Chapter 1


A/N- Yep, this is a new angst/drama story. It will have some depressing scenes but I think most people will like it. Don't forget, I write more if you write more.

Sango could feel that same dark aura as she prepared to enter the hut. Desperately, she tried to think of something-anything happy to repel the loneliness creeping into her.

"Kagome," she called, searching for her friend in the lightless hut, but Kagome was always in the same corner. She hadn't moved once for two weeks, neither had Shippo who sat on her shoulder.

"I brought you some broth," she said quietly, making sure to stay at least three feet away from her lost friend. Miroku had made the mistake of trying to shake her to her senses and almost been killed. Sango didn't want that happening to her.

"It's really good," Sango said, trying to fill the depressing void of silence.

Cautiously she picked up the cup of broth she'd left yesterday, noting with sadness that Kagome had not drunk one drop. Then she put the new cup in its place and waited for Kagome to make any signs of movement.

But as always, she didn't.

Tiptoeing back to the door she opened it silently, but looked back at her friend before leaving. It only made Sango feel worse.

With the tiny ray of light, she could see Kagome huddled in the corner, trembling and shaking too. Her hair covered her face and she had almost curled into a ball, as if trying to shield herself from an unseen enemy. The blood from two weeks ago (Sango still didn't know if it was Kagome's) had dried and formed an almost black coating around her skin. Sango had left blankets and soap in vain, for Kagome, like the food, never touched it.

Kagome heard Sango leaving; she could even smell the broth trying to tantalize her with its alluring scent. But it was wasting its time, Kagome would never eat nor drink.

Soon, the door had been closed and Kagome was left to sit in the darkness. By now her vision had adjusted so much that she could as well in the dark as she could in the light. Huddled there, the events of two weeks ago played over and over again in her mind. She must have relived that day a hundred times now, but each time it was worse. Each time, she felt more and more alone, she could only guess Shippo was thinking the same way.

Voices drifted in and out of her mind. She could hear Kikyo's hissed comments, Naraku's evil laugh, and even Shippo's wails. But Inuyasha's voice was the most painful one of all.

"Kagome is the one- the one that has to die."

His words constantly played over in her mind, like a scarred CD that continued to play the same ten seconds of a song. Her mind had gone numb when he said that the first time. She hadn't even screamed when she felt the knife digging into her neck. If anything, it was easier to take that physical pain than the mental anguish Inuyasha had bestowed open her. Yet, she shouldn't have been surprised.

Kikyo always won, always had Inuyasha's heart. So of course, it should have been obvious to her that Inuyasha would choose her to die instead of Kikyo.

But it had taken her highschool girl heart completely by surprise. Deep inside, she had always imagined being with Inuyasha, living with Inuyasha, even having children with Inuyasha. Yet, even deeper inside, she had known Kikyo would win.

She felt sorry for Sango of course. It couldn't be easy for her to watch a good friend turn into a lifeless, heartbroken girl waiting for death. Kagome felt touched by the way Sango was still trying to help, but it was too late to help anything about her.

But it must have been even worse for her surrogate son, her mind told her as she looked at the quietly breathing Kitsune on her side.

After all, Shippo was the one that died.