"You did come!" Lorelai exclaimed, walking over to Luke, smiling, a cup of punch in hand.

She looked him up and down, "And you're wearing the trillion percent off stuff that I got you from Bloomingdales. Suave. Better watch out, Patty's ogling you."

Luke glanced over to where Patty and a few of her gossiping friends were watching Luke, and giggling among themselves. He laughed stiffly and returned her compliment a little less subtly.

"You don't look so bad yourself.

She was wearing a short, green, blue and black floral print skirt and a black blouse. Lorelai blushed. Luke hardly ever noticed what she was wearing and when he did, he never felt the need to mention whether or not it met his approval. The only exception to this was winter days when she came in dressed up to the nines but obviously freezing her butt off. To Luke, comfort was more important then style.

"Oh no!" he groaned and pointed behind her. She turned around. Sure enough a group of men and women had just paraded out, of what would be assumed by the uninformed person to be a time machine. But it was really just the change room of Miss Patty's studio. They set out, greeting the guests, and Lorelai chuckled at Luke's reaction to them.

"And the idiocy begins." He murmured to Lorelai. However, Miss Patty, who had been crossing the room on her way to talk to them, overheard as she stepped into the conversation.

"Oh! Luke! You always were such an inspirited boy! Even as a child, you were always the last to dunk for apples at the Halloween parties I used to throw!"

She slapped Luke playfully on the shoulder, scolding him. He glanced at Lorelai with a hopeless desperation and she laughed to herself. Once Patty got her claws on the chosen man of the evening, there was no turning back. She thought up some options for his rescue, but only one idea stuck in her mind as a way to get rid of Patty.

"Patty, you know, we'd really like to stay and chat, but Luke was just finishing asking me to dance, and well, I'm sure that YOU wouldn't object to that, so, if you'll excuse us..."

"What? You two came here together?" Patty demanded, eyes gleaming.

"No-"Luke began. But Lorelai was too quick for him.

"Yes we did. And you just finished asking me to dance didn't you Luke?" He caught on, glanced from her to Patty and then back again and nodded.

"Yes. Yes, I did." She expected that Patty would leave after he had acknowledged this gesture, but instead she remained beside them, intent on seeing that she wasn't being fooled.

"Oh. Well....I wouldn't interrupt that. Go ahead then."

Lorelai looked at Luke, and he met her eyes, looking more desperate then before. If he had any dance shoes they would be in his wardrobe collecting dust. Luke was not a dancing man. Or at least, Lorelai's perception of him was that he wasn't.

Lorelai, seeing that she would have to take the lead, grabbed Luke's hand and led him out onto the dance floor. She didn't feel any resistance, but when she turned around to him amid the dancing couples, she saw that it was a lost cause.

"Come on Luke! Play along! I swear only one dance! To get her off your heels."

"That was not a smart move. In a minute she's going to have the whole town watching our every move."

"Just dance."

She had no idea what she was doing to him. While she saw this as only a way in which to get Patty away from him, he felt like he had swallowed his heart, and it had gotten stuck in his throat. He promised himself that if he could just get through this without letting anything slip, he would be fine.

It seemed instantly, as he wrapped his arms around her and they took their first step of a clumsy waltz that something in the atmosphere changed. Maybe it was the end of one song and beginning of another, or the electricity that coursed through her body when he pulled her close, she felt like this wasn't a dance being shared between friends.

Lorelai tried to ignore the thumping of her heart and turned her attention to the lyrics now pouring over the celebration.

"Uh. Clay Aiken. A sin to modern pop culture."

"Never heard of him," Luke said huskily, as he wrapped his arms farther around Lorelai's waist.

There's something bout the way you look tonight,

There's something bout the way

that I can't take my eyes off you.

Theres something bout the way your lips invite,

maybe its' the way that i get nervous when you're around.

And I want you to be mine

and if you need a reason why....

Luke sought to break the silence. As comforting as it was, he always needed something to fall back on.

"What do you want me to do for you? For the bet. You never said."

Lorelai took a deep breath, "I want you to tell me why Rachel left."

