Hello readers,

I'm sorry to say that Lifeless will be discontinued; I have a writer's block on said story and am unable to keep writing for it. But I am planning on trying to at least get another chapter up for my second story Another Loss, the very least try to get a small prologue up, so as other writers who are interested may continue the story with permission.

Again, I'm sorry to disappoint anybody, this message should have been up years ago, yet I left you hanging, but there is no need to get angry at me; after all I do have other things to do…like get ready for college; besides that, writing was never my strong point, its funny, I'm more into drawing –and I do take commissions for the right project/price. Aside from that, managing homework and high school related things have kept me busy for quite a long time.

Well that is all the updating I need to tell you guys at the moment; hopefully you guys will take some mercy on me…