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Chapter 3

I have to admit that I have always been somewhat hung up about the whole bottom thing. Although I like to think of myself an open-minded witch, I have always suffered from this guilty hang-up about anything to do with my bottom. Even though other people's bottoms do not worry me, I am rather precious about mine. Firstly, I firmly believe that it is exit-only. Secondly, when in intimate situations I have always worried that it might not be as scrupulously clean as it should be.

When Professor Snape had explained to me what he was going to 'treat' me to this night, I first did not believe what I was hearing. "You are going to do WHAT?"

I was far from a being a virgin, but this was a virginity I never even had considered I needed to lose. My first reaction after the initial shock had been "No, never! That is going to be too painful." I continued to protest for a while before finally confronting him, "I thought you said that you wanted me to experience pleasure tonight!"

While I was busy with giving all the reasons I could think of as to why this would not be a good idea, Snape had busied himself with removing the remains of my clothing. My hands were still firmly tied above my head, and as he grabbed my hips to lift me up to a kneeling position, I became acutely aware of the fact that I was literally butt-naked. I heard him call out "Accio yellow vial!" and moments later a sweet and slightly spicy scent filled the room, as I felt something warm trickle down between my cheeks. I realised that he was dripping warm, scented oil down my bottom. I shivered slightly as the sensation was far from unpleasant. It felt warm, intimate and incredible sensual.

Next, I found that one of his fingers was right on the tight dimple of my puckered bud. Using just the fingertip, he slowly rolled it around and around the pucker, waiting to feel me relax I guess. "That feels... strange", I said. "Just relax", He hushed me. "The secret to this whole thing is to relax. If you fight it, it will just hurt. But if you relax, it will become very pleasurable."

He increased the pressure of his finger gradually, pausing every few moments to allow me to adjust to the intrusion. I held very still with my eyes closed in concentration and slight embarrassment. He pushed a little harder, and the first joint of his finger slid into my bud. "Ouch!" I squealed. My muscle clamped down on his finger. "Silence!" he firmly ordered, but as I tensed even more he added in a softer voice, "Hush Hermione. Just try and relax for me." He continued to murmur soothing words as he began working his fingertip inside me, pressing against the tight muscle. He alternated that with sliding his thumb in and out of my female opening. Then he put his other hand on my mound and used it to work on the sensitive nerve bundle hidden beneath. As I relaxed more and more under his ministrations, he slowly worked his finger farther in.

I started to let go more and more and I am not ashamed to admit that I quite enjoyed the feeling of being filled this way. I became aware of a deep, sweet sensation as he pressed his finger and thumb together inside of me, gently massaging the thin wall that separated my two channels. The pleasure it caused, spread slowly throughout my whole body and I moaned, "Oh, this feels good. Really good!" As a response to my sudden outburst, I heard him chuckle in a throaty way… His laughter filled with desire. "I told you so", he teased.

By the time I felt Snape add a second finger, I was getting pretty worked up. The strange new sensation of him invading and probing within, combined with the familiar pleasure caused by him gently rubbing my nub was overwhelming. I could not keep from rocking my hips back and forth, trying to increase the friction. My breathing became shallow and rapid as I realized I was about to come. And come I did... hard! I slumped down on my stomach, trembling in the aftermath as I felt his fingers glide out of me.

He had once again laid himself on top of me. He was a heavy wizard, much heavier than his tall lean form would suggest, but I did not feel crushed under his weight, instead I felt rather safe and content. He stroked my hair with his clean hand, while licking and kissing my ear, my mouth, my closed eyes... The bindings around my wrists were cut loose, and I felt the blood rush back into my hands, making them feel like they were on fire. I was too content and relaxed to bother rubbing them so I just wiggled my fingers a bit to ease the flow of blood. Professor Snape had been right in his earlier statement... A little bit of pain could be quite pleasant and arousing!

After a while, I became aware of throbbing steel against my tush. I had been so caught up in my own climax that I had all together forgotten about him and his needs. I felt I had to take care of him as well, so I started to rise up on my hands and knees to turn around. "No," he commanded softly. "Stay flat. It will be easier for you that way." He firmly placed one hand on the small of my back. I fell back towards the bed, and suddenly I felt something pushing, ever so gently against my cheeks. I gulped! "Oh, this is it, the moment of truth!" I thought, as I realised what was about to happen next. Obviously, this was something he had done before! However, it was indeed new territory to me. "Ouch", that hurt a little bit... or did it? I felt him push a bit more. "Now, I am going to go really slow", he explained. "Just concentrate on relaxing. Just let go, and let me come in. You do not have to do anything. If you got to do something, push out against me", he instructed. His voice was soft and calming as it poured silk into my ear.

I rested my head against my folded arms and tried to relax. I felt the pressure increase even more, but there still was not any real pain. Then suddenly he breached me… "Ow... ow... ow!" I cried out. "That did hurt." My fingers dug into the bedspread beneath. I felt Snape push in even further, and the pain increased. "Oh, Merlin! It is so big... I don't... I don't know if..." The pain was so intense that my tears started to run.

"You can take it," He said. "Relax. Let it in. It is almost in. It hurts at first but not for long. This is the hard part."

"Humph… easy for him to say!" I thought.

