Kids Next Door Operation: Titan

Teen Titans



Alliance against

Natural and unnatural enemies against the Kids Next Door

Chapter 1: The Alliance of Evil

It is a dark summer night as two shadowy figures meet outside the mansion of the Delightful Children from Down the Lane. The first figure reveals himself as the Father of the DCftL, while the other figure remains silently secret about his true identity.

"Welcome my friend" smiled Father as he shook the figures hand.

"Yes" replied the figure, "I don't come cheap these days."

"I think you and some of your associates would have a fun time dealing with my nemeses" continued Father.

"And what do you propose to do?" asked the dark figure.

"All I am asking you is that your associates create a diversion" replied Father, "when the diversion is complete, call me and I will give you phase two of my plans to destroy the Kid's Next Door."

Suddenly there was a disturbance in the bushes near by. Father and the dark figure turned their attention to the bushes.

"It's not nice to play hide and seek" said Father.

"Don't worry, I have my own ways of dealing with this" said the dark figure.

A remote control device was given to Father by the dark figure. Father pressed the button and suddenly, two robotic ninjas came out and took the figure that was hiding in the bushes. But strangely it was not a member of the KND who was spying on them, but the Tolietnator.

"Put him down" ordered Father.

"How could you do this to me?!" cried the Tolietnator.

"How can't I?" replied Father.

"You're replacing me with a professional?" whined the Tolietnator.

"Replace is such a harsh word" said the dark figure, "perhaps there is some use of you after all."

The dark figure reveals his identity. The Tolietnator was shocked to see that this individual had even more advance technology than he ever had seen in his life. No wonder Father wanted this strange and dangerous man to take down the Kid's Next Door.

"Let me introduce myself" continued the dark figure, "my name is Slade. And I think you would fit into my plans nicely against those Kids Next Door."

"But I still don't understand why you would rather hire him?" asked the Tolietnator still in an upset voice.

"I have been relying on too many failed attempts by self-proclaimed villains such as you" replied Father, "perhaps it's time for the Kid's Next Door to show them what true villainy really is."

"Yes" continued Slade, "I will use the Tolietnator and my associates in the Hive to deal with the KND."

"You mean it?" asked the Tolietnator.

"Yes" replied Slade, "once phase one has been completed, phase two would begin. Phase two will include my robotic ninjas. They will be aided by the two former KND operatives who are now fighting against them. And for the third final step, I would like a large kick back by my friend Father here. If there are any kids that get in trouble, you know where to look for."

"Not a bad plan" as the Tolietnator gave an evil smile, "sure why not."

"So get cracking" replied Father as he went into his mansion.