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"Hello, darling sister! You're here early I see."

Ginny punched George playfully in the arm fully used to how he entered the store every day. "I'm always here before you, you lazy lie-about!"

Ginny looked around the now orderly Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes shop with satisfaction. Since she had begun working there a week and a half ago, the shop's appearance had improved dramatically. She had organized the shelves and paperwork making it much easier to fill orders quickly and keep track of inventory. Ginny was paying off her debt to her twin brothers and was making sure they got their money's worth.

George went to join Fred in the larger back room that they had converted into a laboratory/stock room. Every now and then, Ginny would hear a Bang! and Fred or George would call out, "We're all right!" before Ginny had to come back to check on them.

A smaller room to the side was their break room complete with a couch, refrigerator, sink, and table. Ginny was getting used to the muggle telly on the table that Fred and George had charmed to pick up a few BBC channels and a Sky Sports Channel. They had gotten hooked on muggle football as evidenced by the Arsenal scarves and posters that hung on the wall.

Ginny resumed her straightening. She usually flooed over to Diagon Alley from the Burrow every morning at eight to prepare the store for opening. Fred and George typically apparated down from their apartment above the store a good hour or two later. Ginny got onto them good- naturedly but she was having fun working with the twins.

It had been a long time since she had enjoyed herself this much. As she continued to arrange the stock, Ginny allowed her mind to drift over the past school year that had proven so difficult. She had decided to spend Christmas at Hogwarts with Ron, Hermione and Harry. Harry had thought about inviting them to spend it at number 12 Grimmauld Place, which Sirius had left to him, but decided he wasn't ready for that yet. The Order was still meeting there and the four of them did visit for dinner there twice during the holidays. Ginny enjoyed seeing her parents during those visits, but wasn't ready to talk with them about Draco quite yet. Her mother noticed that she had lost weight but Ginny was able to pass that off as O.W.L. year stress.

Ron, Hermione and Harry had tried to keep Ginny busy with snowball fights, sledding, and visits to Hagrid's. In the evenings after dinner, they would sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate provided by Dobby. Or, sometimes, they would practice spells and work on homework. After Christmas break, Hermione made it her project to help Ginny and Luna study for their O.W.L.s by setting up study schedules and practice questions which Hermione graded and returned. Much of their time was spent in the library, to Ron and Harry's dismay.

Valentine's Day had rolled around. Ginny had been dreading it and hadn't wanted to get out of bed that day. It was difficult enough watching Harry and Hermione as well as Ron and Luna on normal days. Hermione coaxed her to breakfast and while Ginny was nibbling on her toast, a school owl flew in and dropped a single red rose in front of her. She picked it up and buried her face in it, drinking in the spicy fragrance. The stem speared through a small piece of parchment that read, 'Never forget.' Ginny knew better than to turn around. Instead, she hugged Ron who whispered back, "I didn't send that..."

"I know." Ginny responded with a quiet smile.

"Oh, right..." comprehension dawned on Ron's face.

Ginny thought she had done rather well on her O.W.L. exams but was quite glad they were over. There was, of course, the expected uprising of Voldemort after the Death Eaters escaped Azkaban again in March. But thanks to Dumbledore and the Order, Voldemort was held back once again from ascending to power and they were thankful not one of the Order was lost in the battle this time. The Daily Prophet had announced the next day that the Death Eaters were back in Azkaban but for how long was anybody's guess.

Although the months had slightly dulled her pain, she still found herself grieving for Draco often when her mind was otherwise unoccupied. Her fingers went to her collar where Draco's necklace rested. Hermione had kept the necklace from that day in the bathroom, repaired it and given it back to Ginny the next day. She hadn't taken it off since then. They had been so careful trying not to even look at each other but once, Ginny fancied that she saw a glint of silver around Draco's neck as he leaned over to retrieve a dropped book from the floor of the corridor.

