right. The person was still leaning against the wall, still coughing. By now, the unrelenting coughing sounded painful and raw, like his throat was completely sore and dry.

"Hey! Are you..."

Yugi's words were barely out of his mouth when the stranger blacked out, falling down to the ground in a careless heap.



The colour of regret.

It wrapped around him like a shroud, caressing him like a whisper of smoke, a kiss of tears and a flicker of nothingness.

It blotted out every other colour, almost like they had never even existed.

The eternal plane of darkness...it was warm, and yet cold.

He welcomed it's allure, and yet rejected it's beckoning.

It was so dark, so very dark.

So much like himself, his person, his life, and his name.

Slowly, his eyes opened, slits of blood red barely visible. But he was still caught in the darkness like a fox in a steel trap, until he felt something cool pressed against his forehead. He tried again.

It was no good; exhaustion quickly caught up with him like a gust of wind ensnarling him in its claws. And his eyes slipped shut again, but not before catching a sliver of purple.


The colour of... absolution.


He was floating in a sea of clouds, feeling the wispy material kissing his skin in a cooling sensation. It was his hobby, lazing around the clouds and snoozing. As long as he looked up, all he would see was the beauty that was heaven.

But his eyes were closed.

Distantly, he heard a familiar tone of voice.

'Ryou? Is that you?'

He tried to open his eyes, but found his lids heavy and unwilling to obey.

The voice was soft and comforting. He wanted to see Ryou.

He struggled to open his eyes again, and finally, they started to budge.

The darkness quickly gave way to light that flooded his senses, and he hissed at the sudden pain that invaded his eyes. It was like something sharp but small stabbing at him, and it hurt. But it was, strangely, comforting at the same time. Instincts told him to bring an arm up to shield the light, but his arms were so heavy as though they had been chained down.

He moaned.

"Sorry! I forgot about that!"

The voice exclaimed, and he felt the concern wash over him. Vaguely, he heard a soft 'click' and the light was gone in an instant. Panic started to chip at the concern he had felt earlier.

'Don't shut me out from the light! Don't leave me in darkness again!' he yelled mentally, his throat much too sore to speak. His eyes fluttered open, and this time it didn't hurt anymore. 'Where am I?'

"Hey, are you alright?"

Yami felt the bed he was lying on dip slightly, and he looked to his side. His vision was a blurred swirl of colours, but he could still make out the enchanting purple pools gazing back at him. It was someone's eyes, he reasoned, which meant that it wasn't Ryou. But the voice was just as sweet, just as comforting. He wanted to hear more of that voice, liking the way it seemed to resonate within his being and tingle his insides.


"You collapsed outside my house. What were you thinking? Running around when you're burning up with fever? You should be more careful," the boy admonished lightly, reaching out a hand to gingerly touch his forehead like a loving mother would do. "At least your fever seems to be going down."

Yami felt a shiver run through his body at the touch. He was sure, that if he didn't have a fever before, his skin was certainly on fire now. He wanted more.

"You're still weak now, so I guess you'll have to spend the night over here. Go back to sleep and we can talk tomorrow. I wonder who you are though..."

If he had the strength, he would have answered, "And I you." But what little strength he had left was rapidly seeping away like water in a net, and Yami felt himself drifting in the darkness again. But this time, he felt that little sliver of purple keeping his head above the murky waters and he smiled contentedly.


It was definitely strange. But at least now he knew why he had chosen to stay home on a Friday night. Or maybe it wasn't exactly 'chosen'. Fate had probably dictated him to do so. Still, if he could and knew that he would get an answer, he wanted to ask, "Why me?"

And then he'd probably hear someone (maybe a voice from who knows where) answer, "If not you, then who!?"

Life sucked sometimes. Really, it did.

Stealing a glance at the being asleep on his bed, Yugi frowned. The boy's fever had gone down some time ago, but he still seemed so drained of his energy that he could barely open his eyes. And even so, it was just for a moment before he got back to sleep again.

Still, that one moment in time was enough for Yugi to catch sight of those blazing red eyes that seemed to smolder like fire and yet at the same time, bleed profusely. He imagined it was the type of eyes authors would bless the monsters under their pens with, scary... and heartbreakingly bitter.

But those eyes weren't exactly the things that were putting him off kilter. Just why did he look so much like himself?

Yugi stared at the dozing figure from his desk again. That spiky hairdo was just impossible to copy, as far as he could tell. He had tried once, spiking up Jou's blonde locks with hair gel. They gave up after using 3 bottles and still unable to keep the hair from limping sideways. And the golden bangs that framed their faces protectively, the raven hair that eventually gave way to reddish tips... How did one have that sort of hair anyway? He flicked a lock of his bangs away from his eyes and sighed. The only difference was that the boy had streaks of gold, the same colour as his bangs, running through his raven hair like Zeus' thunder bolts. It would probably look strange, awkward even, if it had been someone else, but it looked so natural... so fitting on him.