"That was the worst part", he continued. "It is soon over. Just relax now. The rest is easier." I had a suspicion that he would have said anything right then to keep me from making him stop.

"Arrrgh!" I heard myself cry out as he sheathed himself completely within me. "Oh bullocks, I cannot believe this...There is a penis in my bottom!"

"Indeed there is Hermione", Snape chuckled with a smirk.

"Hold still. Please, please do not move." I heard myself beg as I was trying to get accustomed to the invasion and his size. "I don't believe it," I whimpered. "It feels incredible... so deep... I like it! I really like it! I had no idea..." Just then, he made a deep thrust. Then he drew back and to my disappointment, I felt him pop out.

"What...?" I complained puzzled. "You are not stopping now, are you?"

"No", he reassured, "I am just changing position. Rise up on your hands and knees", he ordered as he slid his hands under my hips to steady me. I did as he asked, trembling quite badly from the previous tension. Then his hand slid up on my cheeks to spread them and I felt the pressure return, but this time it was not bad at all. He pushed inside and to my surprise; the pleasure was much greater than the pain!

"Oh wicked", I moaned. "That is so incredible... so good!" It was a genuine cry of pleasure.

Encouraged, he started rocking gently, thrusting slow and even. At first his thrusts were rather shallow, but as I started to pushing back to meet him, his thrust grew deeper and deeper and the speed increased. I started to flex my hips so he reached other parts within me, and I was instantly rewarded with new sensations of delight that I had never before felt. I lost myself completely. I have never been a loud lover, but I heard myself moan, cry and even scream from want and ecstasy.

After an eternity of steady rocking bliss, he reached his hand down under and found my sensitive nub. His fingers ran over it as he increased his pace even more. Waves of intense pleasure rushed through my body and it felt like my head was about to explode. I swear I even saw stars at one point... On the other hand, I had perhaps just hit my head too hard against the headboard.

Then, there was this overwhelming sensation starting to build inside me. It was happening so quickly. No ordinary orgasm ever felt like this. This was not coming from its usual source. This was coming from somewhere primal, deep inside of me. It was like... Well, like nothing I have ever experienced before! I can only describe it as some sort of out-of-body experience.

I think I had a female ejaculation. Either that or I wet myself. My rear started pulsing in what felt like contractions. I could feel the little bands of my sphincter squeezing as tight as they could. Somewhere through the fuzzy ringing sound in my ears, I heard Snape let out a pained cry as I crushed him with the force of my orgasm. I felt the inside of my rectum being flushed with his semen... then there was stillness...

My bottom burned with a strange ticklish, hot, open feeling, but it was far from an unpleasant experience. "How do you feel?" He asked affectionately as his hand stroke my bottom, a bottom sore in so many ways. "I'm not sure..." I answered in a low trembling voice that I did not quite recognise as my own. "I was not too rough with you I hope?" A tang of concern laced his voice. I hesitated only for a second before replying with a firm, "No." Then I laughed, surprised at how nervous I sounded. "It is a good thing that you put that spell on me, because I am not sure I would have played along if you had not." I sighed in contentment, before adding shyly, "However, I am glad that you did, because this is one experience I will not be filing away under 'Unwanted Life Experiences'." He gave me a strange look. I bet he wondered what I was talking about, but I did not feel like explaining myself further. I felt so good, so content and relaxed, and I just wanted to rest like this for the rest of the night with his hand tenderly soothing my burning behind.

We rested like that for a long time. Me on my tummy and he stretched out alongside me, his hand slowly stroking and caressing my buttocks. I had turned my head to the side facing him and he had his head propped up on his arm. Occasionally he bent down and planted wet kisses on my face and neck, making me laugh and feel very at ease. At one point, his face grew to a scowl though, so I asked "What?" He lifted his hand from my butt to my face, and started to trace the outline of my ear. Then he smiled a rather wicked smile. "There never was any enchantment Hermione." I must have looked like a question mark, because he started to laugh out loud. Yes I swear, Professor Snape, dark wizard and resident greasy git, the most feared Professor in Hogwarts history, was actually laughing! He leaned in toward my ear and flicked his tongue out and then he whispered, "There is no spell for lowering someone's defences and inhibitions. I am afraid I lied to you Hermione." I am sure that I at that point looked absolutely dumbfounded, because now he was laughing even louder. He caught my face between the palms of his hands. His face straightened and he looked deep into my eyes, I trembled, because it felt like he was filling me in a new way. He had somehow entered my mind, filled it with his presence. Then I heard his voice, but this time from inside of my head, "What you did, you did, because of your own desire and lust and not because of any magic of mine!"

He allowed some time for the confession he just made to sink in. I felt how my face started to burn and turn red, as I realised how shamelessly wanton and needing I had acted assuming that I was under a spell. I buried my face in the pillow. I felt mortified, and wanted to make some excuse or at least try to explain my actions to him. However, before I had collected my thoughts enough to say something, I felt the bed shift and I noticed in the corner of my eye how Snape rose to his hands and knees to straddled my thighs. I felt his breath on my burning bottom and then his tongue made contact with my heated flesh, and he licked a wet line along my spine, all the way from my lower cleft up to my neck. Then he alternately nibbled and licked his way to my right ear, and in a sultry whisper laced with lust he growled, "Brace yourself Witch, I am not finished with you yet!"

The End

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