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Wicked Wizardry

Chapter 1

Behind me, I had one of those weeks… You know the kind that is filled with events you just want to file away as soon as possible under the label 'Unwanted Life Experiences', and then forget they ever happened. I will not bother you with details, but let us just say that the life of a Potion Mistress can at times be a very hectic lifestyle between the more mundane events like cauldron meltdowns and boring staff meetings.

I had Apparated here less than an hour ago and tomorrow was the day for our Ten-Year Reunion Party after graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I more or less felt I had managed to get through the week in one piece, not that I could say the same for my some of my students, while managing to make all the necessary preparations for this trip. I was tired... so tired!

It was late, and I knew I ought to get in bed and try to get some much-needed rest. The Apparition from Brazil, where I currently held a professorship and taught potions at San Paulo Escola de Bruxaria, had drained me thoroughly. However, I was strung out and too tense to consider going to bed yet, so instead I decided to take a stroll down to the lake.

The evening was enchanted; the night sky black as velvet and sprinkled with stars glittering like diamonds and not a soul was in sight. I sighed as I realised that I secretly had hoped to run in to at least a couple of old friends from the past, not really wishing to be alone. This place held so many memories, some good but also many that weighed heavily on my shoulders. As I turned around and started the long walk back up to the castle, my heart was filled with sadness and tears stung my eyes. Suddenly, I heard a twig break behind me.

Still wrapped in my misery, it took me a moment too long to react and before I could draw my wand and spin around, firm hands grabbed my waist as a familiar voice whispered in my ear. "Now, what would a beautiful young witch such as yourself be doing wandering alone outside on a magical night like this?"

Once again, before I could react, a silk scarf slid over my eyes and I felt it being gently tied behind my head. The whispering voice returned even closer to my ear. "Do not be afraid, Hermione, I mean you only comfort..." The voice was silent for a moment, before adding, "...and perhaps pleasure, if you are willing...?"

I noticed the silent pause after the question. The wizard behind the voice was waiting for my permission. At first, I hesitated... after all, the bastard had rejected me six years ago and told me to leave the past behind and go conquer the world instead of trying to conquer him. I ought to hex his arrogant arse to Avalon and above... at least I should pretend to be indignant I suppose, but I chose not to. Instead, I silently nodded in acquiescence.

Instantly, strong arms wrapped around and held me in a tight, loving embrace. Without thinking, I leaned back against a firm chest, surprised that all I felt was safety and warmth. Perhaps I felt a hint of something else; this truly was an enchanted night. I felt it possible that he cast a spell on me. However, I was not about to protest, because for the first time in over a week I felt wonderfully relaxed and content.

I felt a warm breath against the back of my neck and a gentle nuzzle into that soft spot where my neck and shoulder meet. I melted, and forgot all about my previous mood and found myself sighing loudly in passion and joy. "Yes, I must be under a spell. I'm not this easy under normal circumstances." The thought passed like a flash through my otherwise incoherent mind, but I think I must have said it aloud. The whispering voice returned to my ear, a hot mouthful of air that instantly turned my legs into jelly. "Yes, I have put an enchantment on you but the spell will not make you do anything that is against your wishes."

"Yeah… right," I thought, but again I must have said it aloud. Either that or he used Legilimency on me. I shivered at the idea. Being this close to, and reacting the way I was to a powerful and most wicked wizard was not a good time to have one's mind read!

As a sign that my suspicions were correct, I heard soft laughter as he pulled me even closer and started to gently kiss my neck. With one of his hands, he slowly traced the part of my face that was not covered by the silk scarf. Then his hand moved to caress my hair, his fingertips encircled a few strands of frizzled tresses, all the while he was kissing, licking, biting and nuzzling my neck, my shoulders, my ears...

His fingers then tenderly moved from my hair down towards my shoulders, my arms. I felt a firm grip as he effortlessly lifted and turned me around, and in one swift movement had me facing him. The ease and strength displayed by this action was shocking. My eyes flew open and I stared into my blindfold, trying to will myself to see through it... to meet his black eyes, to read his intentions.