That was hardly the strangest thing that spooked Yugi, however. The crimson eyes, the tri-coloured hair... oh no. Those were just minute coincidences that were a little too coincidental for his comfort.

He turned away, but he couldn't shake off the outlandish feeling that was eating at him. Feeling the cool solid presence of his unfinished puzzle in his hands, he felt a little calmer; the puzzle, a present from his grandfather long ago, always seemed to emit a soothing resonance for him. It glinted in the light of his desk lamp, looking more otherworldly than ever.

But just why did the other have wings?

And pure black wings at that?


A pain so unlike any other gripped his body, sending him into another coughing fit. He felt terrible. In milder terms, it was like being run over by a truck, and a 16-wheeler at that. At least, that was how Ryou had described his pain when he had hit his head in a ball game.


That seemed to be a cue, and his eyes flew open. But what greeted Yami wasn't what he was used to seeing. Where the clear blue sky used to be was replaced by a stark white ceiling, and the moist clouds he slept in wasn't there either. Instead, he was lying on a dry bed and covered by a warm blanket. Wasn't this how humans slept in their realm?


Yami run through his memories. 'Ryou left heaven, and Malik and I were talking about it... And then I got mad at the whole thing, and I went to the edge of heaven... and I jumped. Oh god... I'm in the human realm!'

Disconcerted, he tried to throw off the blankets and get away, but found his wavering strength leaving him again. And then there was a gentle presence pushing him back down.

"Hey, lie back down. You don't seem that well enough yet."

That voice again. He had heard it before, when he was drifting. Yami looked up and saw the purple eyes again, the same ones that he had seen in his dreams. But now that he took a closer look, he noticed that it wasn't just any shade of purple. It was a mesmerizing amethyst more exquisite than any jewel and softer than any silk. When did mere humans have eyes of that shade? As though they had been kissed by the Creator...

There had been someone else though. Someone with eyes the same shade of amethyst that seemed to glimmer in the dark like a beacon of hope, with so much trust it made him feel so wanted whenever he looked at him in the eye. But that had been ages past.

Yami put up no resistance at the voice and the eyes. There seemed like there was no way he could, anyway. It was like a spell had been woven upon him like an intricate web that kept him submissive as though a tamed cat that had been offered warm milk and a soft bed. But the trance did not last long, and he blinked when his finally came back to realize what the boy before him really was.

"Human!" he exclaimed, much to his own surprise. He always thought that he had better control than that. Shoving that stray thought aside, Yami tried to get off the bed and make his getaway. But his now weak body protested rather painfully, and the headache that had left him earlier came back full force like a herd of elephants playing soccer. He fell back into the bed, groaning.

"Hey! Are you all right? You look you've just seen a ghost..." the boy trailed off, trying to feel his forehead again.

But Yami, gathering what he had of his strength, slapped it away. "Don't touch me. Who are you? Why did you bring me here?"

"Well, you fainted outside my house. If I didn't bring you in, my neighbours would probably think I murdered you and dumped your body outside," the boy replied rather indignantly. But his voice quickly turned gentle again, as though he wasn't really able to say anything malicious and mean. "And my name's Yugi. Mutou Yugi."

If the elephants had finished with their game, Yami would have snapped at Yugi. Still, anything he wanted to say was quickly died on his lips when Yugi started to massage his throbbing head and easing the ache inside.

"Just relax for a minute and close your eyes. You'll feel much better after this."

He settled into a trance again, feeling the comforting spell lapping at him like warm water. It felt so much like how things were in the past. After an argument with Malik as to why he didn't have to like humans, he'd fly over to Ryou's place to hide for a bit. He hated how the other angels always tried to get him to change his opinion about humans, trying to convince him that he would learn to like them or even love them if he just gave them a chance. Only Ryou didn't try. Never did he ever try to argue with him. Ryou accepted him, no matter what he thought and how he felt. Ryou always accepted him.

For a moment, Yami thought that he was hiding at Ryou's place again, the only place he was free from the incessant debates and arguments and the only place where he didn't have to convince others the way he was.

It was his shelter.

And he loved it.

"Feeling any better now?"

"Yea... thanks, Ryou..." he replied automatically. But when he opened his eyes and saw not the brown doe eyes he had come to associate his friend with, he stiffened. He didn't try to jump away, however.

"Erm, that's great," Yugi offered, ignoring the slip.

"Where am I?"