He stared at her hard, but then his gaze softened, he hadn't expected it to be something so simple and yet so demanding.

Its in the way that you move me,

and the way that you tease me the way that I want you tonight,

its in the way that you hold me,

and the way that you know me,

when I can't find the right words to say, you feel it in the way,

you feel it in the way.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to- I mean it's not like you were sworn into doing anything I wanted you to. But-"

He sighed, letting the past go in one soft outtake of breath.

There's something bout how you stay on my mind,

there's something bout the way

that I whisper your name when I'm asleep

Oh no.

Maybe it's the look you get in your eyes.

Oh baby it's the way that makes me feel to see you smile.

And the reasons they may change but what I'm feeling stays the same.

"She accused me of being in love with someone else."

Lorelai's body tensed in his arms, but she looked up at him daringly, waiting for him to continue.

Its in the way that you move me,

and the way that you tease me the way that I want you tonight,

its in the way that you hold me,

and the way that you know me,

when I can't find the right words to say, you feel it in the way,

you feel it in the way.

"And were you?" she asked as lightly as she could.

can't put my fingers on just what it is

that makes me love you,

you baby.

So don't ask me to describe,

I get all choked up inside,

Just thinking bout the way.

Luke looked her right in the eye, "I think that you already know the answer to that." It was all she needed to hear. As if in response, she laid her head down on his shoulder, and closed her eyes.

Its in the way that you move me,

and the way that you tease me the way that I want you tonight,

its in the way that you hold me,

and the way that you know me,

when I can't find the right words to say, you feel it in the way,

you feel it in the way.


As the music played on in the lighted studio across the street, Lorelai and Luke entered the Star's Hollow baseball field. Everything was dark except for the twinkling lights that enwrapped Miss Patty's hall. They had wandered across the street as Lorelai insured, to get away from the buzz of "hideous music", but they both knew that it was really to stay away from the town gossip committee.

"I had fun tonight," Lorelai announced as Luke took her hand and helped her up onto the bleachers.

As he took a seat beside her, he nodded his head in agreement, "So, uh....."

"Do you want to play baseball?" Lorelai asked out of the spur of the moment.

"We're all dressed up."

"So, I can run in a skirt. Just don't be expecting me to do the splits or that weird sliding base thing because this was expensive."

He chuckled. "The extra equipment's locked up."

"So? Look." She pointed at a dark smudge leaning up against the fence,"Kirk left his bat here, when he ran home doing his happy dance. We're playing whether you like it or not, Buster."

She made her way over to the bat and picked it up, as Luke located a ball that had been abandoned in outfield and jogged back. He pitched the ball as she stepped into place, but she swung like a maniac and missed it by a long shot.

Luke laughed to himself. "Looks like it's back to square one."

"Luuuuuuuke, I can't bat anymore, will you help me?"

"How could you have forgotten that so fast?"

"See, here's my theory, baseball's more like math, you never really learn the skills in the first place, that way when it comes time to forget them, which is right after the test, they slide out of your mind like a slug."

"You are sublimely strange."

"Thank you. Now will you help me?"

He walked over, and stood in close beside her. He placed his hands on the baseball bat just below hers. They swung the bat, as if she was learning for the very first time. The heat and desire that lingered between them was intensified by twenty. But this was no longer unidentifiable feeling, because both of them knew what the electricity implicated. Along with that, neither of them was scared anymore. They were done playing dodge ball at the accusations thrown at them because now they knew the truth. Lorelai shivered, and Luke as if on cue twirled her around in his arms. He was reliving every moment that he had ever wanted to do this in their entire history, except now he was doing it right. Luke drew her in close and placed his lips lightly on hers. She didn't resist but instead returned his passion. Luke pulled her closer and she moaned with pleasure into his mouth.

Suddenly a click resounded around the field, and their surroundings as well as them were bathed in light. There was soft cheering from a few onlookers, and Miss Patty, who grinning out of pure joy had switched the light on. But Luke and Lorelai took no notice.

They had won at their own game. It had taken them a long time, but they had won.



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