He must have picked up my thoughts again, or discerned my intention from my movement, because he quickly caught my hands as I lifted them toward the scarf binding my eyes. His grip was gentle but firm, and I was effectively trapped, pressed against a granite chest as he moved my arms behind my back. As I opened my mouth to protest... warm, moist lips descended and captured my own, silencing me in a most pleasant way.

Sometime during our kiss, the wizard scooped me up in his arms and began carrying me off to somewhere. I was not able to ask him where he was taking me, because his mouth never left mine... Not even to breathe! I found myself quickly learning the skill to alternate between breathing through my nose and breathing into my former Professor's mouth to prevent myself from passing out due to lack of oxygen.

After he had carried me for a while, I sensed, rather than felt, that we were descending and the air around me grew colder. He was so strong and his grip around my body so firm, that it was actually quite hard to tell if he was walking downhill or if he was walking down stairs. All the time he continued to molest my mouth and bruise my lips in a most possessive fashion, and I was in no position to protest... not that I wanted to... but anyway...

Suddenly I was able to breathe freely, as he without warning released my mouth and placed me on my feet. I lost all sense of orientation, and I think I must have swayed a bit, because he wrapped his arms around me in a steadying embrace. Then again, before I had time to react, I was pushed backwards and fell. My arms reached out, desperate for something to hold on to, but found only air. As my body finally came to a halt, it was against something soft and bouncy... a bed! That bloody bastard, he had pushed me back on top of a bed of some sort. I realised that he probably had taken me down to his private quarters in the Dungeon.

Well, this had been my highest desire six years ago but then he had rejected me. Now that I finally was here, I found that things were moving way too fast for me, and I needed to regain some kind of control. However, that was not going to happen, because at that moment I felt a heavy body land on top of my own sprawled out form. As I opened my mouth to voice a protest, my mouth was merciless claimed and once again, I was effectively muted... and rather roughly so, I may add.

"Enough", I thought. "I will not be manhandled like this." Regardless of the fact that my body reacted with heated waves of pleasure, I was not used to being submissive. I needed to be in control! Therefore, I protested in the only way I could. I pounded my fists against his back, but got no reaction for my efforts. His back was unnervingly solid, and my fists started to hurt. I could just as well have been hitting a marble surface.

Finally, he must have grown tired of my relentless pounding efforts. He released my mouth, rose up and deftly collected my hammering fists. Before I knew what happened, my wrists were tied together with some kind of soft but unyielding material and securely attached to a bar or pole behind my head.

A surge of fear rushed through my mind and my body began to tremble. "What was this? What was he planning to do to me?" All kind of ideas and images started to tumble around in my head, and not all of them were pleasant. I started to remember some of the warnings I had been given by Professor Lupin as I pursued my old Potion teacher all those years ago. He had told me, that while I could trust Professor Snape with my life, I should not be so quick to trust him with my well-being. And, I thought of some of the stories that I had overheard at The Leaky Cauldron of Snape's sexual appetite. Some of the stories gave a rather intimidating description of this wizard and the deeds he was capable of and the games he liked to play with his lovers!

"Please…" I started to plead, but a finger gently placed against my lips silenced me. "Silence!" he ordered. "Do not be afraid. You were doing so well up until now." The voice was surprisingly tender and it managed to wash away some of my worst fears. "When I found you, you looked so sad and tired and I instantly decided that tonight I would give you that which you sought back when you were my apprentice. Tonight you will have my undivided attention." His words continued to calm me and once again, I felt the heat slowly build in my body. "I have placed a slight enchantment over you, just to help free you of some of your inhibitions. What I have planned for you will require your complete trust and cooperation." With those words, he slid the blindfold away and the enigmatic, black pools of Severus Snape's eyes gazed down at me.


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