"My room. You fainted outside some..." –Yugi took a quick glance at his clock sitting on the nightstand- "30 minutes ago. You were burning up with fever, but it wasn't too serious so I didn't call the doctor or anything. Besides, I didn't think you would appreciate it."

"Excellent observational skills," he answered dryly, and tried to sit up again. This time, his head felt a lot better; he reckoned the elephants were having a half-time break, at least. And Yugi made it easier for him too, propping him up with the pillows and supporting him. It irked him a little, having to get help from a human, but Yami knew that was the least of his problems. For now, at least. Just what had made him so unwell that he actually blacked out? Even now, he could still feel the throb inside his head, aching to hurt... again.

Yugi frowned. "Thank you, but I think it's a given that most people would freak out if they saw your wings."

That certainly got Yami's attention and he snapped his head to the amethyst-eyed boy in a combination of shock, horror and sheer surprise.

"I'm... not supposed to see it, huh?" His voice was much like that of a child whose hand had been caught in the cookie jar.

Yami gawked. For a while, his mouth opened and closed repeatedly like a goldfish gasping for air, like he had something he wanted to say but didn't exactly know what. Words, it seemed, were the farthest thing from him at the moment. Finally, he gasped, "How?"

"How what? How I saw your wings? I just do. I mean..."

"Are you even human?"

Yugi frowned harder. "No, I'm an alien from outer space who has assumed the guise of a human being." He rolled his eyes rather in disbelief. "Of course I am! What else can I be?"

An angel, Yami's mind answered, but he slapped himself mentally for the slip. What made him think that a human could pass off as an angel? Still, there was the question of why Yugi was able to see his half-hidden wings. Even though they were not completely concealed, it was still impossible for a mere human to see them. And his afternoon spent walking around the city of Domino had proven that point; no one had seen his wings except for Yugi.

He shrugged. There was no answer now. Perhaps he would ask Isis when he went back.

"So what are you? Humans don't have wings like yours," Yugi commented casually, then he bit his bottom lip. "Well, not that I know of any."

For a moment, Yami considered what to tell him. It normally wasn't a good idea to tell someone in the human realm that you were an angel; you'd either be carted off to the nearest mental institution or get laughed at in your face. It was also possible that the human would run off for the hills, screaming like the denizens of hell were at their heels. Then again, Yugi was taking the fact that he had wings pretty well. And it would not do well for an angel to lie.

"I'm an angel."

"I see."

Yami blinked. That was taking it a bit too well. "Really? Even if I have black wings?"

"Well, since I'm not an angel, I don't think I'm to judge you by the colour of your wings. Besides, I think black suits you. You'd probably look a bit strange if you had white wings." Yugi chuckled.

He resisted the urge to ask Yugi if he was really a human again. When was the last time he had met a human who was so accepting and... angel-like? Maybe he wasn't in the human realm but another part of heaven; that would certainly explain Yugi's character. But the people he had seen that afternoon were no doubt humans. Petty, superficial, impure and everything Yugi was not.

"So what's heaven like? Can you tell me?"

The questions caught him off guard. No one had ever been so curious about heaven. Then again, Yugi was the first human to ever ask, since he was the first one to ever know of his angelic identity. "Heaven is just where we angels live. Nothing much."

"What do you live in? Houses like us?"

"Yeah, but our houses are made of a cloud-like material. There's no ground actually; we mostly walk on clouds. But then again, flying is the preferred mode of transport because it's faster."

"And what do you do for a living?"

"We don't actually have jobs. But we do have duties we need to fulfill. Most angels are guardian angels, and their duty is to take care of humans, so they take trips down to earth frequently to give help where it's needed. However, we can take breaks whenever we want and breaks can last for as long as wish to. No one forces you to work, really."

"So you're on one of these trips?"

Yami frowned. "No. I haven't been down here for centuries..." A stray, random thought hit him. "And that's probably why I'm feeling unwell right now. I'm not used to the air and atmosphere here."

"But you're feeling better now?" Yugi asked, chucking a mug of water towards him.

"Yes. I just need to rest for a bit and let my body get used to it again. Thanks for the water." Yami took a generous gulp and set it on the nightstand.

"No problem. So why are you down here, if you're not on one of those... helping trips?"

The angel frowned, a dark look overcoming his eyes again. Half-hugging his legs, he buried his face into his clasped hands.

To Yugi, he looked like the epitome of loneliness. Yet at the same time, Yami could pass off as a marvelous marble statue created under the magical hands of Michelangelo. Another statue of David, he thought, and absolutely attractive.

Yami remained silent for a long while, and Yugi thought it would be best to leave him alone. Perhaps this was a sensitive subject. He was surprised when the angel spoke, his voice losing the usual authoritative air.

"I'm looking for someone."


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