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Dean Simon (aka Dean Malenko) looked at two of his fellow road agents with an unasked question in his eyes. The three of them had just watched footage of a 16 year old girl flawlessly performing some of the most hair raising tricks Dean had seen since the likes of - dare he think it - the Hardy Boys and friends. Dean knew a decision needed to be made and he also knew which way he was leaning.

"She's just plain scary. It's like she's studied Jeff Hardy's moves and… I don't know… messed with them to make them work for her." Michael Seitz (Michael PS Hayes) spoke up. He ought to know all about Jeff Hardy's moves, he managed the Hardy Boys for a while.

"I was just thinking the same thing, more or less." Dean agreed.

"So… do we talk to Prichard about her or not?" Marty Lunde (Arn Anderson) asked seriously.

"I say yes. I know she's young… but, look at her!" Dean stated, replaying a shot of the girl leaping off the top of a cage and landing on her opponent in the middle of the ring.

"I'm all for it. Get Tom to go check her out." Michael nodded.

"Dean, what's say we go tell Tom he's in for a road trip?" Marty grinned, making it a unanimous decision.

"Lets." Dean smiled. He always enjoyed telling Tom how to do his job.

Why this particular tape had been sent to Dean, he'd probably never know. All that mattered to him was snapping up the talent before someone else did. Judging by the looks of the set-up on the tape, she was already part of an Indy fed. Dean crossed his fingers, hoping she'd be willing to leave.

"Hey Tom, we've got something interesting for you to have a good look at." Marty told Tom Prichard as they entered his office in Titan Towers.

"Why do I not like the sound of that?" Tom joked as Dean put the tape into the VCR.

"Trust me, it looks better than it sounds." Dean laughed as he hit the play button and watched the tape again, right from the beginning. The hairs still stood up on the back of his neck, even though he knew what she was going to do.

"Wow! That's… she's…" Tom stammered as the images on the tape faded to static.

"Amazing?" Marty provided. Tom nodded, slightly in awe of what he'd seen. The three men in that office had been in the business for a long time. For something to amaze them, it had to be good.

"What do we know about her?" Tom asked, finally able to think.

"Well, the note that came with the tape said that the girl in the tape is 16 year old Aiden Taylor and she's from a gym in West Lafayette, Indiana. Nothing more." Dean told him.

"Indiana?" Tom queried, looking at the note that Dean handed him.

"Yup. Road trip, Tom?" Marty asked.

"Most definitely. OVW could use a bit of a shake up, and I think she's it. Let me clear it with the boss first though… just in case." Tom decided.

"You do that. Let me know what McMahon says." Dean stated.

"Will do." Tom agreed as he took the tape and headed straight for Vince McMahon's office.

After a brief wait, Tom was told that Vince would see him.

"Vince, I hold here in my hand something that will leave you breathless." Tom told Vince as he held the tape in the air.

"That's a bold claim, Tom. You should know better than that by now." Vince scoffed.

"I'm so certain, I'm willing to stake my job on it. Just watch." Tom ordered as he put the tape into the VCR in the room and pushed play.

Tom watched silently, feeling much the same as Dean had earlier. This girl was something special. Now all he needed was for Vince to see it that way.

Before the tape was even half way through, Vince used the remote to pause it. Eerily enough, it paused on the same scene of Aiden jumping off the cage that Dean had made the others watch again.

"Your job is safe - if you get that girl to work for the WWE." Vince stated, looking rather excited.

"Looks like I'm going to Indiana then." Tom grinned as he stopped the tape and removed it from the VCR.

"Indiana?" Vince queried.

"Yeah. There was a note with the tape saying that the girl is 16 year old Aiden Taylor and that she's part of a gym in West Lafayette, Indiana." Tom explained.

"She's only 16? Looks like OVW is getting a new recruit." Vince mused.

"That's what I was thinking. When shall I leave?" Tom enquired.

"As soon as you can make the arrangements." Vince answered.

"Great. Uh… I'm going to take Dean along on this one… is that okay?" Tom asked.

"Why?" Vince queried.

"The tape was sent to him. I might need him for some reason." Tom figured.

"Whatever it takes." Vince nodded. Tom thanked Vince and left his office, feeling like a child on the night before Christmas. Something big was coming to the WWE. Something in the form of Aiden Taylor.