Author's note:

I'm assuming that the froglike digimon that worship Mimi are called Geckomon.

There was once a princess in a prosperous land where digimon and humans lived in harmony. The princess's name was Mimi and she was a very attractive girl.

One day she was in the yard playing with a golden digivice when all of a sudden it fell into a pond. She knelt on the ground and looked into the dark water. However, she could not see a thing. The thought of her beautiful golden digivice in the murky pond water upset her so much that she started crying.

It was then that she heard some splashing in the water and soon she could see a geckomon heading her way.

"Princess Mimi, why are you crying?" it asked curiously.

"My golden digivice has fallen into the pond." she said as she cried, "I'll never see it again!"

"I could possibly get it back for you," the geckomon said.

"Oh please do, I'll give you any of my toys or jewelry," Mimi said.

"I don't need any of your toys or jewelry. However, if you promise to let me eat off your plate and let me sleep in your bed I will be happy to retrieve your digivice."

She eagerly agreed and not long after the geckomon got the golden digivice back, just as it had promised. The princess was so happy she didn't even thank the geckomon before running back to the palace leaving the geckomon all alone and dumbfounded.

That evening the royal family sat down to dinner when suddenly there was a knock on the palace door. The princess went to open the door to see the geckomon waiting. She slammed the door and went back inside. When the king asked her who was at the door she told him about the geckomon and the promise that she made.

"If you have made a promise you must keep it. Now then, let the geckomon in."

Once the geckomon was lead into the palace it asked the princess to lift it to the table to share the food on her dish.

Mimi didn't want to but her father gave her a looked that meant she was obliged to do so. The geckomon ate heartily while the rest of the family looked at it with disgust. Soon it had had its fill and said to Mimi,

"Now I am tired. Please take me to your room where I may rest on your bed." And so she did, to her disliking. Just the thought of sleeping on the same bed as it sent shivers down her spine.

That night as she slept she had nightmares of scary and evil virus type digimon. In the morning she woke up glad that her nightmares were over. Then she remembered the geckomon and dreaded the thought of having to see it again.

However, when she turned over she was amazed to see a guy with short navy hair and glasses wearing a very stylish outfit.

"Good morning Princess Mimi, I'm Prince Joe and I just wanted to thank you so much for saving me!"

"Wait a sec, does that mean that you were the geckomon?" Mimi asked.

"That's right," the prince replied, "Y'see, I was changed into a geckomon by a devimon and the only way to break that spell was for me to receive a princess's love. You took me into your home and cared for me, which was enough to break the spell. Thank you so much!"

"That's alright, after all I had no idea that you were a prince at all!" Mimi said and blushed.

Joe took her hand and looked into her eyes, "Mimi, would you do the honour and be my wife?"

This took Mimi by surprise, "It's a bit early isn't it?"

The prince thought about it and said, "I guess you're right, how does being my girlfriend sound to you?"

Mimi laughed, "That sounds lovely!"

That day Mimi introduced Joe to her family and they immediately approved of him as he was a polite guy. So from then on the two went out until they eventually got married and ruled the land as King and Queen.

Author's note:

I hoped you liked that, it's my third digitale. Please take the time to read and review the other two as well as this one.