Ginny mentally shook off her thoughts and continued her work. The store was due to open in ten minutes. Already, she saw two young boys peering through the window at her. Smiling, Ginny pointed her wand at the front door. "Alohomora!" The boys heard the lock click and grinning, opened the door, which caused a firework-like noise to resound through the shop.

"Wow! Hi, Ginny!" the first boy said as the other grinned at her.

Ginny rolled her eyes at this new sound Fred and George had charmed the door to produce to announce customers. This one would have to stop or she'd have a headache by noon.

"Hello, boys. What'll it be today?"

"We'll just have a look for a bit, all right?"

"Please do."

Ginny hummed a bit as she finished arranging a display. Fred walked in from the back. "Open already?"

"Can't disappoint our two best customers." Ginny tilted her head towards the boys.

Fred smiled and headed over to them. George was standing in the lab's doorway looking at his watch. "Hmm, Ginny, why don't you go ahead and take a break. We can handle the front for a while."

"Are you sure? Well, thanks, then, I think I will before we get too busy." Ginny headed toward the break room and closed the door behind her. She crossed over and got some bottled water from the fridge—another muggle item she was growing used to. She had just sat down to watch the telly when she was startled to the floor by a crack!

"Honestly Fred, can't you just..." Ginny said in annoyance, as she picked herself up and came face to face with...Draco.

Ginny gasped and leaped into his arms with a squeal of delight. Draco's arms enfolded her and his lips sought hers hungrily. Ginny finally pulled back and asked breathlessly, "What are you doing here!?"

Draco's lips quirked, "What do you think?"

"Yes, but how...?"

"Fred and George."

"What d'you mean, 'Fred and George'?"

"Remember at the cave when Fred asked Ron to take you out while he and George stayed? After giving me their version of the Spanish Inquisition about my relationship with you, they advised me to learn to Apparate."

Ginny smiled and shook her head. "They never said what they talked about with you and I never asked."

"It wasn't easy, but I learned. I passed the test yesterday morning and owled them. Fred and George sent me the information I needed to be able to Apparate to this room and what time to be here. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this..."

"Oh yes, I do. I could kill Fred and George for not telling me the plan." Ginny looked at him hungrily.

"I guess they wanted to keep quiet 'til they knew I was serious and able to pull this off. I asked them in my letter yesterday to let this morning be a surprise."

Draco grinned as he pulled Ginny down on the couch with him and held her in his lap. He ran his hands from her face into her hair gazing into her eyes then crushed his lips to hers. His tongue gained entrance to her mouth and he pulled her closer. Draco's hands moved from her hair down her back and she could feel his muscles working as he shifted her around to lie beneath him on the couch. "I've dreamed of this for months and now..." Draco said, breathing raggedly as he gazed into Ginny's eyes.

"Now you've got the real thing." Ginny ran her fingers around his neck and played with the silver chain that rested there.

"I've never taken it off."

Ginny wrapped her arms around Draco and pulled him down to her. She kissed him passionately, enjoying the feel of his body on top of hers. Finally, Draco lifted his lips from Ginny's, "We'd better stop ...your brother's shop isn't exactly where I want to..."

Ginny ran her hands through his hair and nodded. "Draco I'm so happy to be with you but...what about your father...?"

"He's back in Azkaban--still our problem...but you and the twins are the only ones that know that I can Apparate. I kind-of modified the examiner's memory after he handed my license to me." The corners of Draco's mouth lifted slightly. "I think I'm safe to come here but obviously this won't work at school next year."

"Well," began Ginny slowly, "there's Hogsmeade. Could you Apparate to the cave from Hogsmeade on those days and I could meet you there?"

"That might work..." Draco replied, considering. "I'm trying to learn to Apparate quietly."

Draco leaned down to Ginny and laid his lips softly on hers. "I do know I don't want to be without you. I can't do that again...I just have to find a way to keep you safe."

Ginny nodded. "We'll find a way..."