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"You suck!" Lorelai hollered to Luke as he threw his sixth ball of the game. Her and Rory were sitting in the third row of the bleachers and munching on pop tarts as they took turns shouting at the players. Lorelai discarded the wrapper and handed a pop- tart to Rory.

"Mmmm, blueberry."

"Oh no! Wait! The blueberry poptarts are in reserve for throwing at Luke! Here, have strawberry."

"Why can't strawberry be in reserve?"

"Because we have soooo many blueberry and if we're going to waste our extra pop- tarts it might as well be by throwing them at sucky baseball players in flannel."

"Oh, ok."

"4 balls. Walk." The umpire, called across the field to Dean. Luke wiped his brow in frustration as Dean moved to first base smiling broadly.

"Hey bud, did I ever mention to you that you're the worst player on this side of California."

"Plenty of times Dean," Luke grumbled in response.

"In fact I think that a 2 year old could pitch better then you."

"Hey Dean! You need some polish up on some of those disses!" Lorelai yelled to him as Rory handed out words of encouragement to her amateur boyfriend,

"Dean, Bootsy's up next! Remember to duck so you don't get hit in the head!"

Bootsy took his stance, bat in hand, and smiled a devil's grin at Luke. It was well known to the entire town that the one person who hated Luke more then Taylor Doose was Bootsy. It was something that as Luke put it, went back to their elementary school days. They looked each other square in the eye, and then Luke glanced down to where Kirk, the back catcher was crouched, sticking out his middle finger to the ground. He chuckled, but then shook his head, and whipped a fast ball straight at Bootsy. Miraculously, Bootsy hit it, and it made its return straight into Luke's stomach. He stumbled to the ground, winded.

"Time out." The umpire called, as Luke's teammate's rushed over to help him. Lorelai and Rory were among the first people to his side.

"Luke, are you ok? I didn't really mean it when I told him to knock you over, I swear!" Lorelai kneeled down beside him, as he grimaced and then glared at her.

"Great words of comfort." He muttered.

She smiled at him, but then took his hand and helped to pull him to his feet. He winced, holding onto his stomach.

"That was for stealing my dunkaroos." Bootsy announced airily as he laid down his bat.

The umpire approached the small semi- circle that had gathered around Luke. "We'd better end the game there guys," he said, "Luke can't play after that."

"No, don't let me ruin the game Josh, we can still cream these guys."

Lorelai shook her head, "The game's tied at zero zero, good luck with that!"

Rory continuesd in the same cheery voice, "We were running out of cherry pop tarts anyways, and there's no way that I'm going to sacrifice blueberry if I don't have to."

Josh turned to Luke, "Let's call it game, Luke. Next Sunday is as good as any to finally end this losing streak."

"End the losing streak," Lorelai laughed, "Did you hear him? He said end this losing streak. That's a good idea."

"Why don't we try to shut her up while we're at it?" Luke finished.

"I was gonna say "get me a date with James Bond" but yours works better."

"Luke, you'd better go and lie down, so you're ready to play next Sunday,"

"Ok. Bye guys."

Various men and adolescents from the town waved bye to him as he trudged, arm wrapped around his middle towards the road. Lorelai left Rory to chat with Dean as she trailed after Luke.

"Well, I think that coffee's next on the list after mocking the town's "baseball league.""

"It's Sunday," he replied without turning around. "I'm closed Sunday afternoon."

"Ohhhh, please Luke, I'll give you my Babe Ruth baseball caaaaaaaaaard!"

"Babe Ruth? If the best you can do is players from the 1930s then I'm going home."

"Well, you're going home anyways,!!"

"You're sick."

"I know. Coffee is my medicine. Prescribed by Carl, ask him if you don't believe me."

Luke crossed the street to the diner and Lorelai fell into step beside him.

"You know, you guys really do suck."

"I know." He muttered, as he unlocked the door and reluctantly let her inside.

"I think that you need some women on the team."

"Thanks for that insight," he answered deadpan as he crossed behind the counter. She took a seat on her stool and an idea suddenly struck her.

"Oh! I'll play!"

"What?" he asked, whipping around so that the coffee almost slopped out of the pot.

"I'll play."

"Do you even know how to play?" he asked skeptically. He poured her a mug full of coffee and then placed it behind him as he leaned up against the back counter, listening to her interpretation of the game.

"Uh, duh. You whack a ball with a stick, you run; it's not rocket science Luke."

"It's not a Flintstones episode either."

"Ok, so maybe I need to fine tune my knowledge a bit, but that doesn't mean that I can't play!!"

"It's a guys game."

"Hunh, can you say sexist? Anyways I can be a guy." She lowered her voice dramatically. "Hey Fred, did you get peanuts with that beer? Did you see the game last night? We creamed them." She started to chuckle and Luke looked at her, slightly amused.

"Seems like you have to fine tune your knowledge on men too."

"No, wait, I'm not done!!" She adopted the same voice again, "Has anyone seen my flannel, or my baseball cap? I feel naked without them."

"You have to fine tune your knowledge on men." Luke repeated.

"Whatever. But I can still play! You can't stop me! There's no rule that says the women of Stars Hollows are not permitted to play baseball. I'm just as entitled as you."

"Ok then, be my guest. But I bet you that you won't be able to score a home run by the end of the summer."

"You're on!" she announced, always ready for a challenge, "Now I just need someone to teach me the basics....."

Silence descended. Lorelai took a sip of her coffee, but then looked up and stared expectantly at Luke.


"Why me?' he asked tiredly.

"Because, although you are undoubtedly the worst player on the team, you are also my friend, and this is the type of thing that friends do."

"Fine. But that bet's still on."

"That bestows a lot of trust in your teaching skills."

He winced as he touched his bruise. Lorelai noticed.

"Oh, well, I'd better go, you have to fix up that battle wound and Rory's probably waiting for me. When can you give me those lessons?"

"Well....Ceaser usually takes charge on Tuesday afternoons, that's when I have my break. So, how about Tuesday at the field, at 3:00."

"Awww, you'll sacrifice your one break to teach me baseball."

"Don't get too cocky, it's for the safety of the team."

She laughed lightly and then met his eyes, and smiled into them.

"Ok, well, see you then...wait, before then. Happy coffee, duh." She stood up, and headed towards the door, grinning to herself with some unfathomable reason as to her sudden gaiety.

"Bye Lorelai." Luke called.

"Bye Luke." She replied.

Luke watched her leave, unable to wipe the smile off his face. This gave him an excuse to see Lorelai out of the restraints of his diner. He shook his head as this thought filled him with butterflies. Her words interrupted his jubilation. "This is the type of thing that friends do." A frown regained it's presence on his face, as he headed up the stairs to look at his bruise.

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